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A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny

 A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny
Tom had been watching her work for sometime now. Admiring her from a far. She was a co-worker at this restaurant he worked at. Her name was Jasmine and she had just started there a week prior. She was a big girl; maybe 240 lbs., Big chested, thick thighs, dark brown skin, and the most beautiful dreadlocks... the kind with the red tips. Her make up was always done perfectly, and her nails a were bubblegum pink.

He watched her work her server position from a far, in somewhat of a daze when he was suddenly taken back to reality by his fellow table busser who bumped his shoulder, "Hey Tom! Wake up man! You know I can’t get all these tables all by myself..."

Tom came back to his senses and went to the nearest table where he began cleaning up the mess the last guests had left behind. As he was doing so, he looked back to where Jasmine had stood but she was gone. He heard her voice from behind him, "Hey, you weren’t thinking about stealing my tip there were you Tom?" She whispered slyly.

", of course not" Tom replied almost choking on his words.

"Good, I’d hate to have to punish you for something so stupid! Haha!" She spoke with a flirtatious vibe that made Tom a little nervous. "Lighten up man, hey! You doing anything after work today?" She pressed on.

"No, I’m not busy at all." Tom muttered. "Why?"

"Well, I’ve got some bud if you smoke... I’m new to town and I’ve got no one to hang out with sadly."

A smile came over Tom’s face, clearly blushing and flustered... "I’d love to come chill with you, sure!" He said excitedly.

"Okay, well after work meet me by my car! I’ll give you directions to my house." And with that, she ignored the tip on the table which apparently wasn’t hers, swung herself around and went back about her business.

Tom was in awe as he watched her walk away. He scooped up the remaining dishes from the table and headed back to the dish room.

When all that had occurred it was already close to the end of their shifts but even so, the remaining time passed very slowly. When the time came to clock out, Tom felt butterflies in his stomach, unaware that those butterflies would soon have some creamy company.

He was so nervous yet excited at the same time. The girl he’d been ogling all week asked him to come over her house and chill!

Stepping outside, he peered around the parking lot until he spotted her. Jasmine was waving to him. "Tom! Over here!"

Tom walked briskly over to her, "Hey." He mustered. "So, I don’t actually drive. Do you want to just let me ride with you?"

"Yeah, no problem! Hop in!" She replied.

Grabbing the handle of the passenger side door and hopped on in. He looked her over and noticed she had already changed out of her server uniform. She was now wearing a pink spaghetti strap top which accented her pink nails and brown skin perfectly. He scanned down to see her thick thighs for the first time. She had on short cut jean shorts and her skin glistened a freshly lotioned dark brown down to her perfectly polished bubblegum pink toes.

Following he path he had taken down her body with his eyes right back up to her very own where they both made eye contact. She smiled, "I think I’m going to enjoy chilling with you." She whispered, chewing gum as she spoke.

They pulled out of the parking lot headed for her house. Tom was the shy type so he wasn’t sure what he should talk about. Jasmine handled that though, as she was the complete opposite. "You sure are quiet. Are you feeling okay?" She said in a soft tone.

"Y..yeah, I’m great! It’s just, I’ve never been asked by a girl to hang out before so I’m a bit nervous." Tom muttered.

"Aww, well we’re just hanging out man. It’s not like it’s a date or anything, relax." Her tone did make him more comfortable. He tried to relax a bit.


Before he knew it, they were pulling into a driveway. He followed her up the walkway to the front door and followed her inside.

"Make yourself at home, the living room is just in there. You can watch some television while I go grab the bud and roll up." She said, motioning him in the direction of the living room.

Tom walked into the living room and sat down. He peered around for the remote and while doing so noticed something strange. On the end table there laid a tranny mag. The cover boasted black bbw trannies banging young white guys. He glared at it for a moment then decided hey, maybe she’s just into that sort of thing. He grabbed the remote and clicked on the television.

Shortly after, Jasmine returned and sat down between Tom and the end table. Also having noticed the magazine she quickly tucked it away while Tom’s focus was still on the television. "Hey, you ready to smoke?" She said, getting his attention.

"Yeah, of course." He replied happily.

Sitting there next to him, she sat back as she lit the blunt. Looking him over she said, "Hey can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what’s up?"

She leaned to pass the blunt to him, "Will you rub my feet? I’m not used to running around all day, and I am a big girl after all... My feet are killing me!"

Without waiting for a reply, as he was mid-blunt hit she threw her feet up into his lap.

Tom jumped at the sudden movement towards his groin area. "Yeah um, sure I can do that."

Passing the blunt back to her, he began to gently massage her feet. They were so pretty too. He thought to himself that she must have just gotten a manicure and pedicure within the past couple days, as her nails and toes were on point..

Drifting off into high thought, he felt her other foot rubbing on his cock. As he noticed, he tried to act like his reaction was delayed. He looked at her and saw this mischievous look in her eyes.

"Uhhhmm" is all he could muster up.

"You like me don’t you Tom?" She whispered softly as she set the blunt down in the ashtray.

"I think you’re very pretty, yes." He nervously replied.

She moved the foot he had in his hands to his cock and the other from his cock to up near his face. She ran her toes along his jawline. Tom’s heart was pounding as he tried to keep eye contact while at the same time trying to avoid it.

Jasmine knew she had this situation entirely in her control. As she continued to rub her right foot against his hardening cock, she positioned her left foot nearer his mouth. Her succulent big toe right under his bottom lip.

Then she spoke, "Suck it."

Tom’s eyes widened as he peered down at this delicious looking foot in front of his face. He went to speak out with a possible protest of uncertainty, but she didn’t allow that. As soon as his mouth opened, she slipped her big toe past his lips and onto his waiting tongue.

She reiterated, "Suck it."

Tom closed his lips around her moist foot, looked up at her and began to suck tentatively just as he was told. She leaned back with a big grin on her face and spoke once more, "Don’t you stop. Keep sucking, and don’t neglect the other toes. The other foot too for that matter."

Tom was in complete bliss, as was she, as he sucked and nibbled away at her beautiful toes. When something struck him. The magazine he saw before was gone. He looked down toward her groin area now and thought to himself, "No, she couldn’t be right?" His thoughts continued, "She does have me sucking on her though. Is this like a test? Does she possibly have more she may want me to suck? Fuck I’m high..."

Jasmine took a long deep sigh and pulled her toes from Tom’s soaking wet mouth, "You alright?"

"I saw something before you came in. The magazine that was over there? Umm, are you... do you..." He couldn’t believe what he was about to insinuate.

"Yeah? You’re wondering if I have a big fat dick?" She responded almost sounding irritated.

"Well do you?" Tom questioned.

She looked him over as if contemplating what her next move should be before speaking, "What if I told you I did?"

Tom just sat there.

"I, I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it really." Were the words he managed to get out.

Jasmine stood up and moved in front of him. He didn’t dare budge a muscle as he looked up at her. She unzipped her short shorts and dropped them to the floor revealing white cotton panties. He saw no sign of a bulge at all.

"Pull them down" she whispered.

Tom looked down and took a gulp. He placed each of his hands at either side of her panties and began to pull them down. He kept his eyes centered and saw a nice clean bush and... there it was. As she stepped out of her panties, her great tuckjob came undone.

This dark chocolate girthy piece of meat popped out at him. He was speechless, not quite able to take his eyes off it.

It wasn’t long at all, maybe 3 or 4 inches flaccid, but it was fat. It was very fat and girthy. One large vein extended from the base near her bush on the top side all the way to it’s uncut tip. It looked like a brown baby elephant trunk the way the foreskin hung off the tip. Her balls were enormous too, smooth and hairless.

The next thing he noticed when he snapped out of it was the strong scent. Musky, yet feminine due to the perfumes and lotions she probably used on a daily basis. Finally, his eyes broke contact with her cock and he looked up at her.

"Well? What do you think? I mean, you’ve already been sucking on my feet right?" She hovered over him. Her nipples hard and erect, poking through her shirt.

Her cock twitched and touched Tom’s lips. Only then did he realize how close his face actually was to it.

"Go ahead, taste me. Take me in your mouth baby." She pressured him, taking a step forward causing him to sit back a bit.

Placing one hand on her cock she pulled the skin back revealing a nice pink mushroom head with a big slit in the center. A thick bead of pre-cum nestled there. She then placed her other hand on the back of Tom’s head. Jerking herself a few times, she added a tiny bit of force to the back of his head.. "C’mon, suck it. I haven’t been sucked in so fucking long."

He didn’t resist. Her cock pushed past his lips and into his waiting mouth. That bead of pre-cum trailed along his tongue. Her cock tasted salty and sweet. She held his head in her hands as she began to slowly push herself in and out and he could feel her becoming stiffer.

Her cock seemed to have some curve to it now. It curved downward, perfectly. Almost like a banana. Perfect for accessing his throat without causing him to gag. Fully erect her cock was still just under 5 inches, but so girthy it filled his mouth to the max.

He looked up at her as she slowly fucked his mouth and this caused her to let out a faint moan. "Fuck, my cock fits in your mouth just right!" She murmured.

Her pace started to quicken a bit as her balls began to slap against Tom’s chin. Spit was dripping down his light stubble now, and all he could taste was this big beautiful woman’s pre-ejaculate. That mixture of musk and perfume filled his nostrils causing him to fall into a lightheaded bliss.

Getting into a nice steady rhythm now, Tom could feel her cock twitch every now and again. He looked up at her to see her head tilted back, biting her lip. She looked down at him and whimpered, "You’re going to make me cum baby..."

Tom’s eyes widened once more as her rhythm slowed a bit and she took a hand full of his hair. Tilting his head back, she took her cock from his mouth, keeping only the head in. She began to jerk it vigorously and at that same moment Tom felt it, he tasted it, he smelt it.

"Ooohhhhh my fuuuuck!!" She yelled as thick ropes began to fill Tom’s mouth and throat. It was so thick and creamy he wasn’t sure if he should chew or swallow. It just kept cumming, his whole oral cavity feeling like he had just tried to drink marshmallow fluff...

"Aaahhhhh" She moaned as she let go of her meat, opting to hold his head with both hands..

She moved her cock very slowly and intimately in and out of his mouth. Thick cum dribbled out of the sides of his puffed red lips he struggled to breath, tears streaming down his cheeks. He swallowed and swallowed, but it was just so sticky and gooey.

Jasmine finally released her grip on his head and took a step back to admire her work. Looking at this guy in front of her, struggling, gasping for air as if someone had literally just forced 10 tablespoons of marshmallow fluff down his throat. Her sweet and salty spunk. Fully satisfied, she pulled her panties back up and sat down, relighting that blunt from earlier.

"If you need some water, it’s in the kitchen." She said, grinning.

Tom couldn’t speak at the moment with what felt like glue caked up in his mouth, but he did take her up on that advice and decided it would be wise to get up and walk down the hall to the kitchen for some water.

His legs wobbled a bit when he stood. His head felt somewhat dizzy. "What on earth just happened? Did I really just do that?" He questioned himself as he teetered down he hallway.

He came back in a few minutes later with a glass of water in hand, the redness in his face dissipating.

"So is this what you had planned all along?" He said.

"Maybe." She replied. "Why don’t you come and cuddle up with me and watch some flicks?" She padded the couch, extinguishing the blunt in the ashtray.

Looking at her in a completely different light than he had earlier that day, he submissively obeyed. Laying there with her, she ran her fingers through his hair in such a loving way.

"So does this mean we are a thing now or something?" Tom said in a real unsure yet hopeful tone.

"Oh, you’re mine." She replied.

"Your belly has just been filled up with my cream. You’re Definitely mine now." Sounding as if she’d marked her territory by filling him with her spunk.

Tom felt warm inside. Not just because of the copious amounts of cum he had just ingested, but also because he felt as though he belonged. Finally, a girl he fantasized about wanted him. He fell asleep there in her arms that night with great satisfaction.

Jasmine did the same. She’d too found what she’d been looking for.

Blackmailed by his BBW boss into a sexual

Blackmailed by his BBW boss into a sexual
It had been about fifteen minutes sitting in my car before she arrived. I was kind of nervous sitting in my vehicle in the parking lot of a shady motel. Mid-day and all.

But I was desperate not to end up in jail for fraud and other charges including but not limited to Statutory rape (More on that later). Melody knew that and she was going to exploit that fact to death.

I was her slave. So to speak.

I was lost in thought when the sound of crunching gravel distracted me. I looked out of the passenger side window to see her Honda Civic pulling up two cars over.

I cringed as I saw the massive Cheshire cat type smile beaming at me through the window. The Large cartoony looking hazel eyes and tiny mousy nose with the Mrs. Claus type glasses resting on top of them... and finally, my skin crawled a bit at the shaggy mane of hair surrounding her face in a dark brunette corona.

The car actually tilted as she stepped out of it. There were some grungy Emo type teens squatting in the parking lot as Melody stepped out of her car. Their snickering turned to audible laughter as the large woman defiantly stomped over to the clerk’s window and paid for the room.

Her clothing ... a simple white ill-fitting long sleeved blouse and a dark navy blue skirt stretched to the max around her way too larger than her torso bottom. Her monstrous ass cheeks wobbled up and down as she stomped defiantly through the teen’s laughter and open the motel door.

I considered putting the pedal to the metal and speeding off rather than step out of the car and identify myself as a "chubby chaser’ by association.

Melody had stepped inside the motel room and was waving me over, a single chubby digit on her bloated hand signaling me "Come Hither"

It was time for me to "pay the piper"

The laughter of the youthful squatters got even louder as it became apparent that "I" was Melody’s paramour. I did the "hands in the pocket, face cast downward" as I quickly entered the motel room.

Melody stood behind the door, slamming it as I entered. She ignored me momentarily as she peered out into the parking lot from behind the cheap grime covered curtains that were hung from the single small window in the room.

There was one bed covered with a cheap looking and filthy orange frayed comforter. A rotary phone sat on the haphazard bedside looking table. The accompanying lamp was something I hadn’t seen since 1978 in my grandma’s house.

"What not good enough for ya?" Melody’s saccharine sweet voice had always annoyed me.

She looked like a Sherman tank, but sounded like a ten year old girl. I detected a twinge of angry sarcasm in her voice. She was fully aware that I didn’t want to fuck her. She seemed to be seething.

"I’m cool."

"Whatever, that’s as good an answer as I’m going to get from you douche."

She was definitely seething, pissed off even though she had won. She was going to get what she wanted today.

"Take you fucking clothes off, I ain’t got all day." She emphasized her point by snapping my belt buckle open with an aggressive flick of her wrist.

I slowly dropped my pants as she stood there watching, her arms folded across her chest. She was actually tapping her foot and staring a hole right through me.

I felt her chubby digits on my arms as she stepped up to me. I was afraid she was going to kiss me and was instantly worried that I would upchuck in her mouth if she did. Melody pushed me towards the bathroom.

"Take a shower, you kind of stink."

I was kind of glad for the momentary reprieve and quickly entered the small dingy bathroom.

"To make a long story short ... I worked as a teller at a local bank. Melody was my supervisor and she was more than a little infatuated with me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t into the "BIG GIRL" thing. There was no way in HELL she was ever getting a piece ... That is, until I completely fucked up. I had been trying to get into the pants of one of bank’s customers for weeks. I was successful to a certain degree, but unfortunately for me, the girl was an underage criminal. She hit me up at my teller window with quite a number of inked checks; I was busted by Melody...and blackmailed into a sexual relationship"

I considered staying in the shower until Melody got discouraged and left, but that probably would have meant eventual prison. So, I sucked it up and exited the bathroom in a towel.

Melody had removed the nasty comforter from the bed and was lying face down in the middle of the bed.

The only bit of clothing on her body was a black thong hidden in the massive cheeks that made up her huge ass.

I slowly walked around the bed starring at the colossal task before me. Melody was laying on the bed starring at the wall in front of her. She had a strange melancholy look on her face.

"Look in my purse ... there’s some baby oil in there."

I retrieved the oil from her bag (I couldn’t help noticing more than a few candy bars & snack cakes in there.) and climbed in bed (what was left of it) with Melody.

At her insistence I straddled her and began rubbing the oil into her back. Her huge shock of black hair had to be moved (it hung almost to her waist.).

"Rub that oil on my ass moron." She hissed with a half sigh.

Melody had a big meaty all-encompassing ass. I poured some oil on her buttocks and began seriously kneading her cheeks. I was amazed at how solid and muscular her ass was. I took my time rubbing each cheek, running my fingers over the smooth flesh. Melody continued to sigh as I worked her pliant skin over. She began to shift from side to side.

It was like riding a massive wave as I continued my work, not completely retched out as I thought I would be. Rubbing more oil into those massive cheeks definitely caused the heat in the room to rise.

"Oooh, that feels good. Careful I think you’re starting to like it."

I hated that voice, not just the child like quality of it ... but the truth that poured from her thin lips. Melody suddenly shifted her weight half tossing me off her back as she rose on all fours. Suddenly I found myself starring at the Melody’s gigantic ass ...spread out in front of me. I found myself looking directly at her vagina.

It was like a swollen peach half ... that’s the only way I can describe it ..."seriously"

The back of her meaty thighs and just under her juicy butt was darkened like some tanning session gone wrong. I remembered a thousand bad jokes about fat chicks being unable to wipe their butts ... "that wasn’t helping". I was puzzled momentarily.

I reached out with one finger and touched the small inflated lips of her pussy. A shudder ran through her body. I knew this because the bed suddenly rocked like an aftershock hit it. Melody sucked her lips and let out a low moan.

I felt motivated ... I wanted to make her react like that some more ... I don’t know why, but I wanted to dominate her. Own her the way she had owned me because I’d fucked up.

I began lightly running my single finger up and down the slight slit in the center of her vagina. She moaned loudly and rocked back and forth taking the whole bed with her at times. After about five minutes of this, her frustration became apparent.

"What are you waiting for? ... LICK IT!!"

SHIT!! ... I hadn’t even considered giving her oral. I kind of figured that I would just take my pants off and poke her for about five minutes, fake cum into a condom and presto ... Dirty Deed Done!! ... Melody wasn’t having it... NO WAY!! NO HOW!!

I reached out with both of my hands, parting the giant butt cheeks in front of me, and this took some doing. The pillow like, yet sturdy flesh of those cheeks sunk in at the points were I grabbed it. I used a little force to part this huge bubble shaped butt... her vagina perfectly centered in the middle was almost a mirror image in it’s beautiful peach like state.

The smell emanating from the secret place between her thighs was pungent in a half sweet sickly sweet way. (Huh, huh maybe it smells like that because of all the Twinkies this bitch eats ... huh, huh)... I stuck my fingertip in her small puss and marvel at how tight it was ... her inner walls immediately trapping my finger snug in its viselike grip.

I finger banged her ... to say the least, for a few seconds at least. Then I did something that shocked even Melody.

I sucked on my finger!!

That’s right... I sucked her juices right off my finger.

It tasted like ... I don’t know honey. With some red wine mixed in... Yeah, that’s about right. Once I realized what I was doing I stopped. Melody noticed.

"What’s your problem?

You’re starting to like it!! I knew it!! Don’t stop now baby... Have some more.

But I sat there starring at my finger. Shocked at my own behavior. Unable to understand these contrary urges.

"Fuck it! Let me help you out with that problem!!"

Melody suddenly rose up in the bed on her knees and faced me. There was a weird, angry half smile on her face. I couldn’t meet her piercing eyes for long. I stared down at her breasts.

Funny, Melody had to weigh at least two hundred and eighty pounds, but she had small boobs. They were barely a C-cup. Perhaps, a large B cup. I thought it strange. Melody draped one of her arms over her boobs. I was tripping off of her love slime ... I must have been. I noticed the small hairs on her arm, the perfectly manicured and painted nails. Even her hands were childlike.

Melody suddenly swiped her other chubby arm at me. I was caught unawares and thrown into the flawed mattress with sufficient force. Before I could I react, both of her chubby hands were pinning my shoulders to the bed.

I looked directly up at her and waves of fear ran though my body as I realized what she was about to do. Melody emitted a soft girlish giggle as she pinned me down even further, her boulder sized ass coming to a rest directly on top of my chest.

I was immobilized.

DARKNESS descended on me as she lightly shifted her weight on my chest, pushing her "cradle of life" towards my face.

"Go ahead baby; have as much as you want."

I wanted to scream ... seriously ... but I didn’t.

Instead, I was soon lapping away at her pussy like a frenzied little puppy dog. Licking the swollen lips of her vagina with abandon until they became so slick that my tongue finally slipped inside.

I began to run my tongue up & down the walls of her pussy like a man possessed. Melody ground her pelvis into my face as I increased the intensity of my tongue’s undulations.

"Fuuuuuck!!" .. was about all that came out of her mouth. Probably the only thing that could come out of her pie hole considering the massive tremors running through her body. My face was drenched with her juices. I was worried for a moment that she would shift her weight unexpectantly and break my neck.

Suddenly, air suddenly rushed into my relieved lungs through my wide open mouth. Melody had lifted one of her oak tree like legs off of me and was kneeling at my side. The bed tilted in her direction. She gently touched my face, looking deeply into my eyes with what appeared to be some concern.

I was going to ask her what was wrong, but she placed her fingers across my lips effectively silencing me.

Melody lightly touched my chest, running her hands down my body.

"Quid Pro Quo?"

She rolled over to her side and got off the bed (The bed actually bounced a bit when she stood up... She had a massive stomach that jiggled quite like ..."a bowl of jelly". I felt a slight twinge of repulsion. "I definitely wasn’t into the Santa belly thing." Melody never seemed to take her eyes off of me as she strolled to the end of the bed and knelt.

She poured what was left of the baby oil in the palms of both of her hands and grabbed my average sized cock with both of her hungry little hands. Melody began to knead my balls and cock with an ever increasing intensity. She took her time with my package stroking my penis slightly and kneading my balls in her chubby hands with abandon.

"How do you like that?" She cooed.

"Uh, it’s uh..great."

Her voice didn’t seem that annoying any more. It was actually kind of pleasant.

"Tell me you love this ... You love the feel of my hands all over your body." She half demanded.

I nodded ... It wasn’t out of arrogance or manly pride. It was just that I was going to explode a geyser of cum everywhere in moments.

Melody let out a sigh and gave my cock an angry, spiteful tug.

She was shocked when a small jet of precum suddenly spurted from my cock. She smiled and continued her massage mercilessly.

"The body doesn’t lie"

Melody plunged her small mouth with its thin lips down on my cock and began sucking all of the precum out of my tortured unit. god, it felt good. Kind of like a mini-vacuum. My dick was already wrecked from her generous hands, but Melody would not be denied.

She greedily sucked and sucked on cock, all the while massaging my balls with loving attention to detail.

I ended up shooting another load into her hungry mouth ... at least I think I did. I never saw a drop dribble from her lips, and she kept working me over like a woman possessed.

"Stop ... please." I had to beg off. She was killing me.

"WHAT?!! Can’t handle it huh?" Melody seemed proud of herself.

She stood up and pointed across the room at the only chair in the room. She apparently wanted me to grab the chair, impatiently snapping her fingers at me. I slowly got up and complied. Melody snatched the chair from me and slammed it down facing the bed.

She gave me another one of her strong armed shoves which sent reeling to the sweaty matted sheets of the bed. I struggled to sit up on the end of the bed. Melody had taken a lot out of me and she definitely wasn’t finished yet.

On an increasingly less subconscious level, I wasn’t finished with her either.

Melody straddled the chair facing away from me.

I instinctively knew what she wanted me to do next. I just, didn’t know if it was her instincts or mine. All I knew was that there was a HUMONGOUS ASS on the chair in front of me. A glorious site, the two distinct globes of her butt spilling over both sides of the chair.

"Fuck me... now." She cooed resting her small breasts against the back of the chair.

I was worried that the chair would give way under her weight.

I rubbed the swollen lips again with more vigor this time. They were dripping (literally) as my greedy fingers pried them apart.

I slowly and carefully worked my cock into her chubby box, first placing the head of my penis inside. Her juicy walls immediately converged on my cock trapping it snuggly. Once I had worked all of myself into her... I realized my dilemma.

There was no way I could fuck the shit out of her in this position. I was wedged in between the bed and my balls were touching the bottom of the chair. I didn’t want to ask Melody to move but it was almost an impossible mission. I rubbed the two perfect semi-circles that made up the sides of her thighs.

She seemed to instinctively know what was going on and shifted her weight on the chair until she was resting on her hands.

Bless her chunky heart ... =)

I began to fuck Melody.

"My supervisor at work who had busted me for cashing inked checks. Who had blackmailed me into a sexual tryst and made me the laughing stock of squatting teen emo’s."

I began to seriously fuck the shit out of Melody.

"Not because I had to, but because I wanted to."

