Last day at school

Last day at school
The last day for school was always a bittersweet one for Earl Everett, and as he sat at his desk and looked out at the empty desks and chairs that would stay barren until fall when a whole new herd would come in, his mind was on the scented piece of paper in his hands.

As he stretched his lanky 6’5" frame his 54 year old bones creaked almost as much as the chair he was in, but he mused that the one thing that kept him young were the students that kept him on his toes. The wise guys trying to put one over on him were one thing but the girls flirting and showing him all he could want to see was what really kept his interest.

The teacher laughed aloud when he thought of the skinny girl in his third period class, a gal almost as tall as he himself was. Laurel was as unattractive as they come with a figure that seemed androgynous, but she did have a pussy, an incredibly hairy one that she showed him a couple of times from her front row desk after riding her skirt up.

"The girls," Earl said to himself as he looked again at the note that one of those other young ladies had left on his desk when she left for the day, and while it was far from the most graphic he had ever received, it still piqued his interest.

Dear Mr. Everett,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me this year. I never would have graduated without the extra help you gave me. Since I’ll probably never see you again I think I have to tell you now that I’m kinda in love with you, and I always fantasized that one of those days when I stayed late you would seduce me - wishing you would just put me on your desk and have had your way with me.

Wouldn’t have put up a fight either :) Oh well.

Love always,


Earl looked over at the desk Karen sat at just to his right, and he pictured the chubby brunette on the desk he was leaning on. It wouldn’t be the first time this desk was used improperly, and the more he thought about her, well maybe he would stick around for the commencement exercises that night after all.


The look on the face of Karen Schultz when she saw him was priceless as he stood in the corner while the students were getting themselves in alphabetical order in the gym.

First a grin of recognition that she always gave him appeared on her face, but then it seemed she then remembered what she had written on that note earlier that day and the joyous face turned to horror, her cherubic face turning red.

"Come here you pudgy princess," he mumbled while using his index finger to summon her to him, and although Karen looked like she wanted to run she came in a walk, her 5’2" and 160 or so pound frame hidden under the blue graduation gown.

"Hello Karen," Earl said jovially.

"Uh - Hello Mr. Everett," Karen said warily. "What are you doing here?"

"Just stuck around to wish my students well."

"Oh. Umm... I didn’t expect to ever see you again, Mr. Everett."

"Yes, I think you mentioned that in your note," he replied as he held up the pink square of paper that reeked of some inexpensive perfume.

"About that note. You aren’t going to show my mother that are you?" Karen asked.

"Why would I do that? As a matter of fact the note is why I’m here," Earl explained as he looked down at the senior. "I found your suggestion about my desk quite interesting."

"You did?"

"Yes indeed. Of course since you were a student it would not have been proper for me to do anything, and besides you were probably just teasing me and kidding," Earl opined.

"Yeah," Karen responded and then stopped and said, "No. I was serious. Hopeless romantic."

"As I was saying, you were my student when you left the note and you’re a student now, but after you get that diploma you’re just another soon-to-be college girl."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that if you’re interested I’ll be up in the classroom after the ceremony."


"Second thoughts dear?"

"No Mr. Everett. Just shocked."

"There’s just one caveat," Earl said softly. You see, I get little satisfaction from regular intercourse. It’s a question of girth on my part."

"I don’t care if you have a small dick Mr. Everett. I mean, I’m far from perfect. I’m fat. It’s you I love and I’ll do anything to prove it to you."

"Really Karen? Do you like it in the ass?" Earl said dryly.

"Ass? Uh - I don’t know."

"You a virgin dear?"

"No but..."

"I have a hunch you would like it, and after seeing your plump butt all year I’ve been thinking about it a lot."

"You have?"

"Like I said," Earl said as the students got ready to be seated. "If you are interested, come on up. If not, good luck to you."

With that Earl left, heading back up to the classroom to clear off his desk because unless he was wrong, it would be getting used tonight.


Earl Everett was sitting at his desk when the door of his classroom opened up and the cherubic face of Karen Schultz peeked into the dimly lit room.

"I’m here dear," Mr. Everett said. "Come in Karen, and turn the lock after you close it.

The girl looked back down the darkened hall before ducking in and following her former teacher’s instructions, and the teacher smiled when he saw that Karen had noticed the small rectangular window on the door had been covered up by a small picture that not coincidentally fit perfectly to cover the glass.

"I hurried the best I could," Karen apologized as she neared the teacher, tossing her cap on a desk and pulling the billowing gown over her head. "Had to tell Mom that I was going out with friends. Omigod, look at me."

