BBW Lovers

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
BBW Lovers
This happens to be my first story ever written. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it! This is a story about how my wife and I found a new love in our life with our friend Brooke.

When my wife Sierra and I told Brooke we were moving across the United States we all felt pretty terrible. Brooke had become one of my wife and I' s really good friends and it was hard to leave her but we promised if things didn't work out with her husband then she could come stay with us. I was a joke we all laughed at first and didn't take it seriously. Brooke was very shy when I came to talking about sexual things and whatnot but my wife and I thought it was cute that she was so innocent. I didn't think she knew anything else except missionary and doggy. Brooke and my wife were about the same size, very thick bbw country girls but Brooke was a little bit taller but they were both gorgeous and doable in my eyes.

*Fast forward a year*

One day while I'm at work my wife text me to inform me that Brooke wanted to talk to us about something over the phone that night and she wanted our approval. Before I could say anything Sierra messaged me and said "yes I'm ok she live with us". That night Brooke video chatted us and told us everything about how her and her husband were getting a divorce and how he took everything.

A week later we were at the airport to welcome Brooke to her new home. As she walked towards us I could feel myself get hard just by watching her tits bounce, "Jesus, she's just as beautiful as Sierra" I thought. "Omg I missed y'all sooo much" she shouted as she and my wife embraced in a hug. "Can we keep her baby?" asked my wife with big puppy dog eyes. "I suppose but you have to take care of her" I said laughing.

A couple months went by and the three of us got a long amazingly. For me It was like having two wife's without all the drama. One night, while we were playing drunk uno, we started having a conversation about sex toys and anything remotely sexual. Brooke was laughing and blushing just as much as I and Sierra were. Brooke admitted to us that she never really had an orgasm with her ex. And that's when I caught it, my wife looked at me for a split second a licked her lips. I shit you not, my cock could of be used as a jackhammer because of how hard it was. I adjusted myself as best as I could before using the restroom.
An hour later all the moonshine was gone and the cards were everywhere and we all cuddled on the big sectional together. I leaned over and kissed Sierra on the lips and told her I love her and stood up to go upstairs to bed but when I stood up, i felt a tug on my pants and the came down exposing my cock to both women. I turned around to face my wife and she immediately took my cock into her mouth and started to go to town. Brooke stared in awe as my wife stop, turned to here, and planted a kiss with tongue into her mouth. Brooke was shock for a moment but then I watched her for a moment she melted right into the kiss with her tongue. Sierra then shifted me over to in front of Brooke and whispered in her ear "let's suck him dry" and to my surprise that's exactly what she started to do. I could feel her trying to deepthroat my whole cock while my wife start to undress her. At one point I was face fucking her so hard that tears were coming from her eyes. I finally pulled out of her mouth telling her "let's not spoil this moment so prematurely". I told both of them I'd be right back as I went upstairs to fetch some things. While was gone, Sierra laid Brooke on her back and begin to kiss and lick her sweet pussy. I could here Brookes sweet moans from all the way upstairs. When I came be down I had a suitcase with me, I handed it to Sierra and she pulled out a strapon with a thick 8in cock and began to put it on.

Sierra and I looked at each other and my wife asked "who's gonna fuck her first?" I smiled and said I'd go. At the time Brooke was laying on her back in the middle of the floor with a devilish smile on her face. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep longing kiss while I drove my cock into her hot wet snatch. "FUCKING GOD YES! she screamed as I began to deep stroke her with every inch I had. Sierra walked over and got down on both knees to where Brooke could lick her pussy. Shouted from moans of pleasure and ecstasy and began licking sierra's sweet spot. "OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" Sierra exclaimed as was brought to the height of her orgasm by Brooke's tongue.

I grabbed Brooke by the hips and told her to sit on my cock and lean back on my chest. As soon as I slide in here came my wife with her strapon. Brooke made aloud yelp and then got comfy to where she could settle in for the fucking she was about to receive. Sierra start off slow in the begin, letting Brookes juicy pussy stretch but then she gave one nice huge thrust and it was on. Brooke grabbed the back of the couch and begin to transcend into another orgasm. I could feel her hips start to squirm as she gave out one huge moan, as soon as that happened I and Brooke both came at the same time. We all laid against each other trying to catch our breath. After we were all cleaned up and we got into our king size bed and we cuddle to go to sleep.

The next morning Brooke was the last one to get up, she came down stairs, smiled at both of us and fix a cup of coffee. My wife planted a deep kiss on my lips and then turned to her and planted one on her smiled and said "Brooke, you're home now and you're never leaving us". I smiled and said "I love my two queens"

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