She had an extremely tight pussy to say the least. The friction of the frenzied love making I was committing on her tiny puss was tearing at the foreskin on my penis.

I didn’t care.

No. I didn’t give a fuck! I just wanted to fuck this woman forever.

The sight of ripples running across her monster sized butt, my handiwork was making me fuck her even harder. I hadn’t even noticed that Melody was screaming her head off as her reproductive system was rearranged by my rabid dick. I grabbed one of her arms and pulled it behind her towards me, my other hand pulled at the mane of hair on her head violently.

The motel room began to echo the sounds of her sweet cries and the THX style sounds of my pelvis slap against her waterbed like ass. Melody began to sound like she was fucking choking on the dick. This just further fueled my lust.

" Cum ... cum, please." She uttered between thrusts. I didn’t want to cum right away, this fat ass being just too good to let go to waste.

Melody pulled her arm free from me and grasped the end of the chair rising slightly to accommodate me as I beat her pussy to death. Now, it was a straight shot to her loins and I made the most of it. She buried her head in the seat of the chair moaning loudly, my thrusts making her sound like she was hick cupping.

I could feel the cum burning in the shaft of my cock and I let go of her hair to spread those prodigious cheeks apart to plunge her even deeper.

I could feel the cum traveling along the length of my cock ... building, building .. until ...


I pulled my engorged cock out of Melody and showered her incredible backside with what at least was two liters of cum. I actually glazed most of her massive cheeks with my undeveloped kids.

I fell back on the bed ... spent.

Melody? She crashed to the floor on all fours.

And that’s how we remained. I don’t know how long we were like that, but eventually Melody struggled to her feet and staggered into the shower. I remained on the bed, in my birthday suit no less.

I was hoping we would go again.

Melody eventually emerged from the bathroom, the towel barely covering her rubenesque body. I got excited the moment I saw her. I was immediately disappointed when she reached in her purse and pulled some large panties from its interior (She had changed her underwear prior to arriving at the motel.).

I watched silently as she struggled to pull her used stockings over her plump, chubby legs. Silently despaired as she put on her cute little underwire bra and ill-fitting blouse.

For some reason, I wanted Melody to know how I felt about what we had done. I slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck. She turned and gave me a deep soulful kiss.

"That was fantastic."

"You know what the guy who took my cherry told me after we did it?" She replied.


"He said ... I lost the bet."

She pushed me away and half ran out of the door.

Moments later I heard her car pull out of the parking lot.

I silently dressed and exited the room as well. I actually looked back as I closed the door.

I was greeted with a small round of applause by the squatters. I sneered in their direction and this caused more laughter until I reached into my open window and pulled the trunk release.

My trunk suddenly popped open ...

The squatters ran out of the parking lot like scattered chickens.

Rescued by a SSBBW MILF and invited home

Rescued by a SSBBW MILF and invited home
I was in the middle of nowhere, the tire on my bicycle had a puncture and it was getting late. My plan to cycle across Western Australia had hit a snag and with the nearest town over 30 miles away I was starting to wonder where I was going to sleep for the night. To make matters worse it had been raining for more than an hour - everyone thinks Australia enjoys constant sunshine but this is a myth - and I was drenched. But I didn’t panic as something usually comes up and sure enough a white ute pulled up and the middle-aged female driver wound her window down.

"Bloody hell, you’re wetter than a fish underwater. Hop in, I’ll take to my place and sort you out."

I threw my bike and backpack in the back and jumped in the passenger seat, grateful of the lift. As we drove off I noticed she was a rather large lady, easily 150 kilos, probably more. But she was very friendly and after hearing my bike tire was punctured offered for me to stay at hers for the night. I was a bit apprehensive but realised she seemed friendly and trustworthy and I had little other option.

We soon arrived at her house, down a long country lane miles away from the nearest neighbour. "My names Sharon by the way."

"Brian" I introduced myself.

"Well Brian, you probably want to go straight in the shower, it’s upstairs on the left. Don’t worry about your stuff, I’ll bring it in."

I refreshed myself with a nice warm shower but when I stepped out I couldn’t find a towel. Also my clothes were gone. I stuck my head out the bathroom door.



"Where’s the towel?"

"In the washing machine."

"You don’t have a spare?"

"Nah, I live on my own here so only needed the one. I put your clothes in the wash too."

The realisation of being in a strangers house with nothing to wear had rendered me speechless. She noted my embarrassment and walked to the bathroom.

"A little shy? Come on, the naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. I walk round the house with nothing on all the time and I’m not wearing anything now. Look."

I opened the door and she was indeed completely naked. Nothing was hiding her huge breasts, her fat belly nor her big unshaven vagina. She didn’t glance at my private parts, only looking at my face and smiled as if to say I was getting worried over nothing.

"I bet you must be starving, sit down and I’ll cook us some grub."

I sat in the lounge, still in shock upon what was happening. I was in a strangers house where we both had no clothes on. That she was carrying on as if it was completely normal was making it even more surreal, but also made it easier to accept the situation.

Dinner was nice but nothing fancy, and afterwards we shared a bottle of wine and talked for a couple of hours and got to know each other.

I was getting a little tired and tipsy so asked where the spare bedroom was. but she replied it was just her room and I’d have to share the double bed. I replied that I would sleep on the coach but she was insistent, stating it wasn’t a problem for two friends to share a bed.

I still found the prospect a little awkward but not wanting to appear rude I reluctantly accepted. After all we just shared the past few hours naked in each other’s company so why not share the same bed? Not only that, the alcohol had lessened my inhibitions a bit and I was too tired to argue.

We reached her room and I waited for her to get into bed first. She led down on the near side so I walked round and got on my side of the bed. She pulled up the doona over us and switched off the light.

Though I was tired I didn’t instantly fall asleep, but as there had been silence in the few minutes since the light went out I presumed Sharon had. Then I felt her hand on my cock, holding and gently playing with it. She must have thought I was asleep. I was too embarrassed to say anything and just hoped she would stop. But she carried on and soon my penis was becoming erect.

"This is very naughty of me, I shouldn’t be taking advantage of you like this. But you clearly like it."

She resumed fondling my dick and with her other hand took my right hand and placed on her big fat cunt. It was already moist and without protest I started fingering her. She started moaning and in return gripped my cock harder and tighter. Then as my actions increased in speed and her feelings more intense she gave up with my penis and simply held my thigh. She was on the verge of climax when she told me to stop.

"Fuck me."

This had gone too far. This whole evening had got weirder and weirder and now this fat bitch wanted my cock inside her. I wish I had never accepted the lift, and wish I had never allowed myself to be naked and drunk in someone’s house I didn’t know. It occurred to me how stupid and naive I’ve been.

"Come on big boy fuck me"

I knelt up looking at her in silence.

"What you waiting for?" She snapped, sensing my reluctance. I remained speechless.

"I’ve got lots of bondage gear in there, if you don’t put your cock in me soon I’ll chain you up and keep you as my slave. Plus I’ve got a chastity cage so not only will you not leave this house again but you won’t cum unless I say so."

Any hesitation she had earlier had vanished; now she was demanding we get intimate. Having little choice I climbed on top of her huge body poised to fuck her when she whispered in my ear.

"Don’t be so resistant to it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I will."

As I inserted my dick in her she instantly groaned. The tightness and pressure of her fat body felt nice too - she was right, I was going to enjoy this too.

I started to fuck her slowly then gradually got faster and harder. Her voluptuous belly wobbled about and she wrapped her chunky arms around me. The feeling was amazing. She orgasmed once and was soon on the verge of climax again.

"Cum with me boy. Cum for me now. Inside of me."

I could hold on no longer and was soon ejaculating into her big fat pussy. She came too and one of the most intense orgasms on my life was made better by the fact that we were sharing that amazing feeling together.

I rolled off, led back down on my side and held her hand. I looked at her and she smiled.

"Your clothes aren’t going to be ready for a few days."

Another First with a BBW

Another First with a BBW
I remember my first experience with a BBW. Looking back now, she was more of a SSBBW, but that didn’t matter in the least. The internet was not new, but I had only been connected for a short time and I was just barely discovering the vast amount of people out there that were seeking to hook up with someone for a quick fuck or two. Since I started looking at porn online my tastes started to vary and I wasn’t so hung up on any particular body type (or gender as I would later discover) and I really enjoyed the larger, curvier women a lot! I was using AOL and would log on in the evening and do a few searches in the area to find women to chat online with. I’d refined my search techniques so that I knew by looking at the profiles which ones were looking for a good time like me.

I was in my 20’s and lived alone and was able to come and go as I pleased. I started chatting with this woman named Cindy who lived a few miles from my home. She was an older woman, 48 at the time, and also what she called BBW. I’d never had the pleasure of being with a woman that size before and she quickly had me wanting to meet. After a few steamy chat sessions and some photo swapping we decided it was time for me to come to her place for some "in-person" fun. I was really nervous because I’d never met anyone in person before so I wasn’t sure if I was going to show up and get murdered or what. I even went as far as to leave a copy of my plans with a co-worker in case I didn’t show up the next day.

Anyway, the day came and I got cleaned up and headed out to Cindy’s apartment building. She lived in a nice area of town and she told me that she’d have to come let me in the building since it was secured. I rang the buzzer when I got there and she answered. I could tell she was anxious to meet me as she quickly came out to let me in. When I first saw her I already had a semi-hard cock. She was shorter than me and was wearing a "moo-moo" type outfit. She was really huge! If I had to guess I’d say she was every bit of 350lbs! Her tits wear enormous and the bra she was wearing did little to support them. Once we were in her living room we sat on the couch and made a little small talk. I always find these moments to be a little awkward at first. We both know we’re there to fuck, but yet we find it necessary to talk. Anyway, I was now feeling a lot more comfortable and was very eager to get started with the fun parts. Cindy excused herself to shower and told me that I was welcome to relax in the bedroom on her bed.

I quickly got undressed and laid on the bed while she showered. When she was done she told me to close my eyes as she came out. I told her that I really wanted to see her, but she insisted at first. She came over to the bed and proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs of my life! I opened my eyes and was overcome with her sexuality! I can’t describe the feeling, but all I remember was wanting to be smothered by her sex at that moment. When she asked me if there was anything I really wanted to try I told her that I wanted to 69 with her. She agreed and immediately got in position over me. I almost couldn’t breathe since all of her weight was on my torso, but it was magnificent!

Here I was barely able to move with one of the fattest pussies I’d ever seen only inches from my face. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I greedily attacked her hot, fat pussy with my tongue as she continued sucking my cock. I apologized and told her that I wouldn’t last long, but promised that I would be instantly hard again. With that she attacked my cock as she ground her sopping wet pussy on to my face and I came like I’d never come in my life! To this day one of my absolute favorite things to do is have a BBW sit on my face. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing one of the greatest pleasures sex has to offer!

Since I’d just come and it would take me a few minutes to get back up and ready I asked her if there was anything she wanted me to do to her. I love going down on women and as luck would have it, she loved having a guy go down on her! She rolled over on to her back as I sat up to look down upon her massive body. I couldn’t believe I was here doing this with her. If I’d have passed her in the store a few months ago I wouldn’t have looked twice at her let alone been trying to hide an erection. Now here I was with no clothes on looking at an enormously fat woman trying my damndest to get hard enough again to fuck her! So here I am going down on this woman and trying hard not to pass out from excitement when I start to move from her pussy down to her asshole. Her pussy tasted awesome and her asshole tasted better! I couldn’t believe it...I was ferociously tonguing her asshole and enjoying it!

I was actually trying to get my tongue in her asshole it was so good! As I continued my assault on her ass I started fingering her cunt. First one then two fingers went in. She told me that she loved to be fisted. I told her I’d never done this before, but could tell by the name what she wanted me to do. It didn’t take long before I had pushed my whole hand inside her hot pussy. Once I was completely in she told me to make a fist and to slowly pull it out and push it back in. After only a few minutes of this she was screaming and convulsing almost uncontrollably in one of the biggest, loudest orgasms I’d ever given a woman! Then she squirted all over me! At first I thought she was peeing because the flow was so intense, but she told me later that she was able to squirt when she came. My face and arm, not to mention her bed, was completely soaking wet!

I took my hand out of her pussy and we both lay there for a few minutes trying to recover. This was easily, hands down the single most, greatest sexual experience I’d had in my life since the day I’d lost my virginity. Honestly, the act of losing my virginity doesn’t even rank in my top 5 greatest sexual escapades now. Once she had calmed down she started to stroke my cock again. It didn’t take long for it to be hard and with that she climbed on top of me and began to ride it. Here I was again feeling like I couldn’t breathe because of all the weight upon me and all I could do was smile.

We had been fooling around for a couple hours already and it still only took me about a minute before I was cumming buckets inside her! She laid there for a few minutes milking my cock with her pussy as I tried to recover. Then climbed off and moved up my body until she was sitting on my face again. I’d never gone down on a woman after I’d come in her before, but this was a night of first and I wasn’t about to start saying "NO" now. As she ground her pussy down on my mouth I could taste my cum mixed with her juices and quickly I learned that I would forever be a fan of eating creampies. I greedily sucked my cum out of her pussy and she worked towards another squirting orgasm!

After she came for what must’ve been the 3rd or 4th time that night she climbed off my face and laid down beside me. Again, this is where I find it a little awkward. We’ve just spent the night doing things to each other that should probably be illegal and yet we find the need to make small talk. I told her that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and that if she’d like, I’d gladly come over again for some more fun. It turns out that we only got together again one time, and as exciting as that was, it was never as good as that first time I had with her. My first time with a BBW.

A young man falls for a SSBBW ebony goddess

A young man falls for a SSBBW ebony goddess
Here I was at 26. Bored, broke and worst of all single. I lived alone in a one bed room apartment downtown, the one thing I did have going for me and spent my nights working a dreadful factory gig manufacturing pickled foods. Pigs feet, pig lips, pigs ears, eggs, sausages, you name it. If it could be soaked in salt and vinegar I was stuck there mass producing it. The checks were cool but the hours and the smell were a real nuisance.

My time spent away from work was typically devoted to masturbating in front of the computer. My normal routine was to wake up, bang one out before work and then spend the next 10 hours fantasizing about how amazing my night time stroke sessions were going to be. I loved it all...Fat bitch’s, skinny bitch’s, white bitch’s, black bitch’s, big tit’s, small tit’s. if it was online I was getting off to it. Not that I couldn’t score real pussy. Quite the opposite. I was tall, roughly 6ft3, brown hair with green eyes. I just chose not too...At least in the short term.

The last few weeks though things had changed. A voluptuous black ssbbw had just moved in next door and her stroke sessions sounded just as hardcore as mine if not more. Her name was Asia Blue and she was a brick house, literally. She stood roughly 5’11, I estimate around 350-400lbs, massive titties and an ass that wouldn’t quit. In the mornings I would catch her leaving for work on my way in. Damn was she a fox. Flawless make up on a face that resembled a larger Halle Berry, gold trimmed eye glasses, interchangeable wigs, bracelets, necklaces and accessories out the ass. Best of all was her aroma. When Asia Blue walked past you in the hall it was almost like a trance that caused you to float in the air and follow her around. Not that you needed anymore of an excuse. Her curve hugging professional attire was enough to snap even the stiffest of necks.

With my night time shift and her day time hours we were really only home around the same time for about 4 hours. Like clockwork I could count on Ms. Blue to start revving up in the early evening not long after work. Her moans were loud, almost painful like she was crying out for help more than relieving herself. At first I would press my ear against the wall to hear her better but after a few days her screams would get so loud that I could listen to them from kitchen while cooking dinner. My favorite was when I would hear a loud thump against the wall. it wouldn’t typically last for about 5 minutes until she came and then she would go back to her bed or wherever. The woman was a well-oiled machine. Occasionally I could almost swear to hearing her wetness through the walls.

Every now and again I could be convinced by some friends to get belligerently drunk on a Saturday night and cruise around the local bar scene until dawn chasing trim. On this particular night I was a real public menace. The keg of Grey Goose vodka I chugged had taken control and my hands (and mouth) took on a life of their own. It’s a wonder I didn’t get my ass kicked by a jealous boyfriend, roughed up by a bouncer or tossed in the drunk tank down at the county jail.

I arrived home by taxi around 7am Sunday morning. I was clinging to the walls for support and could barely lift my legs up the stairs. About half way up the steps I had managed to pass out for a moment and fall half way over the railing. A hand had gripped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, better yet...Against her voluptuous body. It was Asia Blue, I could recognize that perfume a mile away. She had placed her bible on the ground to free up a hand to better support me. I clung to her like a monkey on a branch. As we walked up the steps my hands had took it upon themselves to follow the curves up her hips to the bottom of her ass and up her skirt. She attempted several times to smack it away with a guilty giggle. A put the cobra clutch to her giant ass cheek and squeezed as hard as I could. She let out a deep breath and continued to walk me down the hallway without trying to stop me. As we got closer to her apartment I could feel my fingers getting wet. With every step her pussy splashed a little bit more down her legs and up her butt cheeks.

We approached her apartment where she lied me down on the couch and prepared me a tall glass of ice water. She sat down next to me, playing with my hair as I guzzled the liquid. A few minutes later the buzz was wearing down and she removed a trey from beneath the couch. She rolled us a blunt, her thick lips blowing smoke into the air without a care in the world.

As I took control of the blunt her hand gripped across my chest and caressed its way down to my pants, grabbing my bulge and massaging it with her fingers through the fabric. Asia Blue licked her lips and excused herself to the bedroom.

It didn’t take long for her to reveal herself. The woman was angelic, an orgasm to the eyes. There she was. 350lbs of deliciousness wrapped in tiny white lingerie that caused her fat rolls to hang over them. Her big belly hanging down almost to her mid thighs and titties imprisoned by the thinnest of fabrics. She stood well over 6ft in her white leather knee high heels.

She grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bedroom, my eye’s fixated on her bouncing ass cheeks.

As we got to the room the first thing I noticed was the massive green dildo attached to the wall next to my bedroom, The wall around the base of the dildo had become darker shade of white due to the pounding it has endured the last few weeks. This thing was massive, well over a foot long and as thick as a subway sandwich.

Asia lied down on the bed, her legs spread open with a desperate look upon her face. Her pussy lips were fat with pink walls and a hairy bush, her swollen clit throbbing to be sucked. I kneeled down before her with my clothes still on from the night before. I immediately began sucking and licking, her pussy opening with wetness and glistening on my face. Her screams were window shattering but it still did not feel like enough. I placed two fingers into her pink snatch and began pounding away as I sucked at her clit. My head was engulfed in thighs, her fingers massaging my scalp and forcing my face harder as she grind against it. Her wetness had become so overwhelming that I had to force her away from me to catch my breath.

As I looked down at her massive pussy, watching in amazement as it continued to open, almost as if it were breathing, I realized what had to be done. I tore my shirt off my back and plunged my fist into her cunt wrist deep. Asia was so wet that my hand slid in without any sort of resistance at all. if anything it felt as if it were getting bigger. She forced her hips into my hand causing it push deeper into her womb past her cervix. I was nearly elbow deep into this amazing black woman’s pussy and loving every second of it. I began thrusting into her with hard punches, punishing her insides and licking my lips as her wet sticky love splashed onto my face. I leaned down to lick on her fat black clit as I hammered harder into her, bottoming out at just past my elbow.

Instead of gripping tighter her pussy seemed to be stretching even more, begging to pounded harder and deeper. I placed my other fist in her pussy and blasted away. My fingers gripping her cervix and tickling her walls. Asia Blue was partying on my arms, her fat belly jiggling as she clinched her titties together squeezing on her hard nipples. She closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and grinded her teeth before unleashing a flurry of wall crushing screams. It was hard to tell if she was orgasming or having a baby but for the first time her pussy walls clinched and I was suddenly drenched in a slimy lair of cum. A wave of liquid squirted from her gaping pussy hole and onto the floor.

Asia pulled me towards her, obviously relieved to have finally reached the climax she had been aspiring for but unable to get by herself. She kissed me passionately, our tongues twisting together and eyelashes locking. She reached down to undo my pants and unleash my rock hard cock. I slid down her massive body to lick beneath her enormous titties, my hands grabbing onto her fat rolls. She spread her thunder thighs and guided my cock into her gaping pussy.

I knew my cock was no match for her big pussy but I didn’t care. Her tongue licked in and out of my ears and on my neck as I thrust into her, my dick puny by comparison, swimming in a sea of love, my balls smacking into her puckering black butthole. Her big hands clawing into my back as I grinded on her clit. She reached further down grabbing ahold of my ass, spreading the cheeks apart and tickling my asshole with her manicured fingernails. Her pussy was so lose that it released a wet queef with each thrust of my dick.

My balls were ready to explode, my thrust got deeper and harder until I unleashed wave after wave of creamy white ropes of cum into her. I lied on top of her for a moment, her enormous belly feeling more like a water bed then a woman.

I rolled over on to my back. Asia rubbed her pussy and licked my cum off of her beautiful nails. She smiled at me and went down on my dick for leftovers. She licked passionately on my limp cock, digging her tongue in my hole, lifting the balls and french kissing my asshole. She didn’t give a fuck and neither did I.

Big and fat mom, ssbbw story

Big and fat mom, ssbbw story
When I was 28 years old my parents got divorced. Even though I was older it still hurt that my parents were no longer together. My dad had been cheating on my mom for years with what she calls, "A skinny little bimbo." My mom is no skinny little bimbo that is for sure. She is the opposite weighing in over 300 pounds. I guess dad just did not like how she let herself go and found someone else. He was very nice in the divorce, split the money and let my mom keep the house. I just did not like how sad it made mom.

Skip three years later I am now 31 years old and still single. I am your average guy, 5’9 170 pounds, brown hair, not a six pack but not flabby either. I just never found a woman to settle down with. It is boring living on your own so I visit mom a lot. We are both loners so we keep each other company. She has recovered since the divorce but you can tell she is still missing that special someone. Now, I can describe my mom and you can get a picture or I can just tell you to look at someone that looks just like her. If you look up the video "big fat mama part one", you will have found her. My mom has a prettier face but their body types are the same. Very overweight, huge saggy H size breasts, a big flabby belly, and an ass that is to die for it’s so big. My mom was a SSBBW

My mom is 62 years old now and she considers herself old. I always tell her she has plenty of life in her and she needs to get herself out there. She does not think anyone would want someone as big as her. I mean not many people would but some do not mind 300 pounds at all, myself being one of them. One night when I was over she agreed to make an online profile for herself and test the dating world. We put her whole description in and posted a few pictures she had of herself on facebook.

The next day she called me to say someone messaged her, she could not believe it. She said they are talking and she thinks she might go out with them this weekend. I was thrilled, this is what my mother needed. She needed to feel good about herself again. Now if only I found someone.

The weekend came and mom still had her date planned. I came over to help her pick out a nice outfit. We decided on a nice pair of black slacks, and a grey blouse, nothing too tight since she was self-conscious. When she was all dressed she looked stunning. Her pants really showed off her figured ass and big thighs. She showed a little bit of cleavage which was good and her tits looked massive. Her stomach was hidden for the most part, but how much can you really hide one that big.

She kissed me goodbye and was on her way. I went back home to watch some porn since I was pretty horny seeing my mom look like that. I went on the computer and put in big fat mama part one. As I told you before her body is just like my mom’s so I was a frequent watcher of it. I pulled out my cock and began to jerk it, looking at this big woman and picturing it being my mom. My cock was only 6 and a half long but very fat. I always had a little thing for mom but I could never break her heart and make a move so this porn was the closet I ever came. I finished myself off and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up an figured I would head over to moms and see how her date went. I rang the doorbell and my mom answered. She looked flustered though.

"Mom is everything all right."

"Yes, everything is fine I guess, just come in."

I followed her to the kitchen and saw a man sitting at the table having coffee. He was probably in his fifties, a little overweight but a handsome guy.

"This is Nick, Nick this is my mom Jake."

"Nice to meet you Jake." He shook my hand.

I nodded back to him. It was followed by awkward silence.

"Okay I guess I should be going now, thank you for the coffee Madison." He kissed my mom goodbye and saw himself out.

"He stayed the night mom?"

"Yeah, I mean we were having a good time and it has been so long i did not want the night to end."

"I am not mad mom I am happy for you. You guys had fun huh?" I said with a smile.

"Oh Jake you be quiet."

"I am glad you are happy mom."

We just hung out the rest of the day. I could not get my mind off of Nick. He had sex with my mom. While I am always there for her and he is not he still gets her. I did not like this guy.

The next weekend rolled around and they hung out again. I figured Nick would be staying the night again, so I decided I would sneak it when they got back and watch my mom, it was the closest I would ever get. I waited until around midnight to head over. I saw Nicks car was in the driveway so I went to the backdoor. I looked in to make sure no one was on the first level and unlocked the back door. I was in, I had to make sure I was dead quiet. I figured they were upstairs so made my way to the steps. I began to hear the soft muffles coming from upstairs.