"You look fine dear."

"I’m all sweaty. The gym was so hot and that gown..." she sputter as she looked at her sweat stained blouse.

"You’re fine honey. Now why don’t you come over her and relax," Earl directed as he patted his bony leg and told her to sit on it. "Besides, you’re going to get a whole lot sweatier before we get done."

"Don’t want to crush you," Karen told the older man as she sat gingerly on his thigh between his spread legs.

"Not a chance," the lean and lanky man said as he put his arm around her thick waist and drew her closer. "You have no idea how many times I’ve looked over at you and thought about doing this."

"You did?" Karen mumbled as the teacher’s large bony hand came up and cupped her breast through her blouse, kneading the grapefruit-sized globe though the layers of clothing.

"I sure did," the older man sighed as he felt the girl’s nipple swell before sliding his hand downward to grab the bottom of her blouse. "Why don’t we get rid of this?"

The older man lifted the sweaty top up and over Karen’s head, tossing it aside and deftly reached around the plump teen to unhook her bra.

"Nice," Mr. Everett sighed as he looked at the round globes with their plump pink nipples before leaning down to suck on the pegs.

"Oooh!" the girl sighed as she squirmed on her former teacher’s lap, grabbing his shoulder for support as Mr. Everett suckled on her teat.

Earl leaned over to give Karen’s other breast equal affection, and when he glanced up at the source of the lightly scented aroma he smiled as he looked at the girl’s exposed armpit, with the creamy crater coated with a faint but dense five o’clock shadow not usually seen when Karen would raise her hand to ask questions in class.

"Let’s get you up for a second honey," her old instructor told the flushed graduate as he helped her to her feet so he could undo the girl’s jeans which cut into her belly a bit, and as he tugged the snug garment down he could see the outline of what looked like a lush bush beneath the cotton of her panties.

The girl’s thighs were plump but somewhat firm and her calves fleshy but shapely in their way, the teacher noted as he helped Karen step out of her jeans before his attention went to those rather modest panties which dug into her pudgy stomach.

The aging man looked up and smiled at the obviously anxious teen as he reached under the elastic top to bring down those panties, and as the densely haired delta came into view the strong scent of her sex almost knocked him over.

"Love your pussy," Mr. Everett sighed as he sent the granny panties down to the girl’s thick ankles and looked at the dense triangle of dark brown curls which obviously had never been trimmed or thinned out, and as he leaned forward so his nose grazed the hair he add, "Didn’t think you were the type to garden much down here. Turn around for me dear."

Karen kicked her panties off from her feet and did what her teacher asked, and when Earl Everett saw the plump white buttocks his hands came right up to grab them, squeezing the very giving flesh and parting the cheeks a bit.

"Nice," the older man sighed when he saw that the darkness in the bottom of the crevice was not shadows but a continuation of Miss Schultz’s bush which grew up and around to her anus.

"Let me get comfortable too," Mr. Everett said as he stood up and loosened his tie, and after pulling it off unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his skinny upper torso with the mat of silver and black curls on his chest. "Excited Karen?"

"Yeah. Scared too," she replied as she crossed her arms across her breasts, and the teacher chuckled inside when he saw Karen preferred hiding her breasts over her belly or her profusely hairy delta.

"Nothing to be scared of honey," Earl Everett remarked as he took off his baggy trousers and set them aside while the graduate looked at his equally baggy boxers. "It’s what you wanted. What WE wanted, isn’t it?"

With that the teacher, who at 54 was precisely three times the age of his pupil, pulled down his boxer shorts while watching his chubby friend’s reaction, and while he got what he was expecting from Karen’s dumbstruck expression as seeing his dick, he never tired of it.

"Mr. Everett?" Karen mumbled with her jaw dropped. "You said - you told me you had a little dick."

"I’m afraid that if you were still my student I would have to take points off because you didn’t really listen to what I sad," Earl mused aloud while taking hold of his manhood and stretching the flaccid hose out. "I said I lacked girth child, which you can see is surely the case. As far as length goes, I’d say I measure up quite well, wouldn’t you?"

Indeed, Earl Everett’s penis was exactly like the rest of the man’s 6’5" and 170 pound body, very lean and incredibly long, and while it wouldn’t get much longer erect than it was now, he was well aware he was a bit of a freak of nature and it was something he had always taken advantage of.

"Have a seat," Mr. Everett offered as he motioned to the throne he had just vacated. "I seem to recall you saying you want to be a teacher."

