Juicy Summer Night

Juicy Summer Night
t was hot. I was driving across the desert from New Mexico to California along some of the longest loneliest roads in the Southwest. Every hour or so we would see warning signs, ?No water or gas for the next 50 miles.? I had been sent on a rescue mission by my mother from our home in California to pick up my stranded sister Birdie in Alamogordo. She had run off with her boyfriend three months earlier but he dumped her in the middle of Texas with no money or way to get home. She managed to get part way home then swallowed her pride and called for help.

?Why couldn’t you have brought a fucking car that had good air conditioning?? my sister complained.

?You know damn well why, I wasn’t about to rent a luxury Cadillac just to haul your dumb ass around the desert.? I was a little annoyed myself because as mightily as the AC in my car strained, it wasn’t keeping the blistering August heat at bay. I was as irritable as my sister.

We rolled over the crest of a large hill and the entire western sky was black with storm clouds. We were headed directly into a summer desert storm. I welcomed the sight as it meant for a while the rain and clouds would reduce the heat. I also knew that if it rained and stormed violently enough we would have to be wary of flash flooding. I drove headlong into the driving rain and crashes of lightning.

As far as desert storms go this one lasted a long time, twenty minutes under the raging sky convinced me to pull off the road to high ground and wait it out. I stopped at a turnout that offered a view of an arroyo and the sand hills behind it. Birdie and I got out of the car and enjoyed the drenching rain and watched the gully fill rapidly with cascading muddy water. As we watched the torrent Birdie banged me on the back and yelled ?Look at that!? I twisted my head just in time to see the small road bridge over the gully warp and crack then the far end fell into the flood. In seconds it was torn in half and if my car had been on it my sister and I would be trying to float.

Two things flashed through my mind, I was glad I stopped when I did and it was going to be a long drive to detour around the fallen bridge. Birdie was caught up by the raw strength of the storm, awestruck and excited by the force of the tempest and water but also nervous. She squeezed close to me then clutched my arm tight while the world went nuts around us. In her eighteen and a half years she had never been this close the unleashed force of nature.

The clouds and rain moved east leaving us alone on the vast water-logged desert. The flash flood was rapidly flushing toward the Gulf of Mexico and in a half an hour all that was left were large pools of muddy water in the bends of the arroyo. The bridge had been the only way across the gap to the next town which was 20 miles further. I checked my gas gauge and saw that I didn’t have enough to drive to the town behind us. After a few aborted attempts to get a cell signal I threw my phone into the back seat in disgust and declared ?Shit! We can’t cross here, I don’t have enough gas to go back, and the fucking phone is useless.?

She looked around the desert then at me ?Maybe we should wait here. Somebody will be coming along this road and we can warn them about the bridge and get help.? I thought it over, she was right. If nothing else the state would be sending inspectors to check all the bridges. If we sat there, those inspectors would find us.

We sucked down a bottle of water and settled in to wait. For a while I ran the engine so we could use the worthless AC but the fuel needle wasn’t very encouraging so I shut down the car. In seconds the heat and humidity climbed into three digits. Birdie and I got out of the car and managed to find some shade at the bottom of the gully. Since the rain had moved on we weren’t worried about more flooding so we relaxed as much as possible. Gradually the sun dropped low to the west and the sky turned to reds and oranges. My sister retrieved two bags of chips and another bottle of water which was the entire menu for our dinner. As the sky filled with bright relief stars, I told my sister ?Nobody will be coming by here tonight. Inspectors can’t see in the dark and anybody else on this road would be as lost as we are.?

?We aren’t lost, we’re stuck.? Birdie reminded me.

?Yeah, but anybody else stupid enough to be out here tonight would be lost or somebody we don’t want to meet. I guess we’ll have to sleep in the car.?

?I have to go pee? my sister announced and slipped into the shadows away from me.

Teasingly I said, ?Watch out for snakes or tarantulas.?

In seconds she was back, eyes wide with insecurity ?Snakes??

?Yeah, that flood had to have washed away some snake dens, them critters will be slithering around looking for a hole to crawl into. If you drop your pants, that’s two holes a snake might find inviting.?

?Goddammit you cocksucker, why did you have to say that!?? She darted her eyes left and right then sat back down next to me. ?Sonofabitch motherfucking asshole? she muttered as she peered into the fading twilight.

After about five minutes of silent pouting my sister turned toward me ?You keep a look out, I really have to pee.? She stood next to me then opened and dropped her summer shorts and panties to her knees then squatted down and let loose a fast hard stream of piss. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I watched her squatting next to me, a minor flood of yellow fluid causing a crease in the sand; her eyes were closed and lines of relief showed on her brow.