I quietly climbed the stairs making sure I did not make a creek. When I got to the top I could see a candle light illuminated by mothers room and I heard soft moans. I made my way over to the opened door. When I peeked in my cock instantly stood at attention. Nick was laying on this back on the bed and my mom was laying in front of him with her ass in the air sucking his dick. The bed faces the door, so my mom’s ass was facing my direction perfectly. It looked wonderful from this position. Bigger than I ever imagined. It looked like a huge lump on the back of her, way too big to be an ass but it was.

I watched as her body moved up and down from her sucking his cock. He let out soft moans which let me know how good she was. After a couple of minutes she took his cock out of her mouth and laid down next to Nick. I took my eyes off the room so I could not be seen since now my mom’s massive ass was not blocking me from view.

"Fuck baby, you suck that cock so good. I guess fat girls give the best head."

My mom laughed. I heard movement from them like they were getting repositioned and then my mom moaning. I guess they started to fuck. I peeked in. Nick was on top of her with her huge thighs in the air. He was thrusting into her and she seemed to really be enjoying it. My view was pretty bad, all I saw was my mom’s thighs and Nicks gross ass pumping. My just knowing my mom was taking it kept my cock rock hard. I kept watching and began to stroke my cock. Mom was really getting loud now. Next thing I know My mom’s head popped up and was resting of Nicks shoulder. She saw me. Our eyes met.

I did not move and besides the sight flinch she did when she saw me either did she. Nick had one hand behind her back holding her up and kept fucking her while she looked at me. I did not know what to do.

"Nick baby how about I get on top now."

I pulled my head back into the hallway so Nick did not see me. I heard the bed creeping again from them moving and then mom moaning again. I peeked back inside. Nick was laying on his back again in the same position he was getting the blowjob and my mom was on top of him, facing me! She was just bouncing on his cock staring at me. I did not know what this meant but I was really turned on. Her tits were bigger than I ever imagined. They sagged so low and looked like a water balloon before you fill it and let it hang. She was rubbing them and picking them up. Her areolas were dark and 4 inches wide. On a tit her size they still looked big. I kept stoking my cock and she watched me as she bounced on Nicks. She leaned back and I got the first view of her pussy since before her big belly was covering it. It was shaved surprisingly and so pink, I could see how wet it was from the doorway. I could not hold on anymore. I came all over the rug. After I finished I looked up at her and she mouthed spare room and waved me off.

I went in the spare room and listened to them fuck for another five minutes or so. I heard Nick cum and then after a couple of minutes my mom told him not to stay tonight she had to be somewhere early and it just would not work out. She agreed, they went downstairs and I guess were kissing before he left because they door did not close until ten minutes later. It was just me and mom now. I could not believe at 62 my mom could still fuck like that. I heard my mom coming back up the steps. She entered the room I was in in a robe.

"Jake why were you watching me?"

"Mom honestly I feel like right now is the only time to ever have this conversation. I have always been attracted to you. I even found a porn that looks like you and I watch it all the time. I have always wanted you but realized it could never happen. So I thought this was my only chance to see you."

"Jake you are a young man why are you attracted to a fat old woman like me?"

"I honestly can not answer that, but you are my total sexual fantasy."

"I know you felt weird but you should have told me this Jake. All those years I was lonely I could have used you. You do not think I ever took a peek at your bulge. I was a lonely woman in need."

"You’ve looked at my bulge."

"Of course I think most mothers do, but they know nothing can happen between them. Now I know you were playing with yourself while you watched, I saw the rug, but I did not see you. I think the only way to get past this since you saw me, is to show me you. That was you have both seen what you have always been looking at, and we move on."


"Jake I got on top and Nick and let you watch, fair is fair."

I got up pulled my pants down and my re hard cock popped free. 6 and a half inches long, and super fat. She starred.

"Wow Jake that is some penis. Look at how thick it is. it is almost double Nick." I moved it up and down with my hand. She came forward. "Jake if we do this this is it. Nick is gone and I have you. I am not some weird mom that is saying we are in love and getting married, all I am saying is you are only one I am fucking and you will do it when I want."

I shook my head up and down. She untied and rope and revealed herself to me. Her tits were the first thing my eyes went to. They sagged half way down her stomach. Only the top half of her areola showed because of the sag. Her stomachs big and full. It stuck out a pretty good amount but sagged even lower because of its weight. Her stomach covered her pussy from me. I was rock hard. She began to approach me. I grabbed one of her massive breasts and lifted it so I could see the whole thing. Her areolas were huge like I said before and they were turning me on. They looked just like that porn I always watched.

She pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my cock. She sat on top of me a guided my cock into her pussy opening. "No foreplay Jake, I want to take this cock now." I sat down and I felt her wet pussy around my fat cock. "Fuck! That cock is so fat Jake I love it." She played down and her tits hit my face. She began to move up and down on my cock. I held onto her ass as she did. Her big tits kept swaying in my face and she was moaning in ecstasy. Her ass felt so big in my hands I knew I could not last that long.

"Mom I can not hold out much longer, this is my biggest fantasy and it is coming true." She moved her tits back and fourth smacking me in the face with them. The milky flesh looked so good I sucked on them. She started to bounce faster and I could not take it anymore. I came inside her.

"Mom I came, I am sorry."

"It is okay Jake, I can not get pregnant anymore anyway, and even though it was quick that was the hottest sex of my life." She got off of my cock moved around and sucked it dry of her juices and my cum. "I love this cock Jake. You are going to be giving it to me for a long time."

And that is how I fucked my SSBBW mom. I finally got the fantasy and no longer had to watch "big fat mama part one" because I had my very own.

Ssbbw dreams come true

Ssbbw dreams come true
We meet online n a forum of BBW worshipers. We talked several times online about each other and what they liked. I found out she liked to dominate men with her weight and feel them struggle as she took total control. I on the other hand loved to be the one who struggled under the pressure of the weight. I had one wish though and that was to be smothered and crushed to death under a one how loved to domintate men. I told her that i didn’t care how big she was that all i wanted was to be her squash victim. She replied back she was skeptical but would be willing to entertain the idea but didn’t think that I would go through with it. The thought though of her squashing me to fragments of bone and blood made her horney and wet. She said she wanted to meet and see me in person to size me up. So we did.

We meet at a resturant and I arrived first getting a table for two. She entered into the room and i knew right away that she was the one, her name was Jen and she was larger than life itself. I stood up and she made me look like a dwarf to her. I was 5 foot 6 and she was 6 foot 2. I weight in at a whole 160 pounds and she weighted in at a breath taking 640 pounds. That was 4 times my weight. She looked down at the table and laughed at the chairs saying to me that she would have ot sit on two of them or else she would snap them like twigs. She looked at me and basically said just like I will due to you if I sit on you honey. Yet anyway it would feel nice to due so but so would eatting I am starved your buying right. I agreed and we started to order it was unbelievable that she eat almost one of everything on the menu. We got the bill and it was well over 500 dollars. I looked shooked and scared that a person could eat so much. I could see her stomach expand as she finished her whole double chocalate cheeze cake. She leaned back and let out a good size belch. then she looked at me and smiled. At that moment I felt her massive size 13 foot ride up my leg and go in between my legs. She massaged my cock with her foot until I was hard as a rock . She smiled as we finished our wine and then told me she wanted to see how obeying I was. I told her very so she told me to follow her. We walked out of the resturant me following her as I watched her ass just jiggle and shake in the blue jeans she was wearing. The fabric looking as if it was ready to rip and I could see a thin line for from were her thong was. I so wished to be that thong. We walked to her car and she grabbed me pulling her in to her chest and lifting me off the ground. We can start right now with your end. We can start to make your wish come through making it last for say three or more days how ever long you can take my weight. What do you say. I nodded and she said then sign this paper turning all of your goods to me and that in no way i am legally responsible. With out a doubt in my mind I did so. She laughed and told me I was hers for the rest of my life. With that she through me into her car I landed on the front seat of the car on my back before I could move my legs a crushing weight was on them I wenced with pain as I could feel my bones strain under her ass. She closed the door and we drove off. I only could wonder what layed instore for me when we get to her house..

Ssbbw stories - Mom and her saggy boobs

Ssbbw stories - Mom and her saggy boobs
I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was fully dressed from the waste down. She had on loose black sweatpants that had be size 4XL. Her back fat spilled over her pants causing a muffin top. No clothes were on above her waste. I was dying for her to turn around and show me those giant tits I had been dreaming of. Besides the muffin top, her back also had a crease on either side when she had her arms at her side. She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and fourth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man’s’ ideal tit. These tits were a size H, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size H tit would sag without age, add the fact that she was 55 and had 2 kids and you could only imagine.

They looked like 2 giant water balloons before the knot gets tied and you just let the water sag down the balloon. They came to right above her belly button. Her nipples could not be seen because they were tucked under due to the sagging. The areoles were dark and could tell they were pretty large even though only half was showing. She reached for her bra. It was an old lady bra. Skin toned with large cups that covered most of the tit. She did not put her bra on like a normal person would. First she put her arm through the strap, then she lifted her left breast up into the bra and then did the same for the other. They were so big and saggy she actually had to lift them into the bra. Once in the bra they looked very bunched up and equally as massive.

"Okay, Jake are you ready to go." She was calling me. I took quick quiet steps away from her room until I was a good distance away and said back, "Yeah mom, whenever you are."

So, I spy on my mom as she gets dressed. I can’t help it. She has the biggest tits I have ever seen and curiosity got the best of me and one day I peeked into her room and saw them. Once I saw them I was obsessed. There is just something about a big pair of saggy tits that gets me going. They actually look even larger when they are in a bra because they are all bunched up from not sagging. I know it is wrong to spy on her like that but her tits are to die for.

I don’t only spy on her changing I have spied on her having sex before as well. She has been dating this guy Dennis for about 3 years now. Naturally I hate them because he gets to have those giant tits in his face. Dennis is also in his mid 50s. He is bald, with a big belly, he is not fat, just has a big dad belly. I personally think mom can do better, but she is not skinny herself. Like I said earlier she wears size 4XL pants. She is pretty large. I would say over 250 pounds easy.

One night as I walked past her bedroom I heard he moaning very quietly. I stayed by her door and listened and soon realized they were having sex. I stayed at the door the whole time with a hard on listening until they were done. The next time I heard them I wanted to see, listening wasn’t enough for me. I tried the door and it was unlocked. Quietly I opened the door ever so slightly and peeked through a slit. I looked in and saw the back of Dennis between my moms legs. I could not see much because the door was not opened enough but I saw about half of Dennis’ body and my moms big thigh in the air. He was pounding into her missionary. I tried so hard to see her giant tit bouncing as he fucked her. In my attempt to get a better view I banged my knee into the wall. They stopped, and I backed away. I went back into my room. I was always too scared to open the door again after that close call.

Whenever we went on vacation I would savior every minute of my mom in a bathing suit. Naturally she wore a conservative one piece. When we went to the pool or ocean she also would add skirt around her waste so it covered more of her legs. When we were in our hotel room just us getting ready though, she had no skirt around her waste and her big ass cheeks would be poking out of her one piece. You could see the cellulite in her ass and thighs and its got me so aroused. In the bathing suit you could see just how saggy her tits were because it did not do a good job holding them up. I would jerk off every vacation in the shower thinking about them.

Enough about the past though, the whole point of this story is because something changed recently and it all started with one simple thing, well maybe not so simple.

So, about 2 months ago I came home because I did not feel like going to one of my classes. I was about to graduate college and just wanted it to be over with already, so I didn’t go to one class. My mom and Dennis’ car were in the driveway I knew they were home. I went into my bedroom and put my backpack on the floor and walked over to my bed. As I did this I passed the window and something caught my eye. Out by the pool was Dennis and my mom. Dennis was totally naked and my mom was between his legs sucking his cock. I got down on the floor and peered out of the window to watch. She had her hands on either one of his thighs and was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. I was hard right away. I watched and how it progressed blew my mind.

After sucking his dick for a good 5 minutes she pulled her bathing suit to the side taking her pussy out and hopped on his cock reverse cowgirl. She was now facing my window riding his cock. From the look on her face she was loving it. Dennis reached his hands around and began to rub her tits through the bathing suit. I wished she would just take it off. It was so hot watching her ride his dick. My mom tilted her head back in pleasure. On her way moving it back down she opened her eyes, and then we made eye contact. She froze, my heart beat out of my chest. I did not know what to do, I didn’t move. After what seemed like an eternity she got off Dennis and threw a towel over him. She made her way inside much to his confusion and anger that she stopped.

I did not know what to do. Was she coming for me? Was she going to kill me? Would she tell everyone? Next thing I know she is in my doorway with a towel wrapped around her bathing suit.

"Jake, I am so sorry you just saw that. I am an awful mother. Why would I just do that in the open right in looking distance from your window. Please forgive me Jake."

I could not believe it, she was apologizing to me for me. Then I realized it was because she had no idea I was peeking at them. "It is okay mom, really you are an adult."

"I am sorry Jake." She sat on my bed.

I tried to make light of the situation a little big, "Hey, at least you had your clothes on."

She laughed, "Yeah then you really would have been scarred seeing your mom and her saggy boobs."

I laughed, "Nothing wrong with saggy boobs mom."

"Yeah maybe the little thing you are used to with your young girls, but believe me wait until they have kids." She had no idea How much I really knew about her tits and how much I wanted them.

"Maybe you should go outside, Dennis is probably confused and mad."

"I was thinking we shouldn’t tell him. He will get freaked out knowing you saw."

"Why, he doesn’t want me to know he has a little weenier?" I joked.

"Jake, stop. I will see you later at dinner."

Later that night I was in the living room watching mad men. My sister was at her friends house, and Dennis was visiting his mother. My mom came in and sat down.

"Why do you watch this show, it is so boring."

"It is pretty boring, honestly I watch it for her." Christina Hendricks was on the screen.

"Oh, she is quiet chesty huh."

"You could say that."

"See what guys do not realize is that yeah those look really nice, but once they come out of her bra they are dropping right down. Look she is probably in her 40s, there is no way they are up and men just don’t get."

"Actually mom, she has naked pictures, they are pretty perky."

"Yeah? Can you get them again. I want to see for myself." I pulled them up on my phone and passed it to her. "Yeah, see, bare though they do not look nearly as big as they do in the show. If she actually had big big boobs they would sag more."

"Sorry mom, everyone can not have a giant chest like you do."

She laughed."I am glad we are still okay after this afternoon."

"Of course mom." She leaned over and gave me a hug. I hugged her back, on her way away from the hug my eyes drifted to her big cleavage that was showing.

"Boob man I see." I blushed, she caught me looking. "Stick to the smaller ones Jake, I am telling you, you don’t want them this big."

I do not know what came over me but it naturally just came out, "Yes I do."

She looked at me puzzled. "Jake, are you okay?"

"Yeah of course mom."

"Good, because I am going to take what you said as you just like big boobs and not mine because that would be weird."

"Yeah, yeah that is what I meant."

"Okay Jake, I am going to just go up to bed." I watched her big ass and body go up the stairs.

I wasted no time in pulling out my fat cock and jerking it. I imagined my mom getting on top of me burying my face in between her giants tits and riding my cock. I shot my load all over my stomach and went to clean it up.


About a month and a half has passed now. Everything is normal. My mom never told Dennis about what I saw and we never spoke about it again. That night I once again heard them fucking. I found it so hot how often my mom wanted to be fucked. I decided to be brave. I hadn’t opened the door and peeked in since that one time when I made nose and almost got caught. Tonight was the night I would try again. I slowly opened the door like last time, being very careful, and I looked through the small opening between the door and wall.

This time my view was much better. It was not Dennis pumping away between her legs. Instead it was my moms ass rocking back and fourth on top of him. All I could think was wow. This whole time I had been focused on her boobs, but her ass was something else. Each cheek was like 3 basketballs. Each time she rocked on his cock her ass would fill with cellulite. I wanted to run in and grab on it. She was riding him good. She stopped rocking her ass and began to shake it on his cock. That was all I could take I had to start stroking my cock. Her ass bouncing was an amazing sight. It looked like jell-o. Dennis’ hands went to her ass and held onto it as she shook it.

"Fuck, get up baby, I want to take you from behind" Dennis said to my mom.

She got off his cock and got onto her hands and knees facing my direction. Her giant tits almost touched the floor they hung so low. I backed away though scared we would once again make eye contact. I went into the bathroom and jerked off thinking of what I just saw.

They next day I went into the kitchen and my mom was sitting at the table.

"Jake, take a seat." I sat. "Listen, this is very uncomfortable discussing so I can not play it out in my head any longer, it just makes it harder and harder to say. Look, I saw you last night." My heart actually stopped. "I do not know how long you where there or why you were there but this one is not my fault. I was in the privacy of my room and you did not respect my privacy. Where you watching me?" I did not answer. "Jake answer me."



"I don’t know, curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek in."

"You knew what was happening in there though so why would you do that."

"I said I don’t know mom."

"You weren’t accidentally looking out your window that day were you?"


"Jake, I don’t know what is going on, but if you don’t control it, you are going to have to move out. Why would you want to see me do those things?"

"I don’t know" that was all I could keep saying.

"Do I have to worry about you every time I am with Dennis now?"

"Fuck Dennis!"

"Excuse you Jake."

"No mom, really, enough of him I can’t stand him. Little dick bitch!"

"Jake you will stop talking like that right this moment! And you wouldn’t know he had a little dick if you weren’t spying like a creep."

"So you are admitting it."

"There is no lying Jake, you saw it, what do you want me to do."

We were passed the point of normalcy I figured I would give it a shot, "I want you to actually have a nice sized one."

"Jake I am your mother. How could you say that to me."

"Because mom, you need a real man."

"Oh, and you’re a real man I guess?"

"Yeah, more than that little dick bitch."

"Jake I think you need to go."

"You are picking him over me?"

"I am saying you are out of line."

"I think you are just mad because deep down you want a real man."

"Jake, just go." I stood up, but I did not go. Instead I pulled down my pants. I was hard already from our discussion. My cock sprang out. It was 6.5 inches and very thick. She did not look away.

"Fuck Dennis mom, you need a real one like this." I walked right in front my cock, inches from her body. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She did not resist.

"Jake, that is so thick."

"I told you mom, you need a real cock, not Dennis’ little one." She jerked me off.It felt so good. I had always wanted this. I could not believe it was actually happening. I moved my hands to my moms breasts. I had dreamed for so long of grabbing them and now I was. They were very soft and squishy. Way more than a normal boob is. I assumed this was do to how saggy they were. I felt like I was going to cum. I knew I wouldn’t last long anyway with my mom jerking me off and my finally grabbing her giant boobs.

"Mom, slow down or I am going to finish."

"What, a real man can’t get hard again?" She was right. I continued to squeeze her boobs until I felt the explosion coming on. I turned so my cock wasn’t pointed towards her and she jerked me off right onto the floor.

"We will clean that later."

"Mom can you take off this shirt I want to touch those big boobs without any clothing." She stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head. Her old lady bra covered in flowers was on display. Her cleavage spilling over it and her big belly spilling over the top of her pants. She reached back undid her bra pulled it off and they instantly sank down. I ran over and held one to my mouth. I could for the first time now see her whole areola. It was huge. Bigger than a soda can and dark. I put it in my mouth. I waited so long so suck on this saggy boobs. At the top of her boob where I was holding it it was almost flat because all the meat of her tits feel to her bottom. She had the definition of flap jack tits. By now I had gotten hard again.

I moved my hips left and right so my dick moved with it and hit my moms thigh with it showing her I was once again hard.

"This time it is going inside me" she pushed me away form her saggy tit and pulled her pants down. Her tits almost touched the floor as she did. She was now standing in front of me fully naked. Tits almost at her belly button, stomach nice and big, her pussy had some hair on it, her thighs covered in cellulite and her love handles looked amazing. I dropped to me knees and ran my tongue up her pussy. She loved it. I reached up, only a little bit and grabbed the bottom of her tits and I licked her pussy.

"Jake, I need that fat cock inside me right now." I laid on the floor with my cock pointed at the ceiling waiting for her to come and sit on it.She walked over to me and squatted over my cock.

Her tits were touching my stomach and it was driving me crazy. I was going to go inside my mother. I was going to feel her pussy on my fat cock. She eased herself down onto it. She she warm and soaking wet. She was not too tight but I did not mind. She took my whole cock and closed her eyes in pleasure. She leaned back and began to bounce up and down on it. Her tits were going crazy. They were going left, going right, if she bounced high enough they would lift up and hit her and then come crashing down. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I tried not to be too turned on by it because I would explode that very moment.

I reached behind her and grabbed a handfuls of her ass. That as enough to push me over the limit. I pulled my cock out of my mother and shot my cum.

"Wow Jake again?"

"Mom this is just so hot for me. I cannot believe it is happening." She stood up and turned around. Her glorious big cellulite ass was on display. She backpedaled until she was over my face and then sat down. My mothers big ass was right on my face. I began to lick her pussy which was right on my mouth. She moved it back and fourth over my tongue. I could barley breath under her giant ass but was loving it. She leaned forward and took my cock cock into her mouth. I felt her big saggy breasts against my torso. As she sucked my cock she bounced her ass up and down on my face. Her giant globes for ass cheeks would come crashing down onto my face. I was hard again in my time. My moms pussy tasted salty. I began to tongue fuck her hole. She really seemed to like this because she smacked her ass faster onto my face and began to suck my cock faster. Suddenly I got a thick globe of cum in my mouth from my mother. I made her cum. She began to slow down on my cock and her ass smacking against my face stopped. She stood up.

"Now come pound me one last time." She leaned her wrists on the kitchen table and bent over. Her tits were hanging down in front of the table as well as her big belly. Her giant ass was there waiting for me. I did as she said. I aimed by cock into her pussy, grabbed her hips and pounded her. I was going fast, the fastest I had ever fucked. I mean when you cum 2 times, the third time lets you have a little bit more fun. Her ass was going all over the place. She was moaning every time I smashed my cock into her. I kept this face up for five minutes, and then the front door opened and Dennis was looking right at us.

Fucking a plumper girl, sex story

Fucking a plumper girl, sex story
Belinda was a wonderful person, great personality, bubbly; jocular and always full of fun; she’d a list of friends as long as your arm. However, she had one large problem and she herself would be the first to admit it; she was built like a brick shithouse. At 275lbs, she had to be huge, but her friends, girlfriends that is, loved her to bits. She was no problem to take out with them, if fact they jumped at the chance, knowing full well that any male’s attention would be attracted to them.

Sex, yes of course she’d had some of the lad’s, but she had to agree, they we’re three sheets to the wind when they’d taken her to bed. Some of her friends welcomed a Belinda night, they’d all go out, chatting up the lads getting them well and truly plastered, at the lads expense of course, winding up the guys with erotic gestures, some of her friends were quite fuckable, usually it was a good night for all with Belinda getting laid at the end. She could even choose her stud at the beginning of the evening; the girls would then work on him though the evening.

This was easy for her friends, but Belinda knew she had to be answerable to her own sexual needs, she wanted to have it when she herself had the demand, her needs were as that of her friends. T’was easy for them, little bit of down the blouse, or an up-skirt peek, they had it made; as far as cleavage was concerned for Belinda it was more of an overlap, and an up-skirt was completely out of the question with the knickers she wore. Her friends thought she got them from ?Rent-a-Tent" for once as a joke she’d offered an old pair to the Coast Guard as a life raft.

?Decisive Needs" was an old peoples nursing home, just outside town, Belinda had worked there since she was 17, working her way up to now matron at 22. Sitting in her office one day she pondered over her eleven male patients, the youngest being 72 with old Bert the oldest at 94, they were all a good crowd, in all there were 34 patients at the home. Belinda was going through the staff rota, noting that no one had been allocated for the bathing of patients for that night or the following week, Mary would be away on her annual holiday, it looked as if she herself would have to stand in on administering the chore.

There we’re very few staff left when Belinda made her round, she’d checked out all the ladies first, they were very little trouble in the evenings, more content with the TV and their nattering to worry anyone.

?So how are we this evening Bert! Ready for you’re bath then.

?The big chief herself this evening then, I feel quite honoured!"

?We’ll have less of the big chief!" Belinda replied with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

?Well you might shut the door and lock it!" Bert stammered.

?Lock it, what an earth for; who do you think will come in here then?"

?I’d like to think you’d not take the chance!"

?For what pray?"

?I can only assume that you’re going to take over Mary’s roll?"