Karen seemed hypnotized by the slender uncut cock that dangled down precariously close to the teacher’s bony knees, and as Earl Everett moved up close to the graduate it was clear what he was expecting.

"I suspect you know what to do with this," he told his former student as he offered his limp tool to her, and as her short stubby fingers grabbed the gelatinous tube she tried to lift the rubbery hose to her lips.

"That’s it honey," Mr. Everett said after the girl managed to wrap her lips around it, and as he stroked her curly hair he brought her other hand up to try and control the skinny snake. "Suck it good. Make me hard for us."

With his cock firmly clutched in Karen’s sweaty hands he looked down and watched the girl get busy, and as her nervousness ebbed she actually started to do a good job as her face moved up and down the half that wasn’t in her fists.

"You’re doing fine Karen," Mr Everett sighed. "I had a suspicion with those full lips of yours that you’d be a good cocksucker, and it’s obviously you’ve done this before."

"Never on a boy with a dick like this though," the flush-faced student said when she came up for air, and as she looked at her former teacher’s cock sparkling with her saliva she said, "Gotta be a foot long."

"Almost," Earl replied as he watched the teen retract his foreskin to look at the olive sized glans, the inch or so he was lacking in that guess not worth mentioning. "You like it?"

"Yeah," Karen mumbled as she looked at her fist wrapped around the skinny stump and partly hidden in the silver and black curls and how her spit had barely coated half of the vein covered prong which now throbbed in her hand. "You aren’t going to put it all in my bottom, are you Mr. Everett?"

"Your bottom? Call it what it is honey."

"My ass, she corrected. "You aren’t going to put all of your dick in my ass are you?"

"As much as you want honey. As much as it takes to get us both off," her mentor explained. "And speaking of your ass, I think it’s time for me to get to work myself."

With that Mr. Everett helped Karen to her feet and had her put her palms on the desk so she was looking out at the empty desks and chairs. Her attention was broken when Earl reached into a drawer of the desk and tossed a tube of lubricant onto the wooden surface, its appearance sending a noticeable shiver down the tubby girl’s spine.

"Let me get a good look here," the instructor told his student as he sat back down and rolled the chair up close while telling Karen to spread her legs, and as he squeezed the fleshy globes he softly sang, "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin’ world go round."


"Just singing honey, a song that came out before you were born. Bend over a bit for me," he replied and as she complied he whistled after pulling her buttocks apart and seeing the dark beige puckered ring surrounded by a circle of hairs. "You are a hairy one."

"I know. Sorry," came the voice from above the desk.

"That wasn’t a complaint Karen. Far from it," Mr. Everett assured the teen. "I love hair and have enjoyed ladies even more furry than you. Are you Italian by any chance?"

"No," Karen grunted when she felt a bony finger rubbing her anus. "Daddy - he’s German and Mommy - ohhhh! - she’s Greek."

"That explains it," Earl remarked as he probed the balloon knot up to the knuckle, and as he corkscrewed the digit in further a blast of ass hit his face while the girl scratched at the desk. "Sensitive, aren’t we? Doesn’t hurt though does it?"

"No. Not yet," Karen told him as the finger came out, and when she felt Mr. Everett’s face push into her crack she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just relax," came the muffled voice as his long bony fingers spread her ass as far as he could while his tongue came out and found the prize, causing a yelp from the shocked student.

"OMIGOD!" Karen cried out as the tongue rubbed the ring and the surrounding area, the other other sound coming from the snorting coming from her former teacher who as was his custom got a little crazy when rimming, and when his serpent-like tongue dipped into the puckered ring he was rewarded for his efforts with another, even louder, "OMIGOD!"

Without stopping his oral onslaught the teacher reached up and grabbed the tube of lube, and after greasing his throbbing member with the gel he reluctantly pulled his aching tongue out of Karen’s ass crack and stood up.

"Try not to yell so loud," Mr. Everett asked as he prepared to lubricate the teen’s anus, because while the door was locked and the building supposedly deserted there was no sense in courting fate.

"I’ll try Mr. Everett oooh!" Karen cooed when the cool gel met her steaming rectum and as his long finger dipped in and out the instructor knew the time had come.

"Time to check your oil honey," the mentor chuckled as he peeled back his foreskin so that as he introduced the conical glans into Karen’s balloon knot he could savor the feeling better.

"OH geez!" Karen moaned as Mr. Everett guided the absurdly long prong into her steamy rectum, the probe gliding effortlessly like a hot knife through butter, and the teacher didn’t stop until he had impaled the plump pupil to the hilt.