When she was done she stood to pull up her clothing but I stopped her with ?What the hell is that, a tattoo??

She looked down at the inked picture of Tinkerbelle just below and to the right of her bellybutton. ?Yeah, and I have Peter Pan right here.? She turned to show me her ass where a tthree inch Peter was standing on the small of her back, his feet resting on the rise of her left butt cheek. Not only was I eyeballing the two tattoos, I was also scanning her bared body. She had a stubble of pubic hair which couldn’t hide the crack between her legs. I’d never paid much attention to her before but my sister’s body between the bottom of the shirt and the shorts on her ankles had a very appealing shape and form.

?You look like you need a shave? I told her.

?Yeah, I do, it’s beginning to itch but I’m not going too, I did that for Stan but he’s gone so I’m going back to natural.? Birdie didn’t seem at all embarrassed to let me look her over while we discussed her tats and grooming but she bent over, pulled up her shorts and returned to the rock beside me.

Because there was nothing else to do my sister and I talked. In the past few years she and I hadn’t been very close, she being 5 years younger, so we talked about who we are, our lives, our beliefs and stuff like that. I asked her why she had run off with a 34 year old guy and she explained that as soon as she finished high school, mom was ragging on her to get a job or get out so she got out. She met this wanderer at party and decided to wander with him. All was well for three months then he met another girl and suggested a threesome. Birdie refused so he left with his new girlfriend, leaving her in a shabby little motel in a shabby little Texas town. She managed to talk someone into giving her a bicycle so she tried to ride from Texas to home but the bike was shit and fell apart under her. ?I got so fucking hard up I had two choices, either give blow-jobs for $10 or call mom. I’m not so lost yet that I will suck cheap cock so I called and here you are.?

?Yeah, here I am, stuck in the middle of the biggest sand pit in America, sweating my ass off.? The sun had gone down but the humidity from the rain was still thick.

?I’m sweaty too; you think we could get in that pool over there?? Birdie was pointing at one of the bigger mud holes in the waddy.

?Not there but I bet there are a couple of rock basins around, you know, big shallow holes in the rocks that catch water when it rains. They would be clearer, not as muddy. Go up there and look around those rocks, I’ll check over there.?

I kept an eye on Birdie as she scrambled to the top of the rock pile. Her legs and butt muscles were working, flexing and enticing as she climbed the little hill. I caught a glimpse of Peter Pan when her shirt pulled up, baring her back. Once she made the top of the hill I went to the other. I found what I was looking for, runoff from the rain had filled a large rock basin; the slightly cloudy pool was well over 12 inches deep and maybe 6 feet across. It was big and inviting so I yelled at my sister that I’d found the perfect spot.

I was pulling off my pants when she got there then I stepped into the pool wearing my boxers. Birdie didn’t hesitate, she pulled her shirt over her head, dropped her shorts and panties then waded into the water and sat down naked. She looked up at me ?That’s stupid, your underwear will get wet.? Since I hadn’t sat down yet my boxers were still dry so I stepped out and pulled them off. What the hell, if she wanted to skinny dip that was okay with me, she had a nice tight body and I was enjoying the view even if she was my sister.

Birdie looked me up and down, checking me out as I stepped back into the pool and sat facing her. She slapped the surface of the little pond, splashing water in my face. In seconds I had her wrapped up in my arms and drug her under the surface. The water was cooling, refreshing and energizing. When I let go of her we laughed and splashed a little more then eased back and started talking again. I didn’t let on but that brief underwater tussle had an effect on my prick. It filled about half way so I sat away from her; not letting her see what was going on in my lap.

We started talking about her runaway experiences again. She told me where they had gone, what they had done and about the week it took her to ride from Texas to where she ran out of money.

?Do you miss any of that?? I wanted to know.

?What I miss is him. He was a womanizing bastard, I know he fucked at least two other girls while I sat in a room waiting for him but he was a good fucking stud. I would have stayed with him longer because of the great sex but I couldn’t do a threesome.?

?What did he do that was so fucking awesome? Tell me some secrets that I can use on my girlfriends.?

Birdie laid back, her head on a rock pillow, her body half floating in the shallow pool, her breasts were partially submerged in the clear water, she spread her legs to steady herself, looked up into the night and began ?He had a god gifted tongue.? She rolled her head to me ?Did you ever see pictures of Gene Simmons’ tongue??

?The guy from KISS yeah, women must love him.?