Belinda was fascinated by his words wondering just as to what Mary’s roll was, going back toward the door she eased it shut and locked it, then turned back toward Bert, who was now sitting up onto his elbows.

?So what is Mary’s roll then?"

?Thought you we’re the matron around here!"

Well, yes I am, but Mary’s roll. What does she do for you then?"

Bert leisurely eased the bed covers down, his eyes never leaving Belinda’s. She watched inattentively as they moved from his private parts, amazed as to the sight before her.

Bert’s cock came into full view, never had she realised that a man of Bert’s age could have such a strong and healthy erection.

?So what does Mary do to that for you then?"

Bert could see the tell tale look in her eye; she was captivated by his rod.

?Plays with it sometimes taking it up into her mouth!" Bert knew he was lying about her taking his cock into her mouth but it was worth a try.

?A bed bath first then perhaps I see what I can do for you!" Belinda quizzed easing the bedclothes from the bed exposing him fully.

?Not bad for an old one are you; when did you last service that then?" Belinda reached across the bed lifting his cock up into her hand.

?Depends on what you mean by service. Mary has made me cum a few times, as far as the real thing is concerned it be years!"

Belinda could feel the intense weight of his cock in her hand; a slight throbbing was sensed, conveying a twinge down between her own legs. Abruptly she released her hold, rolling Bert onto his side and started to bathe him in soothing activity, his arms his body and his legs, then turning over once more doing the same to the other side.

?Now back on your back!" She told him.

His cock was still in a solid state, rubbing her hands on the soap she reached across taking his cock into both hands manipulating the large organ between them, then rubbing them up and down on the shaft. Bert lie back onto his pillows.

?My. Your good at this aren’t you!" He murmured.

Belinda never replied, and by no means altering her pace, she sensed the erection becoming firmer by the minute.

This wasn’t helping her that much, she’d already accepted that she’d partake in her own sexual activities from now on, at the nursing home she’d have a more than willing cliental, they might be old, but they’d be more than willing going by Bert’s action. Belinda reached across once more rinsing the soap with a soft sponge; Bert could only but gasp as the outer sensations of the rough sponge was dragged along the sides his shaft.

As Belinda watched, she could see the blood pumping through the thick veins that protruded along it’s side, it was an magnificent specimen of manhood. The crown was bulbous, with the hefty proportioned helmet scoping down at the back, the flange extended outward around its circumference, in Belinda mind it was gigantic, as she dabbed it dry, her fingers could but reach around it completely. She sensed the dampness forming in the gusset of her knickers, perhaps Mary had only given the proud weapon a blow job, to take it further may have worried her, Belinda knew it was a chance she had to take, if she couldn’t handle it who’d know, it wasn’t as if her friends were around her now egging her on, watching as the guy’s fucked her.

With Bert the way he was, his age his medical condition, there would be no way that he could undertake any strenuous action, she’d never been with a man on her own before, but how far was he prepared to go. If Mary had given him a blowjob, there was no real stain on him from that action, but the real thing was the old fella up to it? Belinda thought.

If she experienced an orgasm, there’d be no laughter from behind; even the loss of her virginity was not a private matter, never had she felt so humiliated, just because she was a little larger than her friends, it didn’t mean it wouldn’t hurt. Her mind went back to the occasion, the guy in question was flitting from one girl to the next, fucking them as though the world was coming to an end; he was pissed out of his mind at the time anyway, so the blame could not be put on him. They’d slotted her in between the three girls laid out on the bed, he was leaping like a maniac from one to the other, it then became Belinda’s turn, he’s cock felt not unlike a massif telegraph pole being thrust up her, she remembered screaming, God it hurt; she’d bleed for at least an hour afterwards not that the other girls even notice her distress.

Belinda put her hand up under her skirt, she was sopping wet at this stage, and only viewing his magnificence had caused this, she wondered if it would hurt like her first had. However she’d be in the chair so to speak, take her time, nice and slow. If it got the better of her, she’d only to get up and leave who’d say anything, definitely not Bert, at least she’d have been brave enough to attempt it.

Bert brought her back to her senses with a loud groan, she never realised the sensations she was administering on him with her stroking hand and manipulating fingers. The last thing she wanted was for him to blow at this stage. He spread his legs as he sensed her crawling up the bed between them; Belinda placed her head over the large helmet engulfing it into her mouth.

Poor old Bert couldn’t believe his luck, he lifted onto his elbows once more watching as her head bobbed up and down, okay she wasn’t that much to look at, but Christ, she did a wonderful blowjob. He’d have something to enlighten the lads with tomorrow at breakfast, that’s if they’d ever believe him; he tried lifting his hips, but it was to much for him, leave her to it he contemplated.

Belinda licked up and under the large helmet, then stimulating the eye very delicately with her tongue, she sense Bert groan once more, it had to be now or never she thought. Without more ado, she stood bolt upright hovering above him lifting her skirt, tugging the gusset of her knickers to one side. Bert couldn’t believe his own eyes as she started lowering herself down towards his cock, again he forced himself up onto his elbows; he just had to see this. He’d not had a pussy glove his cock in years, if he’d have been a younger man he’d have thrust up to meet her pussy; as the moist lips edged over the crown Bert let out a loud gasp. Belinda felt the pressure as it spread her pussy open wide, wider than ever before, she thought she’d had the biggest of cocks up until now.

?Is that nice big boy?" she grinned down to him, studying Bert’s face, she knew he yearned badly to push himself up into her, nevertheless she was now in control, slowly, very slowly she started lowing herself. The pleasure was more than she could ever have expected, or hope for, for that matter, amazed that she’d able to spread so easily, gradually she lifted and lowered, lifted and lowed. The large helmet jerked as it was compelled between her taught pussy muscles, no pain just sheer pleasure for both.

?Nice, I can think of other word’s, take you’re time missy, I don’t want to blow just yet, and I’m sure we’ll not be disturbed till morning!" Bert mused.
?Till morning, d’you think you can last that long?" Belinda sniggered

She was nearly there, it was getting easier by the minute, she’d only wished she had Bert’s viewpoint, it must be a wonderful sight, she could feel the drag on her pussy lips each and every time she lifted. How could a man of his age be so hard, the feeling was sensational? Her size and weight was getting the better of her, she couldn’t stop now what if he went soft on her, she’d never forgive herself.

Belinda’s head went back as she sense her first orgasm, Bert knew what was happening, her hands were on his shoulders as she braced, with the removal of her weight on his hips Bert managed to lift giving her a few thrusts himself, not to deep, just enough to let her know he was still with her. Belinda moaned, arching her back, her inner pussy muscles contracted along the walls of his thickened shaft.

?That’s good Bert, bloody dam good!" Belinda lie lengthwise along his body, Bert managed to pull his feet back up the bed, enabling him to lift his hips, then he really started to fuck her, not to fast but it gave her a chance to catch her wind. At this stage she could have done with her so-called Arse man, the lover who always fucked her in that region. Bert’s cock felt like the rough bark of an old oak tree, Belinda put it down to the thickness of the heavy vein formation along the sides of his cock; however it did feel good. She angled her body allowing him complete authority; Bert needed no invitation as he speeded his stroke.

Again, Belinda went into orgasm, this time she had to clench the sheets along side Bert, his velocity overwhelmed her, he was literally ploughing into her now, his fingers gripping her waist tightly

?Hang in there missy, the boy’s about to blow!" He stammered. ?You’ll know when he blows, just you hang in there, my what a good fuck you are!!"

Belinda could not perceive as to where he was getting the energy from, he was like a young stud that had been deprived of sex for to long. With head back and back arched, she went through an almighty con-tippler, her breathing was laboured but she managed to let out a low but gutterish moan. Bert was now using his full length, levering himself with her hips, forcing deep; Belinda enormous breasts were being thrown backwards and forwards across his face, it was as much as she could do to hold herself above him. She knew she’d have to slow him down if only for his own sake, no man she’d known could fuck at this pace.
?Bert?this is to much?you must slow you’re speed, your taking my breath away!"

?Never you mind none missy! He’ll blow soon, I’m confident of that!"

?Bert?slowdown; you’ll kill yourself at this rate!"

?But what a way to go missy!" Bert never faulted, but fucked her even harder, he was like a man with no limits.

Belinda sensed him withdraw on each backward motion; her pussy felt the cool air of the bedroom entering her body. Nevertheless Bert had motive for this; she felt her pussy inflated each time his cock was ultimately forced back into her, a fanny fart was out of the question, with the girth of his cock there just wasn’t the room, she sensed the air welling inside her, sooner or later she felt she’d burst.

Bert hadn’t undertaken such employment with a female in years; he was going to blow, and blow he would. This was one fucking she’d never forget, he needed the air to open her up, as when he did blow, it would need space. Mary had done him proud with her hand jobs, but this, she would milk him dry.

?Here she blows missy!" Bert gripped the sides of his bed, forcing his cock in deeply, letting out a thunderous moan. ?Jesus Christ boy, fill her to the brim!"

Belinda felt as if she was sitting on Mount Etna when the primary spurts started it was a real eye-opener for her; she thought the first jet would cut her in two. Then the long blasts boiling inside her, she lowered her upper torso pushing her arse backwards allowing her pussy full penetration of the huge organ. Her teeth were buried into Bert’s pillow with the severity of it all, never had she had such a dynamic fucking or filling, it seemed never ending.

Bert virtually collapsed beneath her once he’d downloaded his balls, Belinda thought him dead, with no movement being shown.

She eased herself back up into a sitting position without putting her weigh on his body.

?Bert?Bert are you alright?" she cried out.

It was moments before there was any movement from the old fella, but he looked up with a twinkle in he’s old eyes.

?Missy, you’re one hell of a fuck, wish I’d have known you 40 year ago. God, I’d have given you a seeing to?Hell!"

Belinda started to gently lift from him, but taking her time, there was still enjoyment to be had from the mammoth cock, even at this slow pace the helmet and the bulbous veins made sure of that.

?You’ll be needing that towel of yours or my bed will be awash missy!" Bert beamed, his eyes glued between them, watching as his cock came visible once more.

As she finally lifted clear, great globules of spunk started flowing in a slow but even stream, luckily for Bert she’d lifted one leg clearing his body, allowing the bulky rivulet of semen to land on the other. She immediately grabbed the towel placing it up to her open pussy dabbing it profusely, already her knickers had soaked up most of the gummy fluid.

?Bert Thomson, I didn’t think you had it in you, I’ll lay a wager that cock of yours has sown a few seeds!"

?You don’t really think those skimpy knickers are going to hold that lot back do you. You’ve had about 20 years of pump up there I’ll have you know young lady. Now you make sure you put it to good use?"

?Use, how say you Bert?"

?Rub it onto your breasts, it will tenderise your beautiful body!" Bert chuckled to himself. ?Now, I prefer to bathe at least twice a week more if you treat me right. That’s of course unless you have other patients that you look after?"

?Other patients! That’s food for thought Bert!" Belinda smiled.

Screwing with the bbw Neighbour

Screwing with the bbw Neighbour
We recently moved into a completely new area. It was a new housing development and there were loads of young families and child-free couples who had taken advantage of the widely available quality housing. Suffice to say there was plenty of eye candy for my late thirties eyes to feast on. I’m Bill, I’m married with a couple of kids. I’m tall, with short grey hair, dark brown eyes, a little overweight and a bit bored of my sex life at home.

We’d been in around a week and it was evidently bin day coming up as everyone was putting their stuff out the front for collection. We had no idea what was expected in terms of separating stuff out for recycling or what have you so I decided to go and quiz a neighbour on protocol. I knocked on a couple of doors but folks were out.

Eventually I found someone in. She introduced herself as Ellie. She would be in her mid twenties at a guess, around 5 and half feet tall with dark hair, dark eyes, a pretty smile and thick fashionable glasses. She had a pretty trim looking figure but what I noticed straight away was the swell of her breasts. I’m definitely a boobs man and these looked pretty awesome. She was wearing a relatively low cut vest top and I could see the swell of her cleavage from her push up bra. I’m guessing they would be around a D cup.

Ellie filled me in on the protocol for recycling. As she did so she bent over to put some stuff in a recycling box and I got a great view down her top of her cleavage, all the way down to the little red bow on the front of her black and red bra: delightful. As she stood up again I was fairly sure she caught me checking her out but she didn’t let on.

We chatted about a few things as she continued fiddling around with the contents of her boxes which allowed me a few more flashes of her boobs. I told her about my job and the fact that I work from home most days. She told he about her husband who worked away from home a lot. Soon though, having found the information I was after, and had a bonus lech session I had to get back home to sort out our bins. Later, after my wife was in bed I jacked myself off to the memory of Ellie’s cleavage.

The next day my wife had to go out to take the kids to an activity. I was busy working when there was a knock at the door. It was Ellie. She was wearing jeans and a similar top to the day before, although if anything it was slightly lower cut. She smiled at me and asked if she could step inside as she had to ask me a question.

I welcomed her in and asked her if she wanted a drink or anything. She said no as she launched straight into what she had come to say.

"Bill, I’m sorry if this is a little forward, but I really have to know, and please don’t lie. Yesterday, when I was putting stuff in my bins, did you take a look down my top? I’m sorry it’s so personal. I just really have to know."

She blushed as she was talking. My head started whirring. I couldn’t decide what the best course of action was. Do I confess and end up alienating a neighbour already? Do I lie, and risk alienating her even more? Eventually I had to make a decision and answer her.

"Yes," I said carefully. "Yes I did steal a couple of glances down your top. To be honest it was hard not to."
"I thought so!" she continued. "I was pretty sure I’d seen you looking. You’re right it was hard not to. My top was pretty low, and you’re a guy. I’m glad I was right. Do you mind me asking, did you like what you saw?"

This was turning into an interesting conversation and I decided to be a little more open with her.

"Yes, very much, Ellie," I replied. "In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret, after my wife was asleep I had a wank whilst thinking about what I saw. I hope that’s ok!"

"Ummm," Ellie said, blushing again. "Well yes I suppose that’s ok. It’s just that, well, I’m very conscious about these big lumps in front of me. They’re so much bigger than when I married my husband. I’m guessing I was a late developer. Anyhow, he doesn’t like how big they are and keeps telling me I should have reduction surgery. As a result I hate them. They come between us, literally. I can’t see how anyone could like them or like looking at them."

She had started crying. I really didn’t know what to do. She was practically a stranger. In the end the softie in me took over and I put my arms round her and held her as she sobbed, letting it all out. After a while she calmed down and I handed her a box of tissues.

"Thanks," she said shyly. "I’m really sorry about this, Bill. I hardly know you. I shouldn’t be breaking down like this in front of you. At the same time it feels loads better!"

We sat in silence whilst she dried her face and pulled herself together a bit more.

"I’ve had an idea!" she suddenly exclaimed. "You like the look of my boobs. Why don’t you help me come to terms with them and help me feel better about them?"

"I’m not sure I understand how I can help really, Ellie."

"I’m sure you’ll work it out, Bill. Basically, I’ve spent so much time and effort trying to make them seem smaller and hiding them away when my husband is around. When he’s not around, like last night, I tend to be a bit more relaxed otherwise I’d do myself in. That’s why I was wearing what you saw. But at most times I wear boring frumpy clothes in an attempt to hide what’s there. It’s obviously paid a heavy toll on my self image. Why don’t you help me by telling me what you like and don’t like and I’ll try things out. Maybe that way my confidence will grow. As for you, well you’ll get to stare at my boobs without having to shy away. What do you say?"

I gave the impression I was thinking it over carefully, but how could I turn her down? "Alright," I eventually said, "I’ll give it a go!"

She beamed at me and asked if I would like to get started right away. I agreed and so we went back to her house as she had all her clothes there.

She started by pulling out loads of sports bras and tight camisole tight things explaining that this is what she wears normally when her husband is around to try and reduce the size of things and to keep things well hidden.

"You see my predicament. Help me!" she pleaded.

"OK," I said, "first of all you need to feel comfortable in all areas, as well as feeling good about your general look. You said you tend to dress frumpily. I’m guessing that includes wearing jeans and so on?" She nodded, so I continued. "No problem, jeans are good, but you need to feel better about the way you look, so I want you to select a skirt you like wearing and put that on. Don’t change anything else."

She rummaged around in the wardrobe and pulled out a short looking number and headed off to the bathroom to change. She explained that she had to shave her legs so might be some time. She invited me to have a look through her clothes and see what sorts of things she could try on.

I started by looking at the underwear drawer. I made a mental note that she tended to favour tiny thongs. Something for my masturbation session later! In terms of bras, she had the horrible things she’d shown me earlier, and a small selection of pretty looking push up bras. They were all 32D. In terms of clothes, she had a lot of frumpy stuff as she’d explained, like t-shirts and hoodies and so on, but there was a small collection of nicer stuff as well. This included some short skirts, some more of those vest tops, some blouses and a couple of little black dresses that looked like they might have been from the smaller breast days.

After around twenty minutes Ellie came back in. She was now wearing her skirt. It was a pretty short one, finishing just above mid thigh. It was pleated and quite loose. Her legs were nicely tanned and very shapely.

"You’re right," she exclaimed as she walked in. "I do feel better already. I’ve not worn a skirt like this for ages, hence the unshaven legs. Have you had a look through my clothes? Anything we can work with?"

"Yes definitely," I replied. "Not a massive amount, but there’s stuff to be going on with. Can I say though, you look delightful in that skirt."

She beamed at me and bent over affording me a great view down her top.

"Let’s get to work then," she bubbled. "I’m actually feeling quite excited, and definitely a little naughty as you’re practically a stranger! What do you have in mind?" She winked at me as she said this and I felt a slight stirring in my loins. I wondered where this would go.

"Ok Ellie, let’s get started, but if I ask you to try anything you don’t feel comfortable with then please say. I think part of the problem is that you have two extremes of underwear. You’ve got the flattening type for your husband, and then the push up type. The latter must feel really odd in comparison to the former. In the absence of anything in between though, do you ever, or have you ever considered going braless?"

"No not these days, Bill. I used to quite a bit, but don’t you think these are too big for it? Won’t they just sag or look funny? What if my nipples poke through?"

"I can’t say if they’ll sag, but you’re young so I doubt it. As for looking funny, anyone who says that is clearly stupid. And nipples poking out is half the fun of going braless in my book. I love the sight of braless breasts. I love the way they bounce. It’s really enticing and exciting to watch. I completely understand if you don’t want to try it. At the same time, I think these push up bras are making mountains out of molehills in your mind by accentuating the cleavage. There’s nothing wrong with that and you look great. I just think it will help your mind if there’s some middle ground."

Ellie looked at me for a while. She started plucking on her bra strap absent-mindedly. Eventually she nodded, turned on her heal and went back to the bathroom. When she returned a couple of minutes later she was carrying her black and red bra in her hand and looked a little embarrassed. Nevertheless she strutted over to me and dropped the bra in my lap. The change had certainly reduced the volume of the cleavage, but she looked even more enticing, particularly as her top didn’t cover much of her braless breasts. She looked ravishing and there was a lovely amount of jiggle as she walked. I didn’t want to blow it, but I was sorely tempted to give her a squeeze.

"Does that feel better, Ellie?" I asked.

"It’s strange," she answered. "It does actually feel pretty good. I think you were right about the extremes. I certainly wouldn’t go out like this for fear someone might see what they’re not welcome to, but for around the house this would be great when hubby’s not here at least. What do you think? Is it an improvement?"

"Yes a major improvement in my book, although I can’t give a full assessment yet as you haven’t given me the same angled views as you have before yet," I replied with a cheeky glint in my eye.

Immediately Ellie bent over. I could see right down her top, to the skin at the top of her belly, the sides of her breasts completely exposed. The loose top fell away far enough for me to glimpse the sides of her areola. Her heavy breasts were pushed into the folds of the fabric by gravity. Then she crouched down in front of me allowing me to see down her top from above. Again I could see the insides of her breasts exposed along with the tops of her nipples. I was instantly hard and I suspect Ellie must have seen the lump in my pants because it was at head height for her. I wasn’t bothered. She needed to see the positive effect she was having. It was good for her confidence.

"So," she said as she got up again, "is that an improvement in your eyes?"

"Oh definitely," I replied. "You really have stunning looking breasts. They’re large but they look really firm. They look so good in that top, although I can see why you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear it outside. You should surprise your husband with it one day. That and the shortest skirt you own to show off your legs. Nothing else is necessary. He must be nuts not to enjoy your cleavage."

"I don’t know about that, Bill, but I do know I’m enjoying the feelings I’m getting of you appreciating my assets. Maybe you can select something else for me to try?"

I had just the thing in mind already and went over to the wardrobe. I pulled out a tight looking crop top t-shirt. It was white and quite thin material. I guessed it was the sort of thing Ellie would normally wear under a hoodie with one of her frumpy bras. I handed it to her and she spun round to go to the bathroom to change into it. As she span her skirt rode up affording a lovely view of most of her legs.

Whilst she was changing I gave my cock a little rub through my shorts. It felt damp. I was looking forward to jacking off later! When Ellie returned I knew I had a new image to add to my mental masturbation library. The crop top was really tight. It finished just below the swell of her breasts, but the size of them meant that it was unable to meet her torso completely at the bottom. The material was thin as I’d expected meaning you could see the outline of areola and nipples very clearly indeed. She’d also adjusted the skirt so it sat lower on her waist. The resulting exposure of skin was delightful. She had a nicely toned tummy with just a little bit of cushioning to make it really enticing. I could tell she was gaining confidence because she was moving a lot more freely now as well, letting her hips sway as she walked.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "You look hot!"

"Thanks. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the top to fit over my breasts properly though. It’s a bit small really. And I can’t put my hands up in the air or anything."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Look," she said, demonstrating, "the top rides up and exposes the bottoms of my boobs!"

"Just relax," I said. "That’s what I was sort of hoping for. Raise your hands up as high as you can, then relax and leave the top just as it is."

She did as I asked and a good inch of bottom boob was exposed.

"You see, it’s not going to show anything you wouldn’t want to show," I said. "To me it looks really hot and sexy, and I love how you’ve adjusted your skirt. It shows off so much of your amazing body."

"I tell you what, try something else for me: kneel down on all fours as if you were about to scrub the floor or something like that."

Ellie did so and as she did the wait of her breasts pulled the material of the top further up. Her tits hung down and the areola were no only partially covered at the bottom. I could easily see the bottoms of her boobs completely.

"So sexy, Ellie. So very sexy. You can get up now."

She did so and smoothed down her top.

"Are you ready for the next thing?" I said, and she nodded. I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a flowery blouse.

"Here you go, pop this on and come back," I said.

She took it from me, but before she headed to the bathroom to change she reached into the wardrobe herself and pulled out a different skirt.

"It’s a bit shorter," she said, winking. "I’ve shaved the whole of my legs and I don’t want it to be wasted effort."

I sensed she was beginning to enjoy herself. I certainly was and I wasn’t going to stop her showing off a bit!

When she returned my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Her ’shorter’ skirt was tiny. It sat off the hip, Incredibly low in fact. I could make out the tops of the v of her mound. And the pleated material was probably only just longer than the bottoms of her buttocks. The blouse looked great, even though she’d done up all the buttons. It wasn’t long enough to close the gap above her skirt. She did a twirl for me and I caught a flash of electric blue that must have been her knickers.

"Oooh I can see you like, Bill," she cooed.

"Yes very much," I said, "but let me just make one or two adjustments if you don’t mind."

She nodded. I walked over to her and starting at the bottom I undid a couple of buttons to expose her naval. Then, starting at the top I undid all the other buttons except for the one just above her naval. The backs of my hands brushed her boobs as I went and I noticed a definite change in her breathing.

"There!" I said. "You know, the nice thing about blouses is that you have flexibility about how many buttons you leave undone so it’s adjustable depending on the circumstance. And if you’re not wearing a bra you don’t have to worry about it showing."

I stepped back and she looked amazing. Really slutty, but amazing.

"Yes you’re right, Bill, you’ve got complete flexibility over the buttons haven’t you?" she said and then she reached up and slowly undid the last one, allowing the blouse to fall open completely. Then she got down on her hands and knees, as before, only now the blouse slipped away exposing her naked boobs completely. I was almost dribbling. She had quite large areola that were lovely and pink and the nipples sat proudly atop them. They looked hard as peanuts. Then she crawled towards me, her heavy tits swaying from side to side.

"Is this a good outfit then, Bill," she quipped. "Make sure you inspect from all angles. I want your honest opinion."

I got up and walked round her. When I got behind her I noticed that the skirt wasn’t even close to covering her bottom. She was wearing a tiny blue thong and it was noticeably darker over her pussy area. I had a good look from all angles.

"What do you think, Bill. Is this the best outfit yet? Can it be improved?" Ellie asked.