"Didn’t hurt, did it Karen?" Earl asked as he leaned over the girl’s back while her hands gripped the edge of the table.

"No - feels like it’s going to poke out of my belly though. Is it really all in?"

"Ha ha ha," Mr. Everett chuckled as he enjoyed the teen’s anus sizing up around the bottom of the shaft, and as he slowly retracted his spear he said, "Yes, you took ever inch honey. Your ass was built for my cock."

"Ooh ooh ooh ooh!" Karen cried out as the slick prong was brought all the way out.

"Now that my cock and your ass have been properly introduced," the lean and lanky instructor declared, and without further adieu plunged his entire length back into the sprawled student with none of the tenderness of a few seconds earlier.

To his delight, although the girl cried out after the initial thrust, the thrusts that followed were met by grunts of pleasure along with Karen’s shockingly filthy commentary.

"OH! OH! YES!!" Karen squealed after Mr. Everett asked if she was okay, and even though her voice was louder than the teacher would have wished her vulgarity added to his passion.

"Fuck my ass. Fuck it!" Karen grunted as the force of Mr. Everett’s pounding actually started moving her and the desk towards the front row of student desks. "Fuck my fat ass Mr. Everett. Fuck it with your freaky dick."

"You like it huh? You like me drilling you asshole don’t you?" Earl growled as he reached down and clawed at her back, trying and succeeding in getting his bony hands under the girl between her and the desk so he could roughly squeeze her tits as his savage sodomizing continued.

"Oh! My’s cunt rubbing the edge of the desk!" Karen almost screamed. "Gonna cum!"

Desperately Mr. Everett reached up to try and cover her mouth to stifle Karen’s howling, and although he couldn’t shut her up completely he managed to make it less loud than it would have been.

"Sorry," the flushed teen mumbled after her orgasm ebbed, with her staring at the student desks that surrounded Mr. Everett’s desk which during the course of things had ended up halfway into the room like an out-of-control snow plow. "Never came like that before."

"It’s okay Karen," Earl Everett muttered as he decided it was time for him to end this before the cops came through the door. "Here I come."

With a couple of final thrusts Earl felt his orgasm rise from his nuts and through his cock, and as he spurted his seed into Karen’s bowels the pudgy teen squirmed and cooed in delight as the hot cum filled his cavity.

After her teacher pulled his deflating snake out of the girl he straightened up, his back reminding him of his age, and then his former student peeled her sweaty body off the wood. The two of them looked at each other, with Karen embarrassed while Mr. Everett just smiled, having been here and done this before.

"I can help you fix the room," Karen said as Mr. Everett pulled his own desk back where it belonged, and as she put the rows of student desks and chairs back in place the older man smiled when she referred to the students that were her classmates that usually sat there.

"Sorry Becky," Karen chirped as she worked while talking to the imaginary students. "Hope you enjoyed the show Chad. Bet you wish that was you, don’t you Faith?"

When the two finished the room was as good as new with only the aroma of the room changed, the chalk dust scent replaced by a heady mixture of sweat, ass and sex. Karen suddenly realized she was still naked, and after covering herself with her hands for a second started putting on her clothes.

"Gotta lose weight," Karen mumbled after she wiped her butt with her panties and jammed them in her jeans pocket before putting the rest of her things on, topping it off by putting on the graduates gown.

"It obviously didn’t damper my enthusiasm," Mr. Everett assured the teen. "I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"It was amazing. Never did anything like that before," Karen admitted, and then added, "You know, if you wanted to do it again some time? I don’t go off to college until last August."

Thank you. Maybe I’ll take you up on that kind offer," her former teacher replied, although he knew he would never see the girl again, at least like this.

One time and done was his motto. Anything more might involve emotional entanglements, and that wouldn’t work for anybody, Earl mused as he did a little mental math and realized that if he wanted to count the number of girls who had been sprawled over that trusty desk over the years he would have to take his socks off to count them all.

"Next fall old friend," Mr. Everett whispered as he tapped the surface of the desk while his former student waited for him at the door. "You get to see all the pussies, and I see the asses. We’re a team."

"What did you say Mr. Everett?" Karen asked.

"Just talking to myself," he chuckled as he put his arm around the graduate’s shoulder and unlocked the door, peeking out into the darkened and thankfully deserted hall before ushering her out.

The aging instructor gave a last look back to the classroom with the empty chairs that would be filled come September with new students eager to learn, and hopefully one of them a young woman eager and willing to take some extra instruction as well.

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