Birdie looked into the dark and told me how her boyfriend could wrap the end of his tongue around her nipples and how deep into her body he could penetrate with it. ?The best part was when he would lick me from ass to clit then get me off with just the tip of his tongue. God he could move it so fast! He could tickle my butt hole then my clit and never move his head then he would fuck me with his mouth. I could get off before he really poked me.?

?What all did you guys do??

?Besides straight fucking? Oh, cum swallowing oral, ass licking, fisting, tit and butt fucks, and a thousand different positions. Once he stuck his prick in me he was a little quick but by the time he emptied his nuts I’d already had one or two orgasms. I liked fucking him, hell, I liked everything we did.?

My prick was becoming an erection as I envisioned my young sister getting twisted, turned and hammered. That her nude body was beginning to glow from the rising moon only encouraged my libido. The idea of incest had never before entered my mind but she was looking and talking like a girl I wanted to try.

Just as she finished her story we heard a car coming up the road. I shifted around in the pool and peered over edge of the rock and looked across the 40 yards to where my ride was parked. Birdie rolled over beside me, looking down the hill ?I almost can’t see the car, it’s too dark.? she mumbled.

?Shhh, let’s see what’s going on, if they look okay we’ll go down there.?

A big 4 wheel drive pickup rolled up behind my car, it’s high beams flooded the inside of my Honda. A couple of seconds later a tall fat guy climbed from the driver’s side and walked to my car. A second man, fatter than the driver came around the front of the truck carrying a rifle and a beer then started talking to the first. I didn’t hear what they were saying but I felt Birdie go tense beside me while the two scanned the area. I knew without asking that we wouldn’t be marching up to them and asking for a ride to town.

The driver pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and the two walked to the bridge then looked up and down the gully. They looked at our footprints in the still wet sand, then went further up and down the sand bar looking for us. After a couple of minutes they gave up and returned to my car where the driver plunked his fat ass on the hood and pulled out a cigarette. They looked like they were going to be around a while so I rolled to my side ?We might be here for the night, want to get out of the water??

Birdie whispered back ?Not yet, I’m going to stay here and watch those gangsters.? She looked at me sharply, ?You don’t leave me!?

?My turn to pee, I’ll be right back.? I knew the men couldn’t see us so I got out of the pool and sprayed my initials on a rock, when I was done I went back to my sister. She was lying face down, chin resting on folded arms, legs spread wide, balanced in the water. As I came up behind her my cock sniffed the air and smelled the open pussy just in front of it and swelled up hard.

I didn’t go back to her side, I didn’t sit behind her and stare at her very shapely nudity, I eased to my knees between her open legs then put my hands on either side of her head. No part of me was touching her but my erection was just a fraction of an inch above Peter Pan. Birdie twisted her head, looked into my eyes then pushed her ass up until my cock was lodged firmly in the crack of her cheeks. I pulled my hips back, let my erection fall between her legs then pushed gently into her. Birdie rocked her hips to help me slide in then laid her head back on her arms as I started fucking her.

Maybe I don’t have a super talented tongue but I am blessed with stamina. I can give a good hot woman a couple of climaxes before losing my load then in short order be ready to screw her again. I’ve had more than one girlfriend push me off because she was completely worn out. We weren’t on a bed, my sister was lying face down on a rock so I didn’t hammer her hard, I slow fucked her while we waited for the two guys to finish their vigil. At first Birdie was quiet, still, but the longer I slid in and out of her pussy, the more active she got. After a few minutes she quit watching the men and closed her eyes, focusing on the action between her thighs. Her face became more animated, lips and mouth moving sensuously, eyebrows arching and bending as the feeling caused by my hard-on inside her got her hotter, turned her on. She was beginning to breathe through her mouth, the rush of air into her lungs in sync with the cock sliding in and out of her.

I’d never made a pass at my little sister before but what we were doing felt as normal and natural as any other woman I’d been with. Maybe it was the isolation in the desert, maybe it was the danger we felt from the two men waiting for us, or maybe we just got horny at the right moment, but whatever the reason, I was thoroughly enjoying fucking Birdie. As I felt the tension in my balls building I whispered in her ear ?Can you take it??

She opened her eyes, rolled her head toward me ?I’m safe.? Her permission triggered my release and hot jets of ball juice surged deep into her. Birdie rocked her hips, meeting my frantic thrusts; my groin slapped her ass swiftly as I climaxed. I pulled my stiff muscle out of her cunt then watched my discharge drip from her body into the pool. I moved from between her legs and laid on my stomach next to her ?If we do that again, you have to kiss me? were her first words.