"Well, it’s definitely the most revealing," I said. "And yes, it’s the best one yet. In terms of improving it though, I have a couple of suggestions. First of all you could remove the blouse completely. I mean, it’s not really doing anything for you is it? Then there’s the matter of your blue knickers. They’re nice, but I can’t help thinking they clash a little with your skirt."

Ellie smiled and before I had finished speaking she was already shrugging off the blouse. Then she slipped the knickers off in one swift motion, and returned to her position on all fours.

"Inspect me again, Bill," she breathed. "Inspect everything as closely as you can. Make sure you’re completely happy."

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I started at the front and repositioned her hands so they were wider apart. This allowed her breasts to hang freely rather than being partially restricted by her arms. Then I went round to the back. I had to pause as I took in the sight. Then I readjusted her again so her knees were a good six inches apart giving a much improved view of her pussy between them. I noticed that she was completely shaven clean, just how I like it. Her labia were full and meaty and glistening with her juices. There was a trickle running down one leg. I leaned in close and breathed in her musky smell. Then I reached out a finger and collected the trickle of juice from her leg. Ellie shuddered as I touched her and didn’t protest. I licked my finger clean. She tasted sweet.

I wanted to try some more, and be more daring, so I slipped a finger between her folds. She let out a loud groan as I did so. She was soaking wet and my hand was dripping. I licked it clean as I returned to the front.

"What do you think, Bill?" Ellie asked. "Are you sure you’ve given me a complete inspection?"

The way she said it made me think I must have missed something. I decided to see what it could be by being more daring again. I started off by reaching out a hand and cupping a breast. There was no resistance, so I cupped the other. They were the biggest I’d ever had the pleasure of touching and they felt great. I stroked them and rolled the nipples between my fingers. Ellie was panting now and letting out little sighs.

I went round to the back again and stroked her butt cheeks. Then I gave her a little playful smack. Ellie yelped a pleasing kind of sound as I did. Then I noticed that there was yet again juice trickling down her leg. I decided to be very daring and quietly fished my rock hard penis out of my shorts. My dick is quite long, around 7 inches or so, so I was able to easily stroke it between her legs and collect the juices. I slid it up until it was positioned over he vagina and started to slide it in gingerly. I was a little worried I’d gone too far.

My cock was greeted by a loud shout of ’Oh yes!’ from Ellie, followed by an even louder ’Fucking inspect me Bill’ which I took as approval for my actions. I stroked slowly until I was completely lubricated and then pushed myself in as far as it would go. He insides were definitely shorter than my dick. Just the way I like it. I started to thrust into her hard, knowing that each pound would bring us both nearer to climax.

I reached round and grabbed hold of her magnificent tits and massaged them as I pounded her tight hole. It wasn’t long before Ellie was coming hard. I felt the walls of her pussy clenching around me as I continued to ride her. I was pretty close myself, so I fucked away. Ellie was pretty noisy by now, squeaking and squealing and shouting my name. I thought she might be pretty close to another orgasm so I reached down with one hand to play with her clit. It was really hard and slippery. As I expected this caused Ellie to explode with her second orgasm in as many minutes. The stimulation of it enough to send me over the edge myself.

I exploded inside her pulsing my thick, hot seed into her. The spasms of her own orgasm milked me dry. Then I slipped myself out of her, completely spent.

I got up and tucked myself back into my shorts. Ellie got to her feet shakily and embraced me.

"Thank you," she said. "That was so good. I’ve not orgasmed from sex for ages. I really enjoyed it. And I feel so much better about my breasts too. I’m going to definitely try being braless more, although maybe not with the outfits I wore for you! That remains our secret. You should probably go now because my husband will be back home soon and I need to clean up, but I really want to have you round to play and fuck again. I’ll be in touch!"

I kissed her and said goodbye. She asked me to let myself out and close the door. As I left I turned around to see her one more time. Apart from that ridiculously short skirt she was naked and beautiful, and there was a large glob of my sperm running down her inside leg.

Sex with my chubby sis

Sex with my chubby sis
Dante’s was such a good club. Isn’t it funny that it always seems to be the really good places that close down? Well, it’s still there I suppose. It’s got a different name now and you wouldn’t recognise it at all. New owners, new decor, different music, different clubbers. Higher prices. But I’ll always remember it as the rock club where I met her that night. The night she showed me the time of my life. Lydia. Sex goddess. Rock chick.

I’d been living in Sheffield for two months, training with a multinational company that had a local office in the city. I was living in a bed & breakfast paid for by the company and had enjoyed exploring the city’s night life. A friend from work called John told me about a small rock club that had opened about a month ago out in an old mill on the outskirts of the city. It was supposed to have a real good mix of music. Metal, rock, indie and even some chart stuff thrown together in such a way that you just didn’t want to leave the dancefloor. Moshing one minute, bopping the next. And rock chicks have always turned me on. Yeah, your townies are all well and good; short skirts, high heels, skimpy tops, - you wouldn’t kick ’em out of bed, y’know? But rock and goth chicks. More mysterious. Black, dark purple and red clothing, lace, leather, PVC, fishnets, boots, buckles, piercings, tattoos, eyeliner ? attitude. Not just blonde sheep grazing their way across the dancefloor giggling inanely at anything and everything and blowing bloody whistles in time to a machine’s ’drumbeat’. What can I say? Rock chicks do it for me.

John and I went to Dante’s that Saturday. We caught the bus and with my not knowing the area; by the time we got there I was pretty lost. It was worth it though ? Dante’s lived up to its reputation - good prices, damn fine music. We’d been there for over two hours (it was past 11.00pm) and I only came off the dancefloor to buy drinks or dispose of the one’s I’d already drank. I was so caught up in the music that I’d almost forgotten about checking out the local talent. I’d noticed some really pretty and good looking girls (and the odd huffermoose) but they were all already with someone, together in a group or busy dancing. John was off chatting with somebody he knew at this point, so I was dancing on my own.

Then she appeared. There were about twenty or so people dancing so I didn’t see her coming (though I would later, but more on that in a while) she was just suddenly there as if she’d popped out of thin air. Which was kind of appropriate, as the track playing at the time was by Faith No More ? From out of Nowhere (I kid you not). Arms held up above her, eyes demurely looking down then darting up to meet mine and sparkling in the coloured lights. Her hips swayed and gyrated as she danced in front of me, just within arms reach. Faith No More finished, seamlessly blending into another track, I can’t remember which one. All my attention was on the girl in front ? no. Where’d she gone? Ah. This girl behind me. I span around to face her again, matching her movements. She was light on her feet, swaying and turning with ease and grace. As I turned and found her, her stern expression broke into a dazzling smile.

Something went off in my head like a firework and my heart did what felt like a triple backflip. I remember we danced our way through the track and then the DJ paused the music at the end of it to make a birthday announcement for someone. As the music stopped, so did she. She ran a hand through her short hair, all dark and spiky on top and

"She danced in front of me, just within arms reach..."

looked up at me. I lent close to her and asked if she would like a drink. Eyes twinkling, she smiled again (boom!) and said yes. As the music started up again we

weaved our way round and past people to the edge of the dancefloor and across to the bar, side by side.

There the music was a little more distant and you could make yourself heard without having to shout and wave your arms like a pillock. I asked what she wanted and after catching the attention of one of the bar staff by rustling the Ł10 note in my hand at him; ordered us two pints of cider. A girl who’ll drink from a pint glass always impresses me somehow. It just seems so unpretentious.

While waiting to be served I turned to look at her and found she’d been having a good look at me too. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to have decided she’d made a mistake of any kind and was looking at me with her bright eyes in a kind of laid back manner. She just seemed to be reserved, a kind of inner calm. That might sound like some kind of transcendental horse manure, but it’s the best way I can find to describe how she came across. I held out my hand and introduced myself. She smiled and said

"Lydia." holding out her hand to mine. Taking her hand (her skin felt incredibly soft) I lifted it upwards, bending forwards to kiss it. I know what you’re probably thinking. You kissed her hand? What is this, a Jane Austin bodice ripper? Well, no. But it always seems to surprise a girl and if she doesn’t think you’re a knob and walk off on you there and then, she’s usually a little taken aback, flattered and interested. Lydia laughed and I smiled back at her. Taking our drinks, we took a seat in a booth in a far corner. Nice, dark little places where you could make out away from the crowds. However, we sat and talked, finding a little out about one another. Nothing too deep. The main thing was that she could hold a conversation, was witty, smart and happy to listen as well as talk. I checked her out as we chatted and drank.

Average height, cracking figure (I’d looked down her ample cleavage and watched her hips snake while we were dancing). Short, dark hair (I’d later notice the tips of her spikes were dyed a dark red) and a pretty face. Several piercings in each ear, pierced eyebrow and lip and a Celtic knot nose stud. Dark make-up with lots of liner making her eyes really piercing. Black vest top. A pewter skull choker round her neck on a close fitting dark ribbon; almost like a collar. Long cobweb pattern black fingerless gloves that came to her upper arms, with lots of silver bangles and a red and black sweatband. Rings on all fingers. I couldn’t see her legs under the table but remembered she was wearing a ragged lacy skirt that ended in tatters midway down her thighs, red and black stripy tights and heavy treaded boots. Maybe New-Rocks. We were both about three quarters of the way through our drinks when Rage Against the Machine came on. Lydia grabbed my hand (adios touch taboo!) and looked at me excitedly.

"I love this track. C’mon!"

She downed what was left of her drink and stood up, pulling at my wrist. I knocked back my own drink and followed her onto the dancefloor, stifling a belch. The floor was busy, folk moshing away, heads nodding and hands held together behind backs. We danced on through Bullet in the Head and then jumped around to House of Pain (Lydia’s’ boobs bounced about in the vest top very pleasingly) then danced to Good Charlotte, Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit. Lydia was attracting some attention and I became uneasy she’d find someone else more interesting than me - my dreams of getting her on her own later ending up in pieces like the plastic pint glass I was treading on at the time. At one point a guy came over to her and throwing me a quick look; whispered (okay, to be heard; I guess he yelled) something in her ear. I held my breath and was overjoyed when Lydia wrinkled up her nose at the guy. She swayed away from him and in front of me, lacing her hands around the back of my neck and then turning, rubbing her shoulders and bum against me. The guy shot me a quick look (if looks could kill, I’d have been hamburger) and moved off through the crowd. I put my hand on Lydia’s stomach and guided her against me, a real hard on building in my pants.

Lydia turned to face me and lifted her chin up to speak. I turned my head to one side and leaned in close, slipping my hands onto her hips. Touch taboo hopefully now totally out of the window.

"I hope you don’t mind. That guy’s always pestering me. I’m not interested in him."

I leaned back so we could see each other’s faces and smiled at her before moving my mouth close to her ear and telling her that I didn’t mind at all. I squeezed her waist for emphasis and moved back a little so we could carry on dancing. Lydia smiled and began to dance again. The mix of music was great in Dante’s and we stayed on the dancefloor for the next thirty minutes solid. By then, hot and a little dehydrated I was ready for another drink (yes, I know alcohol just dehydrates you even more, but an ice cold pint is always good). Lydia looked a little done in too (perspiration glinted in her cleavage) and as I was thinking about asking if she would like another drink she put a hand on my chest, asking me the very same thing. On the way to the bar I saw John and motioned to Lydia that I’d be just a minute. She nodded and headed off. John was chatting with two women and a bloke he knew from work and grinned at me as I came over. He’d seen me with Lydia. After wishing me luck we agreed to each make our own way back that night (hello taxi service) and shaking his hand, I went off to find Lydia.

Anticipations high now, I fretted briefly that Lydia my have done a runner or be getting off with someone else in the minute or so since I left her (I know, I know, but when you’re that close to something so good you worry about it a lot, huh?). I was glad to see her tucking change into a pouch around her waist that I hadn’t noticed before and picking up a pint glass in each hand. I hurried over to her and when I got there; asked what a girl like her was doing on her own in a place like this. Turning, she handed me my drink and replied humorously

"Waiting for a guy like you!"

We clinked glasses (slopping cider onto the floor) and went to see if there were any seats free among the booths. There weren’t, so we stood around the area drinking and talking (as best we could), waiting for a space to free up. Less than half a pint later we were sat down again. This was my fifth pint of the night, so I was pleasantly relaxed and would be heading towards tipsy with whatever drink I had next. Lydia seemed to be about the same and we talked freely, shoulder to shoulder, arms and thighs touching. Her body heat was really turning me on and I was waiting for the right time to make a move.

Lydia surprised me by saving me the effort. Telling me it was great to find someone so easy to talk to who didn’t try and jump on top of her (yikes, close!) she asked if I’d like to go and get something to eat and then go back to hers? She took a long swig of cider, draining her glass before setting it down on the table and then looking deep into my eyes.

"I’ve got a settee you can sleep on."

Uh-huh! Soon, we were outside. It was July and the night was quite close, despite a light breeze that made Lydia’s nipples poke at the black cotton of her vest top as we walked. I didn’t know this area at all. Lydia told me there was a takeaway ten minutes walk from here and a short taxi ride would take us back to hers. It was in a part of Sheffield I’d never heard of, close to some big park, apparently. Fair enough, then.

As Lydia said, we found the takeaway within minutes. It was a Chinese, so we ordered mixed noodles and prawn crackers. It was almost one o’clock in the morning and the place was getting ready to shut, so we got the prawn crackers thrown in for free (never look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?) being the last customers of the night. The fresh air was making me feel a little giddy and I wondered if Lydia felt the same. We were lucky to flag down a taxi, saving us a short walk to their offices a couple of streets away and were soon in the back seat, supper steaming in a white plastic carrier bag to my right, Lydia sat to my left. The driver was Asian and I guess he either didn’t speak very good English or he just didn’t want to talk, as he said nothing to us other than ’ok’ when Lydia gave him our destination.

I looked down at Lydia’s cleavage, breasts swelling and contracting as she breathed in and out and then up to her eyes, which were looking into mine. Oops. Caught out ogling her tits! Lydia gave me another of those kaboom smiles. Her eyes seemed a bit more heavily lidded than before. I hoped she wasn’t ready to fall asleep yet. Far from it, it turned out. Bringing her lips so close to my left ear that they tickled it when she spoke (my cock began to stand to attention) she whispered

"I’m not wearing any knickers. I just thought you should know."

Hello! My heart beat a little quicker as what she’d said sank in. Lydia sat back with a small grin on her face, looking quite pleased with herself and obviously waiting to gauge my reaction. I decided to go for broke. Hell if tonight wasn’t going to bring what I hoped for, it would be better to find out sooner than later. I put my right hand on her knee, leaned close and as I kissed her, slipped my hand up her skirt and along her thigh. What I had thought were red & black stripy tights turned out to be hold-up stockings, as I found bare flesh at her upper thigh. Continuing upwards, my finger tips nudged hot, yielding flesh and Lydia stirred slightly in her seat. Yep. No knickers.

My cock was straining against my black jeans as our lips parted and my hand withdrew from her skirt. Lydia opened her eyes gave me that measured look; her smile somehow conveying relief, admiration and acknowledgement all at the same time. Her right hand found my left and we laced fingers and squeezed hands promisingly. I glanced up at the rear view mirror. The cabbie didn’t appear to be paying any attention. I guess couples snogging in the back of your ride is a part and parcel of a Friday or Saturday night for taxi drivers.

Then we were there. I paid the driver as Lydia got out with our food and then joined her on the pavement. As the taxi drove off, Lydia fumbled in the pouch for her keys. I looked up at her digs. A big old stone building, in a row of six of the same. Wrought iron fencing with leafy trees planted in the front yard. Across the road was a wrought iron fence with a row of trees and an expanse of grass beyond them. The park, I guessed. There was a panel to the right of the green painted door with six doorbells on it. The building looked like it made for pleasant accommodation. Lydia lightly trotted up the three broad stone steps to the front door. I was struck by how light she was on her feet in those boots. We were soon inside the hallway with the front door shut.

Lydia’s rooms were on the top floor. Bad ’cause you had to climb up two flights of stairs to get to them and good, as she pointed out, because there were only her rooms at the top, so nobody above her or next door. There were two flats below her, two on the floor below that and one underdwelling below those. We walked up the carpeted stairs. I could hear faint music coming form one flat we passed (probably the TV) but otherwise all was quiet. Reaching the top floor, Lydia undid two locks on her door and stepped into her flat, switching on a lamp by the door. I stepped in and closed the door behind me. Lydia moved to my right, turning on another lamp. Keeping the lights down low, I thought.

We were in a large room; in the far left corner was a bed with neatly folded black sheets and a coffee table and settee along the wall at its foot. Opposite (to my right along the wall we had just entered through) was a fridge freezer, cooker and worktop. In the opposite corner to the settee was a TV, video and DVD player on a storage unit. On the wall to my right, a window (no doubt overlooking the park) and to my left, a groaningly full bookcase and two doors leading off from the room, both shut. The whole room was decorated in quite dark colours with several framed posters and prints on the walls (Escher and Dali).

Lydia was rattling about in cupboards under the worktop, producing plates and forks. She looked up and offered me a seat on the settee (you guessed it; it was black - with dark purple velvety cushions). I sat and watched as Lydia dished out supper and walked over offering me a plate and cutlery. Thanking her, I took it. Lydia bustled about the room, turning on another lamp by her bed and lighting several large candles in ornate pewter holders. Then she picked up her own plate, sat down next to me and was about to tuck in when an idea seemed to strike her.

"Sorry. Fancy a drink?"

I did and soon, Lydia was seated next to me with two of what must have been least quadruple servings of JD with ice. We ate and chatted between mouthfuls. Lydia explained the two doors led to the bathroom and to what should really be the bedroom. She thought it was a bit too small though and preferred to use the living room/kitchen as a bed-sit, keeping her bedroom as a spare room/study for her laptop and other work gubbins. I complimented her on the flat (it was pleasant ? everything was neat and tidy, smelt of incense and had the odd splash of green from a potted plant to brighten it up) I found out Lydia worked at Meadowhall, manager for a branch of an electrical goods chain. I was a little surprised and wondered how she looked dressed for work.

We finished our noodles and turned to our drinks. I swilled the JD round my gums a little, hopefully washing away the noodles in anticipation of kissing her again soon. And more, of course. We joked and laughed. I had my arm slung casually over the back of the settee. Lydia had just told me I was mad, laughing at a particularly bad joke. Wiping at her eyes (and smudging her makeup a little) she looked up. I looked at her. She looked at me. Then as it always does when things go just right - we came together and kissed.

After some gentle smooching I rested my hand on her thigh, resisted the urge to explore under her skirt and instead opted to cup and fondle her breasts. As our tongues met and moved together in unison, her hand began to rub at my crotch. I slipped mine inside her vest top, feeling the smooth texture of her bra and the soft cushions of flesh it encased. As we petted I felt her nipples begin to swell and harden under the material ? and gently pinched and nudged them. Lydia sighed and planted a firm kiss smack on my lips. She moved back slightly and whispered

"Have you got any condoms?"

Pleased at her directness I smiled and whipped out my wallet. Swiftly undoing a zip I pulled out a flattened pack of three condoms with a small flourish and ’Ta-dah!’ Lydia smiled and snatched the pack from my hand, standing as I stuck my wallet back into my jeans.

I saw her move away and looked up to see her reach the bed with quick steps. Lydia tossed the packet of condoms next to the alarm clock on her bedside table and turned to face me. I watched with some surprise as she flashed me another of those kaboom smiles and then hurriedly lifted up her vest top, moving it over her head and throwing it on the floor. Reaching behind her back; the black bra followed next. Lydia’s full breasts bounced free with nipples pointing and erect. She fumbled at her waist briefly and her skirt unwrapped from her hips and slid to the floor. I felt a thrill of excitement when I could see no fuzzy triangle of pubic hair below her pierced belly button. Shaved pussy, then! A new one for me. Bangles, sweatband and watch followed. Still wearing her long gloves, stripy stockings and boots, she sat on the bed and lay back. Grinning, she parted her legs, feet on tip toe (or as close as she could get in those boots) with knees swinging to and fro gently, brazenly flashing me her pussy. Looking at me challengingly, she simply said.

Without a word, I obliged. I was surprised by how fast things were moving but just decided to go with the flow, which looked to be taking me exactly where I had been hoping to go for the past couple of hours. My boots and socks came off first. I smiled up at Lydia, who now had her right thigh resting flat on the bed, left leg still pointing up towards the ceiling, swinging side to side like a red and black pendulum, counting down time to mutual pleasure. I had a good view of the delights awaiting me between Lydia’s thighs. Her pussy seemed completely devoid of any pubic hair, a narrow pink slit dividing the swell of her mound. I was kind of surprised not to see any piercing down there. My t-shirt and jeans were soon in a pile, leaving just my pants. My cock was hard and straining against my pants. Lydia looked me up and down and said approvingly

"M’mmm. Not bad."

I got my cock out, pulling down my pants and tensing so that it sprang free, energetically.

I’m no John Holmes but past girlfriends have commented approvingly on my cock. Sarah, the girl I lost my virginity to; was a couple of years older than me and had lost her virginity several partners ago. As I penetrated her for the first time, relishing the surprising tightness and heat of her body, she had knitted her eyebrows together and breathed in sharply. Concerned, I’d asked if she was alright, to which she replied

"I’d be fine... if your cock wasn’t so big."

That’s good for your self confidence when you’re starting out. Sarah had come to a gasping orgasm while I couldn’t reach one, my cock not having yet adjusted to the sensation of a woman’s body (it’s different from your own hand; no matter how good your imagination is you can’t improve on that feeling of slipping into a tight, wet pussy). Ironic that. When you first start getting laid, you can’t cum in a woman. It’s not that it doesn’t feel good, it just feels so different at first that your cock doesn’t seem to know what’s hit it and tells you ’yeah, it feels good, but I don’t know if it’s as exciting as what I’m used to’. Just as you start to get the knack of what you’re doing (and used to the fact you’re actually doing it!) ? hello; premature ejaculation!

Anyway, I digress. As I stood naked before her, Lydia stroked her left index finger up her pussy, smiling. That finger proceeded up her belly, stomach and between her boobs, fingernail rasping against skin and leaving a faint pink line where it passed. Its journey ended by it dipping into her mouth, where her dark lips sucked briefly at it, before it emerged into the air and beckoned me over. I approached, my heart pounding in my chest and pulse throbbing at my temple and in my cock. I sat on the end of the bed and rolled up and on to my side, lying to Lydia’s left between her and the wall. We kissed again and as our tongues circled noisily, Lydia’s soft hand slipped down to where it needed to be and encircled my cock. She squeezed experimentally and traced a fingernail up and down its sensitive underbelly, making me twitch in pleasure. She moved down to cup my balls and gently began to squeeze and knead them, more and more firmly. I had been running my fingers through her spiky hair and fondling her soft, large breasts. I stiffened a little, my excitement briefly replaced by concern at her grip on my balls as one of her rings pinched slightly at my skin.

Lydia noticed my tension and opened her hand, gently rubbing with the flat of her hand where she had previously taken hold. With a leisurely kiss, she opened her eyes to look into mine.

"Don’t worry. I won’t pop ’em. But they feel pretty full to me. Think they need emptying before we really get down to business?"

I told her I was sure that they did. Laughing lightly and looking into my eyes so she could enjoy my reaction, Lydia began to wank me, very slowly. I winced in pleasure and stirred on the smooth, satin sheets, closing my eyes and lying back. I heard the bed creak as Lydia sat up, her hand pausing for a moment. Then she was sat on my chest, facing away from me and pinning my arms with her legs. I looked up at her smooth bum and noticed the skull and crossbones tattoo on her lower back. Then both her hands took hold of me and worked up and down slowly five times, followed by five rapid strokes. I gasped and writhed as this was repeated. Five very slow, five quickly. And repeated. And repeated.

"You like that, huh?" Lydia chuckled. "You’ll be begging to cum soon."

She wasn’t wrong. After less than a minute of this exquisite torture I was gasping and writhing, unable to move my arms and instead thrusting and jerking my groin and legs. I wanted her to speed up, to slow down, to be inside her body instead, to cum, to last longer; all at the same time. I was flooded with pleasure and couldn’t think straight at all. Her soft hands contrasted with the feel of the hard metal of her rings against my skin. The low tingle of my orgasm began to build after another minute or so, cutting through the turmoil in my mind with a promise of certainty. God, this was going to be huge. I tried to arch my back and found I couldn’t move much because of her weight on my chest. The tingle grew. Lost in the moment I writhed and moaned, begging her not to stop. Which was exactly what Lydia did!

Just as I felt that I was about to explode, her hands stopped dead. My muscles locked and I thought I was going to cum anyway, but the tingle began to fade, not quite blossoming into the fire of ecstasy. As I dumped my head back onto the pillows and gasped, disappointed, Lydia hopped off the bed, her boots thumping on the floor. My balls felt as though they were about to burst; a dull ache growing deep inside them. Lydia shot over to the fridge and opened it. I looked up to see her momentarily bathed in the light from the fridge’s interior, her erect pink nipples almost silhouetted in profile. She grabbed something from inside it before quickly slamming the door shut and standing, reaching the bed again with quick, long strides, her breasts jiggling wildly. The question I was about to ask faded from my mind. Lydia had a wicked grin on her face and can of Diet Coke in her hand.

Pulling open the can (’plink-fssshhhh’) with one black painted fingernail, she briefly held it against her left breast, pushing it there and gasping aloud at the feel of cold metal against her skin, before smiling down at me.

"You’ll never have felt anything like this."

With that, she rasped her tongue over the underbelly of my cock, lapping at its head. Then her tongue was gone. Lydia quickly took a swig from the can, plonked it onto the floor and lent forwards, taking hold of my cock. Suddenly I was inside her mouth, cold fizzy coke bubbling against my cock as her tongue tickled it and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and swilled. It was only later I’d think ’how the hell did she do that?’ Go down on me with a mouthful of coke without spilling any of it? To this day, I don’t know. But Lydia did manage it and she was right; I had never felt anything like this before. With her head rocking back and forth and her hand squeezing my balls and shaft, I was soon moaning and gasping again. After a short while, the coke had become warm and lost most of its fizz. Lydia swallowed and slipped my cock out of her mouth. Her hand continued to work my shaft, smearing the leaking precum over the bulbous head of my cock with her thumb to oil her grip, while she reached down to the can and took another mouthful.

The cold liquid. Bubbles exploding and fizzing against my cock, her hot tongue circling around and flicking at it. The teeth grazing gently, catching and dragging. Her squeezing, rubbing hand, caressing my shaft and balls, coaxing and kneading. The liquid, sloshing sounds and enthusiastic noises from deep in Lydia’s throat. It all became too much. I started to pant as the tingle returned. I silently prayed she wouldn’t stop again and forced my eyes to open so I could watch myself cum in her mouth. But with a slurp, Lydia stopped giving me a blow job. I watched her swallow the coke as her hand immediately went into overdrive instead, pulling and pushing down on my cock so it pointed away from me and towards her, working back and forth quickly and firmly. No, this time she wasn’t going to stop. Oh, thank you Lydia, thank you-

"You’ll never have felt anything like this..."

I cried out as my hips jerked up off the bed and a jet of cum shot from the tip of my cock, splattering onto Lydia’s chest, just below her collarbone. Her hand stopped moving, its grip relaxing so the cum could fire its way out where she wanted it to go. Her eyes were closed, mouth open and panting in lust. The next gout flew and landed lower, on her left breast, sliding down its curvature like rain off a waterproofed coat. Another hit her breast again. A third and fourth hit her stomach, sliding down towards her crotch. A final pearly blob landed on her forearm, standing out against the cobweb pattern gloves. I’d snarled in primal pleasure as this huge orgasm had taken me and now laid back on the bed, momentarily overcome, the dull ache in my balls fading. As my orgasm passed, her hand slowly moved again, milking the cum from me. When enough had splurged onto her fingers to start to run off them and onto the sheets, she lifted her hands to her stomach, where cum was dribbling down her in viscous streams. Lydia smeared my cum up to her breasts and started massaging it into her skin with circular motion.

"God, cum’s so hot when it hits your skin." she moaned, squeezing her breasts together into an impressive cleavage. Lydia was obviously enjoying herself, and moved slowly and sensuously, her hands running from her neck down to her belly, pausing to squeeze her breasts (I noticed they were too large for her small hands to fully cup) and pinch and pull her nipples. Her skin shone and glistened in the light from the lamps. Finally wiping her hands down her ribs, to her hips and onto her thighs she paused to thoughtfully remove the rings from her fingers. Each ring was carefully placed in a pile just under the bed, and as each finger and thumb was stripped, Lydia licked at each one, tasting me on her. With all ten rings finally removed, she looked down at me.

"She moaned, squeezing her breasts together into an impressive cleavage..."

"Thought I was gonna be washed off the bed there for a moment."

I puffed out something in response, still a little breathless from having cum what felt like bucketfuls and then watching Lydia’s little display. Lydia laughed lightly as she noticed my cum on her glove and the traces of it smeared into the fabric at her wrists. She took them off too, letting them both fall to the floor alongside her rings. Lydia breathed in deeply through her nose, running her hands up to her breasts again and exhaling with a drawn out "H’aaaahhh" before pushing her shoulders back and stretching her arms out behind her. Then she lay down on top of me with her knees between mine, legs bent back and feet pointing towards the ceiling. Her breasts and stomach felt sticky against my skin.

Smiling at me, she breathed in deeply the pollen aroma now coming from her skin, closing her eyes to exhale and then looking into mine again. My hands found the swell of her bum and taking a soft buttock in each hand I squeezed and smiled back. I rubbed her bum, squeezing and circling her buttocks and tracing my fingers over her tattoo before lifting my hands to her shoulders and gently raking my nails down her back. Lydia closed her eyes and shivered a little, pressing against me. Cushioned against my chest, her breasts swelled out under the pressure impressively. I moved one hand up to the back of her head and pulled her face down to mine, kissing her moist lips. With my right hand I tickled and scratched at her bum, running along the crease of her buttocks where they met the tops of her thighs. Probing gently between her legs, the flesh there felt hot and damp. Kissing her hungrily I did my best to arouse Lydia without steaming straight for her pussy or boobs. I lightly ran my fingernails down the sides of her neck and the insides of her arms. Teased her ribs and the backs of her thighs, all the time keeping her pressed tightly against me, either holding the back of her head or pulling her bum to me.

After I felt I’d teased the back of Lydia’s body enough, I wrapped an arm around her shoulders, clasped her bum to me and rolled over to my right. Lydia surprised me by emitting a high pitched, girly squeak. Then I was on top of her. As she giggled I kissed her forehead and temple, planting a kiss on the end of her cute nose and then kissing her neck and shoulder. The giggling stopped as I licked around her nipples, tweaking them with my teeth. Her nipples were very round and small; given the size of her bust. There was a slightly bitter taste which I did my best to ignore. Shuffling backwards I kissed and licked my way down to her pierced belly button, sticking my tongue into it briefly. Lydia’s stomach twitched as I worked lower, her skin becoming increasingly sensitive. Kneeling upright, I lifted up her right foot and undid the fastenings to remove the heavy boot. As the second one clumped to the floor I told her it was her turn to get naked. Reaching forward to her thighs, I tugged her stockings down one at a time and threw them over the edge of the bed, tracing my fingers over the impressions left in the soft flesh where the hold ups had gripped them. Bar her black ribbon and pewter choker; Lydia was now naked too.

I lay down at the edge of the bed to her right, and we kissed again. The dark purple, almost black lipstick was now more than a little smudged (reminds me of Brodie Dahl from ’The Distillers’ when I think about it now). Lydia’s hands played with the back of my head and shoulders, and then one stole down my chest, walking down on index and second finger. Those fingers rasped briefly in my pubic hair and then wrapped around my cock, which had hardly begun to stiffen again. With a couple of squeezes it had hardened a little more, but I bemoaned aloud the fact I wasn’t hard enough to do anything more yet (I started to worry that my body would let me down at this late stage!). In response, Lydia propped herself up on one elbow, breasts resting heavily on my arm and started kissing and sucking my left nipple, pushing my cock down towards the foot of the bed and tugging the foreskin to and fro. This girl knew what she was doing, for as I relaxed and my chest became wet with her saliva I felt my cock stiffen in Lydia’s grip, my heart pounding blood down to it. After a few more seconds Lydia admonished

"Don’t tell me that’s not hard enough."

My cock sprang back erect as she released it. Reaching over she picked up the packet of condoms and opened the flap. My heart pounded even harder. This was it. I was going to find out what it was like to be inside her! Lydia took out a foil wrapped package and the folded sheet of instructions and whispered

"I like reading these, they turn me on."

With that she lay back, placed the condom on her belly and unfolded the sheet of paper, studying it intently! I waited for a few seconds but Lydia still pretended to be engrossed. I couldn’t quite believe it. What an unbelievable tease! I took the packet from her belly and tore open the foil, squeezing out the condom between my finger and thumb. Dropping the empty packet I positioned the transparent pink cap over the head of my throbbing cock, paused to check I had the damn thing the right way up and then rolled it down my shaft. Thankfully it went on easily. Snapping it into position and squeezing the teat at the end I was ready to go. There was no way I was going to let what she had created go to waste. Lydia was still ’reading’ the instructions. I placed my right fingertips onto her bare mound and lightly doodled them around in small circles and figures of eight to get her attention. She still studied the piece of paper. I stopped moving my fingers and looked at her, smiling patiently.

"Aw. That felt nice." She said petulantly.

Her eyes didn’t leave the sheet of paper as she turned it over to look at the other side. I decided to play her game for a little while longer and then to get her attention. I ran my index finger over her mound for another thirty seconds or so. She was incredibly smooth, with no stubble down there at all. I didn’t know if she waxed or shaved, but Lydia was smooth as a snooker ball, even around the folds of her labia. I watched her breasts rise and fall as she lay back, ’reading’ and made small circles at the top of her pussy, watching the pink flesh crease and stretch. Leaning forwards I planted a kiss on her pussy, just brushing its lips with my own. Then I traced down her labia with my fingers, pressing slightly to open up that tight ravine. Her pussy lips parted a little and my fingers ran down a wet, pink trench. When I reached the bottom I tickled the sensitive skin between her pussy and anus and then ran two fingers side by side back up its length - with a moist noise, her lips parted. Moisture shone in the low light. Lydia was really wet; despite her current aloofness there was now no hiding the fact she felt turned on!

Hearing Lydia sigh, I located the nub of her clitoris and teased the skin around that area, carefully avoiding actually making contact with it. Two could play at being a tease! Moving back down I nudged my first and second fingers against her lips, finding her entrance and feeling the wetness drooling from it. Circling around quickly to open her up just a little more I pushed my forefingers into her soft, hot embrace. They squelched as they circled rapidly in her ribbed tunnel, first in one direction, then in another. I pushed forwards and turned my wrist, curling my fingers so they ran over the bump of her g-spot (whatever you want to call that bump inside a woman, and I haven’t been able to quite locate it in every one I’ve had sex with, I’ve found if you touch it, you get one hell of a reaction!), the tip of my second finger was just able to circle over it repeatedly. Lydia’s hips jerked and she dropped the instructions, eyes closed in pleasure, hips pushing forwards against me. I slipped my fingers from her body and waited for her reaction. Her eyes snapped open looking straight into mine

"Fuck me!"

I was eager to oblige and rolling on top of her, settled between her thighs. My cock was just where it needed to be and with no need for any awkward lining up I rammed it deep into her, gasping as I felt her body surround me. All pretence of play was now gone. There was only the lust and sex.

"I rammed it deep inside her..."

I broke into a fast, hard pace, glad to fulfill my aspirations to experience Lydia’s body. Her slick pussy felt to grasp me at all times, the sensation was constant and strong. (Under other circumstances I think I would have cum in her really quickly.) Lydia’s breasts jiggled up and down hard, bouncing back and forth as her body was rocked by my thrusts. Lydia groaned and lifted up her knees, grabbing one in each hand and pulling them as far up towards her as she could. I adjusted my balance for this new position and as I slapped even deeper into her, Lydia lost her grip on one knee, quickly snatching back at it and pulling it up even further. Eyes closed, her head sank back into the pillow as she moaned.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!!"

I thrust into her as hard as I could, now more aware of fighting against bouncing back up from the mattress in order to be able to push hard back into her again than of the feel of her pussy around my cock. It felt a little like trying to fuck on a trampoline and I briefly considered suggesting we move to the floor before deciding that there was no way I wanted something that felt this good to stop, even for something that might feel better.

Instead I lowered my weight so my belly clapped against hers with each thrust, pinning her to the bed with my weight. Her legs crossed behind my back, pulling me into her with her heels. Braced better now, I could fuck her harder. My cock felt so hard I thought the skin might split and as I pumped in and out her pussy squitted and squelched, drenched now with her juices. Making a hungry noise, her lipstick smudged lips clamped on mine and we french-kissed, breathing hard through our noses. While kissing I could feel more sensation as her pussy tightly gripped my length. I was thrusting in balls deep and withdrawing almost entirely so I could ram my full length into her each time. The bed creaked repeatedly. Each thrust almost carried the sensation of first penetration and I enjoyed the confidence of being able to fuck her without worrying about cumming too soon. My balls were all but drained by Lydia’s earlier attentions.

Lydia broke her lips away from mine and they pulled back in a snarl from her gritted teeth as legs lowered, eyebrows drawn together and fingernails digging into my buttocks, her hands pulled me against her crotch. I continued to thrust, my range of motion now limited. Lydia winced, panted through her nose three times and then hissed urgently through her teeth


Hands clutched at me as Lydia forcefully pulled me into her. I thrust as deeply as I could, penetrating with my full length as Lydia’s orgasm seized her. Her hips trembled and she hissed again, more quietly

"Yes. Yyeesss."

Her whole body tensed; trembling and shaking for a few seconds more. Her thighs didn’t clamp together and I was surprised at how quietly Lydia came. As her muscles relaxed, Lydia’s eyebrows unknitted and her lips came forward into an ’o’ as she puffed out a long breath. I stayed inside her and kissed her pouting lips, looking at her dark eyelids and long lashes. Those wonderful eyes stayed shut as Lydia wriggled under me one way and then another. Her head moved slowly as if drawing a small circle with her chin, before shaking side to side twice as if to clear it. She opened her eyes to look at me and breathed

"Don’t pull out. Fuck me again. I love to fuck."

To emphasis her words, she slowly started to gyrate her hips. Her pussy made smacking sounds as it moved around my cock. I matched Lydia’s slow pace, circling my hips in the opposite direction to hers and enjoying the slow, luxurious feeling of being engulfed by her. We moved together in this slow dance for what seemed like a long time, accompanied by the creak of the bed, ’m’mmms’ from Lydia and the fleshy noises of our union. I still felt really hard and thought at this rate I’d be good to go for most of the night. Hell, this girl was so hot it would be a crime not to shag her senseless!

Initial lust at least partially quenched, our next fuck was a slightly more civilised affair. I withdrew my cock entirely from her body. Lydia moaned unhappily and then again in pleasure as I slipped back into her. I did this three times, (I love that feeling of penetration, you feel like you’ve become a part of someone else’s body. -that you’re joined together. And watching as a gaping pussy swallows you whole, lips contracting as you slide inside. What a turn on!) Lydia planted her feet on the bed, so she could push firmly back against my thrusts. Remaining inside her now, we found our rhythm once more. The pace was more leisurely, less breakneck at about a thrust per second. We’d been at it for a couple of minutes when Lydia whispered

"Bite me."

I made a dumb sounding questioning noise.

"Bite me. It turns me on."

Now this was something new. I’d never had a girl want me to bite her before. I’d no problem with it but wondered how hard and far to go? I decided to err on the side of caution and gently nipped her shoulder. Lydia murmured happily and said


Fuck me harder, bite me harder ? Lydia seemed to like things to the max! I obliged and spent the next minute experimenting until I was biting her as hard as she wanted. Which was very! I’d catch a roll of skin and flesh between my teeth and then suck hard at it, suck even harder and bite down hard at the same time. I managed to not draw blood but could see angry red marks and bruising where I had worked.

All this turned Lydia on, all right. She moaned and panted, wincing in pleasure (pain? both?!) and muttering

"Oh, fuck! Yeah!" And "Do me, baby, do me." over and over.

Her pussy was still lubricating nicely and I slid in and out of her easily as I bit and sucked. Lydia’s next orgasm hit her shortly after as I lifted myself up, arms straightening to work my muscles loose a little. I licked at her nipple as I rose and she groaned urgently. Encouraged, I gently bit at her breast. Lydia spluttered and her nails raked down my back almost painfully. I returned to her breast, licking and nipping as her breathing became quicker and quicker. Resisting the urge to break into a fast, hard pace again I moved in and out of her slowly and deliberately, so Lydia could feel every inch of me filling her up and pulling back, massaging the walls of her pussy and rubbing against her swollen labia. Her nails raked down my back each time I rocked into her, making it feel sore. Lydia suddenly sucked in a deep breath, her face looked to wrinkle in pain and she paused at the edge of ecstasy making an inarticulate

"Hnnnnghh!" sound which turned into a noise I can only capture as "Grrooarghhh!"

She dug her nails into my shoulders and her pussy fluttered around my cock, hips shaking again as she came.

We would screw again and again that night. My erection would die down every once in a while, so we’d rest and cuddle, then Lydia would get me hard again; going down on me, rubbing my cock between her hands like she was trying to make a sausage shape out of a lump of plasticine; and at one point lying at the end of the bed, facing me with her knees in the air and masturbating herself to orgasm to turn me on. She would smile (boom) and purr

"You’ve kept it up!"

admiringly before we would fall on each other and rut again. What a girl! I finally came as Lydia was on top, riding me slowly and deliberately, head tilted back and breasts thudding up and down. When she realised I was about to cum she flicked her head back (in a motion that made me think she was used to having longer hair at some point) smiled that kaboom smile and maintained her steady rhythm.

"Come on, baby. Cum for me. Cum for me."

I came clutching at her thighs and bum, crying out her name. We never shared a mutual orgasm that night but I can’t count on one hand the number of orgasms we had between us.

"I came as Lydia was on top..."

The sun was coming up as we finally exhausted our passions, had a token clean up in the bathroom and settled down to sleep. I was not cast out to the far reaches of the settee and we slept under the black satin sheets (smeared in places where my cum had dried or I’d wiped Lydia’s juices off my fingers) arms wrapped around each other with her head on my shoulder. Lydia was supposed to work that Sunday, but said she’d phone in sick before the shop opened. Fulfilled and with a sore back from Lydia’s clawing in her heights of passion (a friend at the gym would point at my back three days later in the changing rooms and loudly ask "Bloody hell, have you been shagging Catwoman?") I drifted off to sleep.

I woke as Lydia’s alarm went off at 9.30 in the morning and she stumbled out of bed to phone in ’sick’. Warm sunlight was filtering in through the curtains and I could hear birds twittering and singing in the park across the road. After determining that I didn’t have a monster hangover, I waited until Lydia had dialed the work number and then snuck out of bed and up behind her. She explained to her staff that she wouldn’t be in today with my fingers slipping into her pussy and pinching at her nipples! Perhaps her faltering breathing made her seem more convincing? Either way, we put my morning glory to good use as (after a mad scramble to get a condom and put it on!) I took Lydia doggy style on the floor of her kitchenette.

We shared a shower after that and soaped each other down. This (of course!) led to more sex. (If the ’Five Metre Condom Dash were an Olympic sport, I’d have a damn good chance at Gold!)This time I took her standing up and from behind. Lydia clasped the edge of the sink basin as I thrust hard in and out of her, my groin slapping against her buttocks. Turned on from the hot water, steam, running our hands over each other’s slippery bodies and watching ourselves in the large mirror (it looked a little bit like a dream sequence in a movie, y’know?? all soft focus fluffiness around the edges of the ’screen’) we both came, almost together. Lydia gripped the taps so hard she twisted on the hot water tap as she came, pushing her bum out at me and shouting something incoherent. All that turned me on so much that I shot my load only seconds later as she’d recovered just enough to turn the tap off.

Minutes later I was sat on the settee with a dry bath towel wrapped around my waist while Lydia put the kettle on. She was naked under a short, black satin dressing gown that clung to her curves and shimmered in the sunlight as her breasts jiggled when she walked. I had another boner and really wanted to fuck her again (hey, we hadn’t explored the ’spare’ room yet!) but we were out of condoms. Over a pot of tea with buttered toast we chatted for half an hour and I suddenly realised what it was that looked so different about her this morning.

The red colour in her hair had gone, washed away in the shower. Her short dark brown hair wasn’t all teased up into spikes now and lay forward and flat. Her heavy makeup was removed, although her eyes (they were hazel) still sparkled wickedly. I guess they were like that all the time. Looking into her eyes it suddenly struck me that her eyebrow and lip piercings were gone. Lydia laughed and explained head office didn’t like her to have dyed hair and too many piercings, so she used clip-ons for her eyebrow and lip and only applied one-wash colour to her hair when she went for a night out. Work guidelines would allow her nose piercing (she had several discreet, studs to choose from) and she only had three rings through each ear, no bars or other bits of shrapnel.

I admitted to Lydia I’d been curious about how she looked dressed for work. Asking if I’d like to see (which I did) she smiled and walked over to the ’spare’ room, pausing at the door to slip out of her dressing gown and shake her boobs at me with a laugh. She then went in and the door closed behind her. There was something I was curious about and unable to resist; I got up and quickly checked her black bra from the night before. On a wash-faded label I discovered Lydia was a 36D. I know, I know; sad. But it seemed too obvious to ask’ Oh and by then way, just how big are those titties I’ve been fondling and sucking on all night?’

I marveled at how lucky I thought myself to be - Lydia was a girl of contrasts. Although I guess I should say woman. She was twenty-two and had a great blend of maturity and playfulness. Her confidence was obvious and although she had what some might see as rough edges (drinking from a pint, tucking into a takeaway before swearing like a trooper during sex) I just found that this made her all the more attractive. She was smart, well spoken and pleasant mannered. I hadn’t heard her swear or curse other than when we’d been fucking in the early hours of this morning and she otherwise talked softly and intelligently.

And if fucking seems like a hard word to use, well that’s what it was. It wasn’t ’making love’ I think that’s something else more tender and caring; It wasn’t just ’sex’ it was far too lusting and wild for that, with biting, scratching, swearing and the hard and fast way we took each other. No we fucked each other’s brains out, that’s how I see it. So knowing that Lydia could be, well it sounds lame; but nice (she was happy for me to stay the night, snuggled up to me so tightly, had made me tea and breakfast in the morning and talked brightly and pleasantly) and could also be forward, demanding and sexually aggressive when the mood took her just made her more and more fascinating to me.

The door opened again a few minutes later and I started as somebody else walked in from the spare room. No, hang on. It was Lydia. She’d brushed her hair, applied conservative amounts of eyeliner and blusher and was wearing glasses. This gave more colour and almost a different shape to her face. A complete change from the contrast between pale skin and dark makeup from the night before. She had a fine chain necklace on underneath a white blouse, with only the top button undone and no cleavage on display. A Light grey matching knee length skirt and jacket, barely black tights (they didn’t look shiny enough to be stockings) and low heeled court shoes. I must have been gaping because Lydia laughed as she walked over and sat alongside me, saying

"Kinda different, huh?"

I doubted if even one of her work colleagues would have recognised her at Dante’s last night. She tapped the golden metal frame of her glasses.

"These seem to make the most difference to folk. I only wear them to work for squinting at the monitors on the tills and the stock control displays."

I chuckled and agreed that it was quite a transformation. Lydia told me she only looked "so much of a townie" for work, preferring to dress more like last night the rest of the time, but not quite as extreme.

"I like to save the clip on piercings, wild tights and boots for nights out." she laughed.

I smiled, looking down at her sexy legs (dark mesh, whether it’s tights or stockings, has always turned me on) and glancing up to her chest. Sat to Lydia’s left, I could see inside her blouse, between the buttons, where her ample chest was restrained by a white, lacy, bra. I betted many a customer and staff member had caught the same view, and wondered what those breasts would be like naked and to the touch. Fortunately, I gloated to myself, I knew first hand. Although I did wonder what it would be like rub them with baby oil, squeeze them together and slip my cock between them.

Realising I was ogling her again and looking up; I saw Lydia was looking down at the towel I wore, which was rising where my cock was stiffening again.

"Hell, have you got it up again?" she asked.

I shrugged and ’apologised’ with a grin. Lydia’s eyes sparkled behind her glasses.

"I guess we need to go shopping then. There’s a corner shop down the road. I’ll be five minutes." She pointed at the bulge under the towel.

"Make sure that doesn’t go anywhere!"

Grabbing her keys and her money pouch from the night before, she winked at me and dashed out of the flat, letting the door close to behind her.

Five minutes later, she was back. I’d taken the dirty sheets off the bed and was now lying on it naked, with my carefully nursed erection still present and correct. Lydia had a carrier bag in one hand that obviously had more than just a packet of condoms in it. Those she produced form her jacket pocket, tossing them in an arc over to me. I caught the packet in my right hand as Lydia looked at my cock, actually licked her lips and said

"Get one of those on!"