Just as I was forming an answer the two guys at the car gave up their watch and returned to the truck. In just a few seconds they had turned around and retreated as quickly diminishing taillights. My sister sat up on the rock next to the clear water pool then snarled at me ?You incredible bastard, you took fucking advantage of me! How could you do something like that to your own sweet innocent sister??

I was surprised at her reaction ?Hey, you could have just closed your legs and told me to jerk off or something.?

Birdie smiled big enough to light up the dark sky, destroying the mock anger ?I’ll bet your balls are happy I didn’t.?

Reassured that she didn’t hate me I looked down on our car. ?You want to go down.?

My sister gave me another big smile ?Yeah, I’ll go down, but not to the car.? She pushed me to my back, lifted my cock then leaned over and started mouthing the end of it. She rolled her eyes to me and said around the end of my resurging erection, ?When this it big enough, I you have to fuck me again.? Birdie put a lip lock on my prick and sucked me into another monolithic erection. She held the shaft in tender fingers while teasing the head of it with her tongue. Her other hand migrated over my thigh to cradle my nuts while she worked me up for another round of sex. When I was long and thick enough for her pleasure, she abandoned me only to straddle my body, easing her steaming hot cunt down on her desire. I watched Tinkerbelle dancing in the moonlight while Birdie’s stomach rolled and flexed as she rocked on my lap.

I reached for my sister’s tits and molded my hands around them, her nipples stiffened in appreciation. Birdie leaned down, her face close enough I could feel her breath on my cheeks. ?Kiss me? she urged then put her lips on mine. We necked enthusiastically while our bodies melded, becoming one sexual creature as the heat of our lovemaking bonded us. Tongues danced, lips glued, hips flexed and bumped. We fucked each other with the urgency of newlyweds until she bolted upright on her seat and began to wail into the night air. She rolled her hips rapidly, sliding on my cock then began to shiver as the orgasm shattered her control. She put her hands on my shoulders and stared into my eyes as her body convulsed. I humped my ass and let go the forces of my balls into her again as she bounced over me.

The fucking rock was hard on my back. I didn’t notice it while my sister sucked and screwed me but now that we were trying to relax, I couldn’t. Birdie and I got out of the pool to air dry but we didn’t talk about what we had just done. It was as if it didn’t happen, we talked about getting some sleep then finally decided it would be okay to go back to the car and crash.

We were naked, carrying our clothes as I followed her down the path and the swing of her hips, the slight bonce of her ass energized me again. When we got to the car Birdie opened the door to get in but I said to her ?lay over the seat girl, I’ve got something for you.? She took a long lusty look at my erection, smiled with delight then bent over the seat, her feet on the ground. She was still slick from my discharge so I pushed my hard muscle into her cunt easily then my sister and began to forge an even stronger sibling bond. I held her hips and slammed through the thick pouty lips of her cunt until she cried out with three successively stronger orgasms. She was collapsed to the seat of the car, totally relaxed when I fired my third round into the deep, hot cunt. After fifteen minutes of rest and recuperation, we got dressed then sat back in the car. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, my satisfied nuts lulled me to dreamland.

A tap on my window woke me up. I opened my eyes to see a state trooper looking down at me. I got out of the car, ?You two okay?? he asked.

?Barely, we stopped just before that bridge washed away. If I hadn’t of stopped, my sister and I would be swimming in the Gulf right now.?

?Why did you stay here??

That’s when I told the cop that I didn’t have enough gas to get back to the town behind us. As he listened Birdie got out and stood with me, he glanced at my alluring sister appreciatively while I said ?We were waiting for the state inspectors or somebody that might have a little gas, enough to get back to fill up.?

?Well, I don’t know when the inspectors will be here but I’ve got a spare can of gas in my cruiser. I’ll be right back?

Fifteen minutes later we were on our way back to the town behind us. My sister was feeling frisky, happy to be on the road again ?Hey, about last night.?

?What about it??

?I liked it. I liked what we did, it wasn’t totally awesome but it felt really fucking good.?

I glanced at Birdie, she was leaning on the door facing me, her legs folded up on the seat, ?If you want ?totally awesome’ we’d have to be more comfortable where I can do you right.?

?That’s what I’m thinking; we should be on a bed and take our time. How much money do you have??

?Right now? About $700. Why??

?If we go east, not back to California, we could go a long way on $700. What do you say, want to take a road trip with your baby sister? We can take in the sights, then suck, lick and fuck until we run out of money then call mom for more.?

She paused, impatient for me to say something then added with a seductive smile ?Maybe I can persuade you with a little sample of the fun we could have.? As her fingers pulled my pants open I ran a quick calculation in my head; I could be screwing Birdie in Grand Junction, Colorado that night.

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