I opened the packet and removed a foil wrapper as Lydia set down the carrier bag and stooped to remove something from it ? a squeezy bottle of chocolate sauce and a loop of that plastic coated washing line, pinched together at the middle by a ring of cardboard. Taking off her glasses and putting them on the worktop, she undid the buttons on her blouse and tossing her head back a little, pulled it apart, revealing her lacy bra and magnificent cleavage. Kicking off her shoes she picked up her shopping and advanced towards the bed, head down and with a wicked grin. Like I said back at the start. Attitude. A bit of mystery. Rock chicks do it for me.

Doing Mrs. Pierce

Doing Mrs. Pierce
Mrs. Pierce was a real piece of work. That’s all there was to it. She was the girls’ softball coach and the reason they had been the most winning team in county history but that didn’t change the fact that she was a real bitch. All the girls hated Mrs. Pierce, partly because of her nasty temper but mostly because of her cutting, condescending remarks but each member of the team played their very best to avoid becoming the target of her ridicule.

The girls weren’t the only ones scared of Mrs. Pierce; us guys were afraid of her too. Nobody wanted to be dressed down by that little dynamo, and I do mean undressed. By the time she finished with you, you’d feel like you’d been stripped naked and your poor, frightened little willy, looking like it had been submerged in arctic waters for months, would be on display for all to see. Nope, nobody wanted to cross Mrs. Pierce and that’s why I was scared out of my wits after I left Coach’s office.

"Emerson," he had yelled as we all started for the showers. "Come see me when you’re done."

"Can’t you get someone else, Coach?" I had pleaded after he made my assignment known.

"Of course I can," he retorted, fixing me with his steely glare. "But I’m sending you!"

"Right, Coach," I backed down immediately.

"Saturday morning. Here’s the address." He held out a wrinkled piece of paper torn from the corner of his coffee-stained pad. "Be there at nine sharp."

I read the address scrawled on the scruffy piece of paper.

"Don’t let me down, Paul," Coach added in a softer tone. "The school needs Mrs. Pierce in top form this season if both the teams are to win five years in a row. It’ll be pretty hard for anyone to match that record. "

"I won’t Coach," I promised.

"Make sure you don’t," his parting warning sounded ominous.

Before I reached the door, he said, "She’s not as bad as they make her out to be."

I didn’t believe that for a second and Coach’s lopsided smile wasn’t encouraging either. I opened the door and walked down the hall, my heart filled with dread.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As I walked down the tree-lined avenue, I checked the numbers on each house. The leaves were already changing color despite the warmth imparted by the still strong sun. I was almost there, at Mrs. Pierce’s house. She injures herself and I have to do chores for her? It wasn’t fair. I knew I couldn’t be forced to but if I wanted to stay on the team, I had to do Coach’s bidding and keep quiet about it. There it was, 2709, a low, rambling rancher on a large lot with shrubs lining the curved walkway to the front door and flower gardens bordering the house itself. I walked up to the door, careful not to tread on the grass, vacillating between ringing the bell and knocking on the door. Which would be least disturbing? I pressed the doorbell and winced at the series of clanging chimes my tentative touch had set off. The door opened and she was there, somehow managing to appear haughty and aloof despite her diminutive frame.

"Yes?" she inquired, one hand holding the partially open door.

"I’m Paul," I said, pausing to await her recognition of who I was and why I was there but her expression didn’t change.

"Uh... Coach sent me."

"Oh yes, of course. I’ll meet you out back. There’s a gate around the side." Mrs. Pierce waved her free hand and then abruptly closed the door.

I stared at the door for a few seconds, then shuffled around the side of the house, unlatched the gate, and walked into the back yard. There was a swimming pool filled with sparkling turquoise water in the center of a large yard rimmed with tall hedges and flower gardens, nicely set off by a large willow tree at the back with a picnic table set under the shade of its drooping branches. I stopped to survey the beauty of it all which the front of the property, although nice, hadn’t prepared me for. This had to be the nicest yard on the street, by far. Mrs. Pierce appeared through the French doors at the rear of the house and walked gingerly across the cement patio favoring her right heel. That was the only evidence of her injury that I had seen. She walked to the far side of the pool and stopped, ignoring me as she surveyed the flower gardens. I walked up behind her and quietly waited for her to acknowledge my presence.

"Do you think you can mow the lawn without scarring the edges or blowing grass on the flowers?" she asked.

"I’ll be careful," I replied. The last thing I needed was for her to complain to Coach. "It’s a very beautiful yard," I added, sucking up and trying to provide assurance that I meant it when I said I’d be careful.

"I won’t let my husband do it. He doesn’t understand the commitment required to achieve a lawn like this, how meticulous you have to be at every step, and the constant diligence, so... well, he doesn’t appreciate it. Nor, I suppose, do you, so if you can’t do it, just say so before you ruin it."

Mrs. Pierce turned and fixed her gaze on me. It seemed now that she was the taller person. I looked down and shuffled my feet.

"I can do it."

"All right, but remember, doing a job properly is better than getting it done quickly."

I nodded.

"You’ll find everything you need in the shed," she said, dismissively, waving her hand toward the back corner of the yard as she brushed by me. I turned to watch her go. I meant to fix her with an evil eye while she wasn’t looking but that changed as she walked away. Even with a slight limp, her shapely legs were appealing. Mrs. Pierce may be a bitch but she was a damn good looking one. Despite her age, her body wore the confidence of years and years of fine-tuned, proper physical exercise. The twin lines from the side of her nose to the corners of her mouth indicated her true age but her body exuded youthful strength. The girls on the softball team said there wasn’t a single position Mrs. Pierce couldn’t play better than any girl in the league. I believed it watching those tight shorts track back to the house and only tore my eyes away when I belatedly saw my reflection in the glass door.

It took me way longer than I thought to finish the lawn. I was petrified of accidentally lowering the mower unevenly over the edges along the garden in order not to scar the grass. Thankfully, I was successful. As soon as I shut the mower off, Mrs. Pierce appeared. She strode purposely to the edge of the grass by the side of the house. As I gathered the electric cord, I watched her, admiring her legs, a crazy thing to do. God help me if she caught me scoping her body. Coach would understand but he’d have my ass anyway.

Mrs Pierce walked around the edge of the yard. I put the mower away and followed her for the last half of the yard about a dozen feet back. As she scrutinized the edge of the grass, I perused her taut legs and pleasingly tight yet supple butt. At the opposite end of the yard, and not before, Mrs. Pierce turned to me and smiled.

"You did a fine job. You should be pleased," she said. "Come back after lunch and we’ll see if you can handle gardening."

I guess I wasn’t going to get a cold drink, let alone any lunch, or even a thank you. Oh, well. I was better off leaving than trying to eat in her domineering presence. I watched her walk to the house but looked away before she entered in case she turned around to impart further instructions. I felt ridiculous walking home because the front of my shorts kept swelling up. Come on, man, I chided myself. She’s over forty. I guess I was too scared to get an erection while I was in her yard looking at her PE-teacher butt. Thank God for that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After lunch, I walked directly into the back yard without announcing myself. Mrs. Pierce was lying on a cushioned lounge in the back yard, one of two set on the patio at the end of the pool nearest the house. The head end was raised up about a foot or so allowing Mrs. Pierce to lay comfortably yet still read a magazine, or look at her garden. I walked up quietly and stood several feet away behind and to one side. I waited for her to notice I was there but soon realized she must be sleeping. About to cough to announce my presence, I stopped myself, afraid of her wrath if she didn’t want to be disturbed. I thought about creeping back and knocking on the gate but in the end just stood there.

Mrs. Pierce was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts that were neither tight nor loose around her legs. Her tanned and bare midriff bristled with tiny reddish blonde hairs a little lighter than the color of her shoulder-length hair. She had obviously never had children, at least, none that could conquer the strength of her abs. Her breasts sat proudly upon her chest, falling slightly to the sides but sweeping up to fill the tank top in a very pleasing manner. Her left arm was stretched up and bent back to allow her hand to rest behind her head, a posture which pushed the nipple on that side nicely into the tank top in spite of the bra whose dim outline I could discern underneath.

Mrs. Pierce’s right leg was bent so that the sole of her foot fit snugly under the calf of her left leg. Her parted thighs were covered in a sprinkling of fine hairs similar to that visible on her stomach but glinting more brightly in the sun. I stared long enough to notice that their distribution became more sparse as her legs approached their natural juncture. My eyes had just traveled up onto the swollen front of Mrs. Pierce’s shorts when she spoke without turning to look at me.

"It’s alright. I’m not sleeping."

"Oh, I... uh..."

"Come around here where I can see you," Mrs. Pierce gestured for me to walk in front of the lounge.

She regarded me with a faint smile for several long seconds and I began to blush, realizing she must have been aware of my presence for some time and perhaps knew I had been looking at her. Thankfully, she looked away at the garden just as my cheeks began to glow.

"I think we should start down there in the corner, in case you mess up."

Mrs. Pierce got up awkwardly and stood, favoring her heel more than she had in the morning. She limped toward the end of the yard and I followed. When we got to the corner, she told me what to do. There was a bag of garden tools already there. She bent to retrieve the appropriate tool and handed it to me, then started back toward her chair but stumbled after two steps. Quickly, I stepped forward and grabbed her, one hand grabbing her flailing arm and the other circling around her waist to keep her from falling. Regaining her feet, she angrily flung my hands away.

"I’m fine," she barked.

Mrs. Pierce took two more steps and fell to one knee. I waited, unmoving. She held one arm out.

"Help me up, please," she said, tersely.

I took the offered hand and braced the other under her elbow, pulling her up.

"Perhaps, I do need a little help," she said, her admission surprising the hell out of me.

We started walking but she quickly stopped.

"Actually, bring my chair over here. I’ll need to give you instructions."

I brought the lounge and Mrs. Pierce set herself down, carefully keeping her right heel elevated from the ground. I turned around and got to work. The afternoon whiled away with me working and Mrs. Pierce periodically giving instructions, but less and less often as time wore on. I was acutely conscious of her attention and tried my best to work around the flowers without disturbing a single petal.

About every half hour, Mrs. Pierce got up and I moved her chair a few feet farther along so she could be close enough to see what I was doing. On the third move, she was napping. Still on my knees, I took the time to look at her. Her knees were drawn up and held tightly together, blocking my view of her face and mine from her, which was good should she suddenly open her eyes. However, though her knees were held demurely together, her feet were spaced as widely as they could be while remaining on the lounge cushion, offering an unobstructed view of the back of Mrs. Pierce’s well-muscled thighs. Something in my shorts began to stir, and it wasn’t a mouse.

Mrs. Pierce had slid down in the lounge, forcing her shorts tightly against her legs and pelvis. I could see the outline of her panty legs under the shorts and the form of her mature pussy pressing against the restraining material. The tip of my tongue slipped through my lips and my cock grew an inch, shifting inside my shorts. I imagined myself hovering over her, looking down while those puffy panties ? somehow, in my mind, the shorts had disappeared ? strained upward to meet my bulging loins.

"That should be enough for today. You’ve done a fine job."

Her voice shocked me back to reality. Mrs. Pierce was looking at me through her open legs, her knees having parted without my awareness. My face flushed red.

"I can do more if you want," I protested.

"Nonsense. You’ve worked so hard your face is red."

Mrs. Pierce struggled to get up and I leapt to my feet to help her.

"Thank you, Paul."

The sound of my name on her lips sent a shiver through me.

"Can you help me to the house?"

This time, Mrs. Pierce didn’t object when I slipped my arm around her waist. I paused at the sliding doors but she indicated that I should help her right into the house. She guided me toward a large stuffy chair in the living room near the front door. The place was elegantly furnished. Very tasteful, even to my uncultivated eyes. I knew my mom would like it and that meant it was very good.

"Can you come again next week?" she asked.

"I can come over tomorrow, if you like." I hoped I didn’t sound too eager.

"No, my husband is home tomorrow," she said, as if that fact required no further explanation.

I was strangely disappointed having to wait a whole week to work for this so-called "bitch".

"Well, I could come over Wednesday afternoon. My classes are over at noon and I think Coach wouldn’t mind if I skipped practice."

"That’s very thoughtful but you shouldn’t skip practice."

"Coach says I don’t need any more practice," I said proudly.

Mrs. Pierce smiled.

"Well then, ok, Paul."

This time my name had a throaty sound to it. All the way home, I replayed that sound over and over in my head. I had to adjust my shorts several times but in the end gave up, allowing my erection to bulge like a sausage down my right leg. Why did they think she was such a bitch? For that matter, why had I thought so? At school, she was this overly tough little woman running rough shod over the girls. She looked fit in her perennial gym wear but not sexy but in her own backyard she could be soft and yielding, feminine and sexy. I could hardly wait until Wednesday.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wednesday couldn’t come soon enough. If it had been any longer, I would have worn my pecker off. Mrs. Pierce was waiting on the lounge which was situated right where I’d left off on Saturday. There was a jug of what looked like lemonade beside a glass with a lime in it on a small round glass-topped table . When I got closer, I noticed that there was an extra glass on the table but it was empty.

Mrs. Pierce was wearing a halter top. One of her legs was stretched out and the foot of the other was set beside its knee, holding its own bent knee up against which a magazine was pressed.

"Good afternoon, Paul," she said as I approached.

I acknowledged her greeting but quickly knelt down to begin gardening when further conversation wasn’t forthcoming. I shifted to the right after fifteen minutes and turned to look back at Mrs. Pierce, knowing I was directly in front of her and that, as on Saturday, I could probably look at her legs without being seen. I forgot that one leg was stretched out straight which meant the coveted display wouldn’t be available and Mrs Pierce would be able to see me anyway.

Fortunately, Mrs. Pierce had lifted that leg up too and both knees were now together and would have offered an unprotected view of the back of her thighs if her feet weren’t placed demurely together in front of them. Disappointed, I returned to gardening. Five minutes later, I turned to sneak another look. Bingo!

Mrs. Pierce’s feet were now braced on the corners of the lounge, leaving the back of her thighs unprotected. My scrotum was wrapped in pleasant tingles as soon as I noticed that the shorts worn on Saturday had been replaced by a short skirt which wasn’t long enough to cover Mrs. Pierce’s panties with her legs lifted up like that. They were pale blue and didn’t match the green skirt that was supposed to cover them.

Recovering from my initial surprise, I moved my trowel in the dirt to make it sound like I was still working but kept my eyes on those out-of-place panties. As I watched, Mrs. Pierce’s right hand appeared and lightly scratched across the bottom of her thigh. I stared as the flesh of her leg rippled back and forth in front of the scratching fingers and stiffened when her hand began stroking up her leg. At the underside of her knee, Mrs. Pierce’s fingers retraced their path down her leg, paused, and then repeated the long, caressing stroke.

I was mesmerized. Mrs. Pierce continued stroking the back of her thigh and I completely forgot about moving the trowel around in the garden to make it sound like I was working. I almost managed to lift my offending eyes off her legs when her knees suddenly moved to one side... almost, but not quite.

"Would you like a break?" Mrs. Pierce asked. Then, in response to my blank look, "For a drink?"

"Oh, yes," I stammered, fixing my gaze on the pitcher.

"Pour yourself a glass, then," she said, continuing to scratch the underside of her thigh. I crawled around to the other side of the table and poured myself a glass while I watched Mrs. Pierce who was looking at her magazine and paying no attention to me. I almost choked when I took the first gulp to quench my thirst. It was gin and tonic!

Mrs. Pierce continued stroking her leg and ignoring me. I drank more slowly and watched her hand and leg. She leaned forward onto her magazine as she stroked and her breast pushed around the outside of her thigh. It was then I noticed that there were no telltale signs of a bra under Mrs. Pierce’s halter. When she pulled back slightly on the upstroke, the nipple poked into the cotton halter top, registering its presence to my eager eyes.

"That feels so good," Mrs. Pierce said, thankfully keeping her owns eyes on her leg. "Ever since my injury, I haven’t been able to exercise and my muscles have tightened up. This seems to help."

I nodded, and gulped another mouthful of gin and tonic. It went down smoothly this time.

"Except my fingers aren’t strong enough to knead the muscles very well, especially on my calves." I looked at Mrs. Pierce’s muscular calves. I couldn’t believe her fingers weren’t as strong as her legs. When I looked back, Mrs. Pierce was looking right at me.

"Do you think you could help?"

"Help?" I said, lamely.

"Yes. Do you think you could massage my leg muscles?"

I looked at her legs, then at my hands, dusty with the dirt from the garden.

"Don’t worry about that. I’m not afraid of a little dirt like my husband."

Mrs. Pierce lifted the back of the lounge up and forward, then eased it back until it was flat. She turned onto her side and then onto her stomach, placing her head on crossed arms.

"When you finish your drink, you can rub my legs."

"What about the garden?" I asked, stupidly.

"You can do that later. It would be better to do my legs before Mr. Pierce gets home."

So with that, I quickly downed the rest of the drink and moved in front of the table, beside the lower part of the lounge and next to Mrs. Pierce’s legs. Tentatively, I placed my right hand on the back of her ankle.

"That’s it," Mrs. Pierce said. "Start at the bottom."

I rubbed the first six inches of leg above her foot.

"Massage it," Mrs. Pierce said. "Make the muscle work."

So I started massaging Mrs. Pierce’s leg, slowly working my way up until I was squeezing and releasing the muscles of her entire right calf. Mrs. Pierce rewarded my effort with encouraging sounds and it was with confidence that I moved to her right leg without prompting and received similarly pleased sounds as I worked on that leg too. Mrs. Pierce kept her eyes closed the whole time I worked on her legs so I cast my eyes above her knees to admire the back of her taut thighs as I let my fingers automatically find the muscles of her calves.

When Mrs. Pierce had first turned around on the lounge, the little skirt had ridden up her legs but her thighs were too close together for the pale blue panties to show. As I worked her lower legs I tried to push them apart, and succeeded, but Mrs. Pierce’s knees stayed together, thwarting my plan. Slowly, I kneaded her legs less strenuously, allowing my fingers to stroke more than massage, similar to the way she had scratched her leg herself. My eyes and mind kept wandering under Mrs. Pierce’s skirt and my strokes became more and more like light caresses. I was startled when she spoke.

"Go higher," she whispered.

"Pardon me?" I replied, not sure what she meant, moving my hands to the upper part of her calves.

"Work the muscles above my knees," Mrs. Pierce whispered.

I slid my hands onto the back of Mrs. Pierce’s knees and then above, onto her lower thighs. Mrs. Pierce sighed contentedly and her knees relaxed, creating a gap between her legs. A narrow band of pale blue panties appeared through the hem of her skirt. I started massaging Mrs. Pierce’s thighs, near her knees, the way I had started near her ankles with her calves.

I took my time working my way higher, leery of making a mistake, of taking a liberty beyond what was intended. Eventually, I tried to move her legs further apart and this time they responded to my urges. A greater expanse of panty now greeted my eyes, encouraging me to deliver the best massage I could manage. My eyes roved over Mrs. Pierce’s entire body but especially on her red hair and the side of her freckled face which was contentedly serene. That is, when I wasn’t staring lovingly at her sleek thighs and peeking under her skirt at her panties. After a long while my fingers were kneading the most tender part of the inside of Mrs. Pierce’s thighs. They even ventured into what I would have thought would be a forbidden area under the hem of her skirt, near the blue panties, in my mind responding to the invitation implied by her yielding flesh.

Suddenly, Mrs. Pierce lifted up on her elbows and looked at me over her shoulders past her arched back. My hands when rigid, freezing on her thighs upon the entrance to her skirt.

"Oh my," she said, looking at the back of her skirt. "It’s a good thing Mr. Pierce didn’t come home."

I instinctively jerked my head toward the back of the house and Mrs. Pierce laughed.

"Don’t panic. He’s not due home for a while yet. You did such a good job, I got a little carried away. I hope you don’t mind?" she purred.

I shook my head. Not in the least, I tried to say but the words wouldn’t form in my throat.

"Maybe you should let me turn around now," Mrs. Pierce smiled, looking at my hands still inserted between her thighs.

"Oh... of course," I yanked my hands away from her legs as if they were burning.

Mrs. Pierce laughed and turned around on the lounge. She picked up the pitcher and topped up her glass and then mine. "Cheers," she said, setting the pitcher down, then picking up her glass and holding it out to me. I picked up mine and clinked her glass. Mrs. Pierce sipped hers and looked at me. After I matched her drink she said, "I trust you don’t have a loose tongue."

"No. Of course not, Mrs. Pierce," I assured her.

"Good. This is the kind of thing that could easily be misunderstood."

I nodded my understanding and took a large gulp of gin. I needed it.

"We have an understanding, then?"

I nodded.

Mrs. Pierce smiled and sipped her drink. As she did, her right knee slid up higher on the lounge and her pale blue panties appeared under the green skirt. This time, it was the front of the pale blue panties that showed. There was no way I couldn’t look right at them. No way. When I came to my senses, I looked up to find Mrs. Pierce looking at me, amused.

"Drink up," she said.

She raised her glass to her lips in concert with me and took a small sip. Mrs. Pierce smiled and I looked down between her legs, then up her thighs and under her skirt, latching onto those sexy blue panties. My eyes may have overstayed their welcome because Mrs. Pierce prodded me again.

"You better finish your drink, Paul," she said, rolling my name around with a wonderful lilt. "Mr. Pierce wouldn’t like it if he found a minor drinking liquor in my back yard."

I took a bigger drink and Mrs. Pierce laughed softly but she moved her left leg, exposing more blue panty. I drained my glass, all the while straining my eyes toward her skirt. Mrs. Pierce’s light laughter tinkled one last time as she got up. We walked back to the house and just before we got there Mr. Pierce appeared, poking his head through the glass doors.

"I’m home, dear," he said, ignoring me. "I’ll be in my study until dinner."

Mrs. Pierce acknowledged her husband, asked him to wait a moment and then, in his presence, turned to face me.

"Can you come again on Saturday?" she asked in an officious voice.

"Yes ma’am," I responded in kind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

By the next Saturday, my little monkey had been spanked numerous times. I wasn’t sure if Mrs. Pierce was giving me the come on or just having fun teasing me. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced she was setting me up for a fall, waiting for me to do something inappropriate so she could get Coach to kick me off the team. Paranoia, what a wonderful thing. But that didn’t stop me from fucking Mrs. Pierce many times, in my dreams.

Mrs. Pierce was sitting in the same place in the yard on the lounge. A pitcher and a single glass stood on the small table. I stopped beside her, ready to massage her legs. She was wearing shorts and a simple white blouse instead of a halter top that would show her bare midriff and a skirt that would let me... well, you know. She was reading a magazine. Several more were piled beside the pitcher on the table.

"You’re early," Mrs. Pierce admonished me. "Well, you can start gardening anyway."

Disappointed by her demeanor, I picked up the trowel and began weeding around the flowers. I turned often to check out Mrs. Pierce’s legs but her feet were always held demurely together, blocking any view of the backs of her thighs. Damn!

She moved the lounge herself when I shifted further along the garden to stay behind me. I checked her legs again but the story was the same: a blocked view.

"I better see if Mr. Pierce needs anything. I’ll be back in a minute."

Ah, so Mr. Pierce was home. I was both relieved to know the likely reason for her cool behavior and severely disappointed by her husband’s presence. I surely wouldn’t be doing any leg massaging now until next Wednesday.

I was so busy with my negative thoughts I didn’t realize Mrs. Pierce had returned until she sat behind me again though my ears had registered the patio door closing. Since she hadn’t remarked on the current location of her husband I assumed, with regret, that he was still in the house. A few minutes later, another chair shift along the garden toward the house shrank the viewing angle from the patio doors sufficiently that Mr. Pierce would have to step outside to see us and even then his view would be blocked by the back of the lounge chair. I shoveled a little dirt and then turned to look at Mrs. Pierce.

Mrs. Pierce had changed skirts! She was not wearing a black, knee-length pleated skirt that, while covering her knees on top of her thighs, was open across the bottom. It was loose and the rear hem drooped low enough that I could see her lacy black panties without straining my neck. I put my hand on the ground behind my hip and rested on it while I gazed at Mrs. Pierce’s delicious thighs, easily seen through her widely spaced lower legs. When she leaned her knees to one side to look at me, I brazenly didn’t turn away to pretend I was gardening.

"Would you like a drink, Paul?" she asked.

"There’s only one glass," I said.

"You can use mine while you take a break," she replied, picking up her gin and tonic and holding it out to me. I took the drink and brought it to my lips. "Just don’t let Mr. Pierce see you. He wouldn’t appreciate me giving alcohol to a minor."

Mrs. Pierce swung her knees back into place. He’d like it even less if he caught me staring at your panties, I thought. I tipped my head back for a long, slow drink, my eyes remaining between Mrs. Pierce’s thighs. As the cool mix trickled down my throat, Mrs. Pierce’s knees parted and a gap appeared between her thighs. Caught staring at her panty-covered pussy, I corrected myself.

I took my time with the drink and Mrs. Pierce didn’t make a single comment or motion to hurry me. The only sound in the backyard was the swish Mrs. Pierce made as she flipped the pages in her magazine. I couldn’t see the tiny hairs on her thighs under the shade of her skirt but there was enough light to notice the puffy rise of her pussy and the faint presence of a vertical groove running through the lower front of her panties. Her hole is in there, I thought. Her cunt. I stifled a groan and twisted my hips to ease the pressure on my burgeoning cock. I swigged the rest of the gin and stretched my hand around Mrs. Pierce’s knees to give her the glass.

"Would you like some more?" she asked.

"No thanks," I croaked. I was afraid if I kept looking up her skirt I’d pull my cock out and start wanking it in front of her.

Mrs. Pierce put the glass down and returned to her magazine. Flip... flip.

I didn’t start gardening again. I meant to, but instead, I put my hand behind her foot and let it hover in the air near her ankle. I pulled my arm toward me until my fingers curled around the back of Mrs. Pierce’s foot. She tensed, but said nothing. I moved my hand up and down and few inches, slowly, my fingers pinching lightly on either side of her Achilles tendon. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. Mrs. Pierce remained silent, and still. I moved my hand higher, slipping up until the muscle of her calf filled my palm.

"Mr. Pierce is still home," she spoke quietly without a hint of any other sanction in her voice. I kept rubbing the back of her calf but didn’t reply. A minute later, Mrs. Pierce repeated her comment. When I ignored her again, she said, "Did you hear me, Paul?"

"Yes," I replied quietly, letting my hand slip up her entire calf muscle and into the hollow behind her knee. She allowed me several more full strokes before she queried me again.


"He can’t see even if he comes out," I said. "Not unless he comes all the way here."

"That’s not the point," Mrs. Pierce replied, her voice beginning to assume its officious tone.

"Does this help your injury?" I asked. Before she could say anything, I added, "Doesn’t it make you feel better?"

"Yes, but..."

"Why should you be in pain just because he’s home. He could help, but he doesn’t."

Mrs. Pierce didn’t reply. I continued stroking the back of her leg, waiting for a tensing muscle that would signal her decision to get up and leave. Five strokes, ten, fifteen. The muscles in Mrs. Pierce’s calf seemed to relax rather than tense up. Twenty strokes. Cautiously, I raised my left hand up and brought it up under her knee. Telling myself not to do it, I ignored myself and moved my hand higher to connect with the underside of Mrs. Pierce’s thigh and let my fingers curl around the bottom of her thigh muscles. I squeezed and pushed my hand higher, or rather downward, but further up her thigh.

The resigned but satisfied sigh was music to my ears. Within minutes, I was stroking the full length of Mrs. Pierce’s leg. I twisted her lower leg to pry her thighs wider, increasing the yawning gap of her puffy lace panties. I was using the thumb of my left hand to rub the bottom of her thigh now, the fingers stretching up onto the inner side of that thigh. My fingertips were reaching to within less than an inch from the edge of Mrs. Pierce’s panties. Perhaps getting a little carried away, I leaned way over and ducked my head under her skirt.

"I’m going now," Mr. Pierce’s voice crashed into my reverie. I hadn’t even heard the patio door open.

Mrs. Pierce’s left hand slipped under her legs and grabbed my hair, holding my head in place.

"Do you want me to get you anything before I go?" Mr. Pierce yelled.

"No thanks, dear," Mrs. Pierce yelled back, her voice unsteady, unlike the firm grip she maintained on my hair.

"Has your young man left, then?" her husband asked.

He couldn’t see me sitting on the grass in front of the lounge, hidden by the upright back of the chair and the long skirt stretched across her bent knees covering my head and shoulders. In that moment I made the most ridiculously dangerous move of my short life. I let my left hand fall to the apex of Mrs. Pierce’s legs and, turning it over, let the back of my hand graze across the front of her panties.

Mrs. Pierce went rigid. Her legs started to close to clamp my hand in place but then widened as the skirt began to sink between her knees, stretching it back to its previous taut state covering my upper body. I twisted my wrist, rubbing my knuckles back and forth across those puffy lace panties.

"Yes," Mrs. Pierce coughed, then more firmly, "Yes. He’s gone."

If Mr. Pierce approached now, all hell would break loose.

"How’s he working out?"

"Quite well," Mrs. Pierce replied.

I applied firmer pressure and was sure that the knuckle of my longest finger briefly penetrated the intriguing groove I had spied when I first looked under Mrs. Pierce’s skirt.

"Say what?" Mr. Pierce inquired.

"I said, yes, he’s working out quite well."

I turned my hand around and cupped Mrs. Pierce’s pussy, stretching my thumb over the bottom of her panties and into the base of her ass. Mrs. Pierce’s hand tightened so hard I thought it would yank all my hair out.

"That’s good. I’m off, then."

Mrs. Pierce’s stomach muscles tensed and I imagined her nodding her head and waving her free hand to say farewell to her husband. The patio door snapped shut and Mrs. Pierce’s grip loosened on my head. I let go of her ankle and pushed my hand under her butt as I stretched further onto the lounge, bringing my face in close proximity to her musky panties. I grasped the rear waistband of the lace panties and pulled. As soon as they cleared her butt, I pulled them up to her knees with my left hand along her right leg and pushed them up the left with my right. My face landed squarely on a moist pussy already pushing up to meet me.

"Ohhhh, God!" Mrs. Pierce cried, yanking my head onto her throbbing clit.

I grabbed Mrs. Pierce’s thighs and slid my hands up to the underside of her knees, then used them as handholds to grip her legs and shove them up and back onto her chest while she steered my face around on her vibrating pussy.

"Eat me, you cocky little bastard," she cried, bucking her hips against my face.

I dropped my left hand beneath my chin and probed under my tongue, finding her hole and pushing the tips of two fingers into its wet, pulpy mass. Mrs. Pierce released my head and replaced my hand behind her knee. I let my left hand fall to her stomach and stretched its thumb down to rub her clit while my tongue got busy lapping between her hairy lips. My fingers were now busy pushing in and out, finger fucking her hole, almost as much as her churning hips were fucking my face. I had meant to just get her hot enough to fuck but she was so horny and held my head so firmly I kept eating her pussy. She really deserved a treat and I decided to give her one. I pulled out of her pussy and surrounded her clit with my mouth and sucked it for twenty seconds or so, then pushed my rigid tongue as far into her cunt as I could and moved my head up and down, tongue-fucking this hot woman everyone mistakenly called a bitch. Thank you, Coach. Thank you, for this crappy assignment. I smiled inwardly. The intensity of the morning’s teasing was taking effect. Mrs. Pierce was moaning constantly now, broken only by verbal encouragements.

"Yeah, Paul. That’s it... like that... oh yeah, yeah."

I stuck my tongue deep and shook my head, rubbing my thumb rapidly across her swollen clit. I vibrated my head so rapidly it started to hurt.

"Oh yeah... God yeah... eat it... eat it... Gooooddd, ohhhhhhhh, God, oh God, oh God!"

Mrs. Pierce’s legs fell on either side of my head and she shoved my face off her pussy. She was twisting from side to side, enjoying the rapture of her orgasm. I stood up and watched as a series of intense expressions flitted across her face, expressing the variety of sensations a woman can experience while in the throes of such bliss. Eventually, her closed eyes tightened one final time and then relaxed. I pushed my shorts down and released my aching cock.

Mrs. Pierce stopped twisting about. She was making a barely audible whimpering sound. I straddled the lounge and picked up her legs by the ankles, pushing them back until her knees were against her chest. Once more, I gripped her legs under the knees and lined my cock up with her wet pussy. Her panties were still stretched across her knees. Mrs. Pierce opened her eyes when my tip nudged her nether lips. She didn’t speak and her eyes gave neither permission nor denial. I pushed the purple helmet of my cock between her lips, found her hole, and shoved my entire length inside her until my root collided with her rubbery lips. I gave an extra shove and was rewarded with a satisfying grunt from Mrs. Pierce.

Mrs. Pierce watched me calmly as I fucked her. I started with long, slow strokes fully in and out, always pausing to give her an extra shove, driving her ass firmly into the lounge. My strokes became more frequent as our fucking increased in speed but the length didn’t change. I kept banging Mrs. Pierce with full-length strokes, harder and harder. The only sound was our ragged breathing and the occasional moan or grunt, from both of us, until the loud slap of merging thighs began filling the backyard.

It was a dangerous sound that could have carried beyond the hedges surrounding Mrs. Pierce’s yard but she didn’t try to abate it herself or signal me to slow down. On the contrary, she cranked her hips up even harder to meet my thrusts. SLAP,SLAP, SLAP. I was really pounding on her now. I had her legs pushed back so far her butt was twisted almost straight up. My legs ached from stretching over the lounge but I would have gladly fucked her until they fell off, it felt so good.

Never before had I felt a pussy like this. Sure, I hadn’t had many but the few women, well girls, that I had been with didn’t fuck like this. Mrs. Pierce was my first real woman. Just the expressions on her face as looked at me, holding my eyes steadily with hers, made me want to really give it to her but no matter how hard I lunged into her, I knew I couldn’t best her. I knew I couldn’t make her beg me to stop.

Suddenly, my hips took control and I started to really jack-hammer Mrs. Pierce. I tried to slow down but I couldn’t control myself, and that’s when Mrs. Pierce smiled. A smile that turned into a quiet laugh as she tilted her head back, squeezing my cock tight, pulling my cum from deep inside me to hose her innards, laughing triumphantly.

She rubbed the back of my neck and tousled my hair for several minutes after I collapsed on top of her. When she finally extricated herself, she pulled her panties up and smoothed her skirt down her legs.

"Bring my drink upstairs before you go," she said.

As I watched Mrs. Pierce walk to the house, I realized hadn’t even taken the time to undo her blouse. I hadn’t seen her tits and the way she carried herself away from me, I felt I never would.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I knocked tentatively on the bedroom door.

"Come in. You don’t need to knock for God’s sake."

I pushed the door open and carried the glass and pitcher of gin and tonic into Mrs. Pierce’s room. She was standing in front of her dresser, fixing her make-up. She pointed to the bedside table on the far side of the bed from her. I put the glass down and refilled the glass.

"Would you like a drink before you go?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Well, then drink."

I lifted the glass to my lips and tipped it up enough for a small trickle to stream into my mouth. Mrs. Pierce’s hands reached to the side of her hip and the pleated skirt slipped down her legs. Her hands were already unbuttoning the blouse when the glass pulled away from my lips. Mrs. Pierce smiled.

"Drink all of it," she said.

I drank the gin while Mrs. Pierce unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and shucked it off. She was wearing a lacy, black bra that covered her nipples but allowed the skin of her breasts to show through. The matching panties had magically disappeared. Her pussy looked well-exercised from our recent exertions. The bra came off and Mrs. Pierce’s tits bounced free, a little low slung but not too much. They were a nice size for such an athletic woman and jutted off her chest, angled slightly to the side with nipples that stabbed upwards.

"You forgot to look at these in your haste. Do they meet your approval?" she smiled.

I nodded intensely.

"Well, then," she laughed. "Drink up."

Mrs. Pierce crawled onto the bed and lay prone on her back. She curled her left arm under her head and fluffed her red hair onto the pillow with her right. She seemed amused.

"Well, I know you can fuck. Let’s see if you know how to make love."

The rapidity with which I shed my clothes intensified the amused expression on Mrs. Pierce’s face. As she watched me, she opened her legs and beckoned me with a cock-stiffening come-on look but when I climbed onto the bed her legs clothes and she turned on her side to face me.

"Slow down, baby," she said in a throaty voice.

When I tried to pull her toward me she resisted, pushing on my chest. I lowered my face and tried to lift her tit to my mouth but she swept me my hand away and pulled back. I looked at her, perplexed, but she only smiled back at me. I tried to capture her nipple in my mouth but was again pushed away. She appeared quite amused now but I was getting frustrated. When she pouted her lips in an exaggerated fashion, I got the idea. Of course, she wanted to make love, and that meant kissing. Well, I could do that for a few minutes.

I kissed her, and kept kissing her for what seemed an eternity. I tried to fondle her breasts but was denied. When I tried to palm her pussy, my hand was pushed away. Grasping her leg behind the knee and lifting it over my hip so I could rub my cock on her pussy was a no-no too. Resigned, I stopped trying and continued kissing her.

Later, much later, Mrs. Pierce grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head away from her face. She whispered, "Kiss me everywhere."

Finally! I trailed kisses down her cheek to her neck, then quickly made a beeline for her tits. Shit! She pushed my face away again.

"Not there. Not yet," she whispered hoarsely. "Kiss me everywhere but there and here," she grabbed my hand and briefly covered her pussy with it, then flung it away. "I’ll let you know when I want you there."

So I did what she said. I kissed and sucked and nibbled Mrs. Pierce’s entire body: shoulders, neck, arms, underarms, sides, legs, feet, toes, and yes, even her ass. In fact, eventually I even tried to beat her at her own game. At first, whenever I came near her tits or pussy I kept approaching until her body signaled me away but now I refrained from getting as close as she had allowed me to before. It pleased me to detect a faint disappointment in the soft murmurs emitted in response to my caresses and I felt a transfer of power, from one being denied to one deciding when to give. I began to enjoy this ’love-making’ thing.

I loved the way Mrs. Pierce’s body reacted to my touch. The way she shuddered when my tongue trailed alongside her pussy but not on it, indicating the sheer need underlying her anticipation brought rings of teasing tingles up and down my cock, culminating in a shower of needle-pricking delight that covered my entire helmet. My own anticipation was almost overwhelming and I nearly came when I finally decided that enough was enough and rolled Mrs. Pierce onto her back.

She raised her legs and opened them wide as I nestled between them, cocking her hips up to ease my entry, but I paused to suck her nipple into my mouth at the exact instant that I slipped inside her. I didn’t ram my cock home as it and her pussy urged me to do. Instead, I slid my shaft inside Mrs. Pierce’s love tunnel as slowly as I could, even pulling up when she tried to impale her slippery cunt on my cock. I let her nipple slide from my lips and brought my mouth to her ear, chuckling in triumph at her need, now even greater than mine if only marginally so.

"Make love to me, Paul," she gasped.

"I will," I groaned in response.

We moved slowly, straining constantly, writhing together, striving to keep as much skin contact as possible. Mrs. Pierce had lowered her legs soon after my entry and we were now aligned, my feet on hers, my legs pressing her thighs, our torsos twisting together and my arms wrapped around her shoulders, holding her head, kissing her feverishly.

I loved the feel of her, inside and out, loved her intensity, her sounds, her smell. I simply loved, and tried with every motion and sound to convey my feeling. When it came, it was the longest orgasm I ever experienced. It sounds funny, but it lasted well beyond the point where my cock stop spurting inside her womb, even after it had no more to even seep inside her. When it was finally over, I rolled off her onto my back. We both sighed loudly, gasping for the breath we so desperately needed, more from the intensity of our acts than the exertion of it all.

"Wow," I gasped.

"Wow," she echoed my sentiment.

Mrs. Pierce rolled on top of me and kissed me quickly on the mouth.

"Which did you like better, the lounge or the bed. Tell me the truth."

"Um... the lounge."

She shrieked like a girl. "Oh, you brat," she cried, pummeling my the chest.

We stayed in bed for almost an hour after before getting a shower. Though I started to get hard watching her dress, I didn’t try to start anything because anything that day would have been anticlimactic. We kissed tenderly before exiting the bedroom and Mrs. Pierce walked me to the patio door, her arm around my waist and mine around her shoulder, where we kissed and made plans to meet again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mrs. Pierce’s injury healed by Christmas in time for her to take charge of spring training and both teams won again. Coach was ecstatic with the ’exceptional service’ Mrs. Pierce told him I had provided. I was in his good books.

The following fall I moved to attend college where I maintained a small, crappy apartment that I stayed in when my mother came to visit me. The rest of the year, I lived with Mrs. Pierce who had followed me to take a new job after she left her husband, as we had planned that summer. The second year, I didn’t bother with the apartment, and by the next summer, Mrs. Pierce and I married, secretly, without my parents knowing. We moved to the opposite coast after I finished college. I didn’t mind signing a prenuptial agreement. After all, I had nothing. Mrs. Pierce evidently had a fair amount of money from an inheritance. She didn’t need to work. We were quite happy and lived to be together.

Sex was mostly making love but on special occasions, Mrs. Pierce allowed me anything I wanted. On my birthday, she let me take her mouth and even tied her own hands behind her back to prevent them from interfering with my control of her face. I wished I could do her like that more often but it was all the more enjoyable knowing the act was special. She even adopted a haughty expression, knowing it would please me even more to splash my spend all over it. As long as pain and debasement weren’t involved, Mrs. Pierce was game, for that day, New Year’s Day, and one day a year that always came to me as a complete surprise.

The rest of the year, we make love the way Mrs. Pierce wanted to. Oh yeah, and that was a real quirk of hers too. I had to call her Mrs. Pierce. I never used or even knew her first name. On those special days, when I fucked her hard, squatting over her haunches and literally plunging my cock into her cunt, she would laugh at me, crying, "Don’t you just love fucking Mrs. Pierce?"

Yes, I did. Indeed, I did.

There was one thing Mrs. Pierce would simply not do. Anal sex. It was four years before I even tried. It was an emphatic NO! Not then, not ever. I didn’t broach the subject again.

Our sex had perhaps peeked by the sixth year but it was still pretty good, at least from my perspective. I was twenty-five years old and she had to be about forty-five, though I never knew her exact age. That’s why it came as a complete surprise to me when I arrived home to find Mrs. Pierce waiting for me in the front hallway with the door open, coat on, purse slung over her shoulder.

"I’m leaving, Paul. I wanted to tell you in person, rather than in a note, how wonderful it’s been and that, in my own way, I’ll always love you... but now our time is over."

With that, she stepped close to me and stretched up to kiss me quickly on my stunned lips, then slipped around me and walked briskly out the door and down the cement stairs to the taxi I hadn’t noticed waiting outside with the motor running. I guess her bags were already in the trunk because she wasn’t carrying any luggage with her, nor did she come back for any. She was in the car by the time I ran down the stairs and it whisked away before I could reach it to pull the door open. I never saw her again. Everything was handled through a lawyer. She had left me a small sum to get through the year even if I quit my job.

To say I was bewildered would be an enormous understatement. I mean, wouldn’t you be? I moped around feeling sorry for myself for almost a year, running through all the stages of catastrophic loss. I searched my mind for every memory, every scrap of sensation, the way she moved, laughed, and smelled. I dredged my cortex for missed indications of what was to come but could find no such previews. For hours each day I brooded, sitting in the over-stuffed chair in front of the fireplace or languishing in bed, eyes closed, dreaming, trying to recapture the fading sense of her skin which was always so amazingly soft and warm. The memory of her standing in front of the tall, old-fashioned bedroom window, the morning light streaming past her nude body, one hand combing out her red hair, turning toward with a seductive smile and saying, ’Let’s stay home and make love all day?’ Funny, but now that I thought about it, with all that intense focus on making love, Mrs. Pierce never told me she loved me, not even once, despite the thousands of times she heard it from me.

I was in the midst of deep depression one miserable fall day when I answered a persistent knock at the door. Whoever it was ignored my repeated calls to ’go away’. A man in a uniform stood on the doorstep holding an envelope. It wasn’t a summons or anything ominous; it was too square-like for that. It looked more like an invitation and it was, an invitation to a funeral for one of Mrs. Pierce’s friends. After the man returned to the black limo waiting at the curb, I shut the door and threw it into the fireplace but changed my mind and barely managed to retrieve it before it burst into flames.

Would she be there? The funeral was for the only close friend of hers that I knew of, the only one that had known her before we moved here, and who had evidently known her before she came to teach at my school. I had to go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The funeral was very formal, kind of like large funerals I had seen in movies. Mr. Pearson was evidently a wealthy man. Mrs. Pierce wasn’t there and I didn’t recognize anyone else. I tagged along to the gathering held afterwards at his home mostly out of curiosity. I would have liked to talk to his widow to see if she knew Mrs. Pierce but I knew it wasn’t appropriate. I was surprised by Mrs. Pearson. I had only seen Mr. Pearson once a few years before and he had been about fifty then. Mrs. Pearson appeared to be about thirty-five at most. Even in her long, black funeral dress it was apparent she had a lovely figure, enough of one anyway to cause a reaction in me for which I immediately berated myself. When she lifted her veil briefly after the ceremony, I was struck by her beauty, a younger, brunette version of Mrs. Pierce.

I was standing at the edge of one of the large rooms in the house, mansion really, near the doorway when Mrs. Pearson entered from the far end. She greeted several people as she passed through the room, exchanging a few solemn words with each. As she approached, I backed into the hallway so as not to impede her exit. She walked past me with her head down, then turned after a few steps just as she was about to go up the stairs.

"It’s Paul, isn’t it?" she said through the veil.

"Why, yes," I stammered, surprised that she knew me.

"Thank you for coming. I didn’t know you knew Peter... Mr. Pearson," she added in response to my confused expression. "Actually, I’m surprised Carol introduced you."

"I only met him briefly, by accident. I don’t think we were meant to be introduced," I said.

Mrs. Pearson nodded, then turned to continue up the stairs.

"Did you say Carol?" I asked.

Mrs. Pearson turned back to me. "Yes. You were living together, weren’t you?"

"Of course," I said. "Forgive me. I thought you meant someone else."

Mrs. Pearson regarded me carefully, one hand on the banister. It was impossible to imagine what she was thinking since her face was still hidden by the black veil.

"Would you join me for a few minutes? Upstairs?"

She turned and ascended the stairs without waiting for my answer. I followed, admonishing myself again as my eyes found her shapely bottom which simply couldn’t be ignored as it swished from side to side, its contours revealing themselves with each step. Well, now I would have the opportunity to ask about Mrs. Pierce’s whereabouts. Or Carol, if that really was her first name. Almost seven years we lived together and I didn’t even know her name until today. Mrs. Pearson led me into a large room that turned out to be her bedroom which was surprising, given its size. She walked to a large dresser and removed her veil and headdress, then shook her head, freeing a thick, luxuriant mass of chocolate brown hair until it spilled evenly over her shoulders. She was truly beautiful.

"So, you didn’t really know my husband, then, even though you lived with his sister for seven years?"

His sister! Mr. Pearson was Mrs. Pierce’s sister? I was speechless.

Mrs. Pearson chuckled. "I see you didn’t know she had a brother. Their penchant for secrecy was a tad overboard."

"I didn’t even know her name was Carol," I mumbled, distracted, still struggling to get my mind around what I’d just heard.

"What did you call her?" Mrs. Pearson asked, pulling her long dress up to her knee and leaning over to one side to remove a high heel. Her hair tumbled into the air as her face leaned to the side, making her beauty even more apparent.

"I called her Mrs. Pierce," I said.

"Mrs. Pierce," Mrs. Pearson laughed out loud, leaning the other way to remove the other shoe. She stepped toward me. "You’re serious?"

"Yes," I shrugged. "For seven years, I called her Mrs. Pierce. I never knew her first name until you said it downstairs."

"Incredible," she said. "I hate to tell you, but her real name is Miss Pearson. She never married."

"No, that can’t be. She was married to Mr. Pierce and then to me."

"Did you see the Marriage Certificate?"

"No. We were married in a private, civil ceremony in our home."

"Paul, you were never married, believe me, and she never married this Mr. Pierce either."

I scrutinized her face, looking for doubt, but I knew she was telling me the truth. This was unbelievable.

"But how do you know my name? If you didn’t even know I had met your husband. Please forgive me for asking on this day, but how did you know my name?"

"I’ve heard her say it many times."

"So you knew her well? She came here often?"

"Almost never. I only met her two or three times, accidently, like you met Peter."

"Then how did you hear her speak my name so many times."

Mrs. Pearson nodded to the door behind me. "Lock the door and I’ll show you."

I locked the door and turned back to get my answers. I was angry, though I knew I had no reason to be angry with her. Mrs. Pearson was standing in front of an overstuffed couch, pointing a remote at a large screen mounted on the wall.

"Tell me, Mrs. Pearson. Why have you heard my name so often?" I said in a loud, demanding voice, unable to keep my frustration and anger hidden.

"Shhhh," she whispered. "Just wait and I’ll show you. And my name is Karen, not Mrs. Pearson."

The screen sprang to life, mid-movie, as if it had been paused and was waiting to be started again where it had been left, or at the start of a favorite segment. Mrs. Pierce was kneeling with her hands tied behind her back, her bare bottom resting on her heels. A man was holding the top of her head with one hand and feeding his cock into her mouth with the other. He was thrusting his meat into her face, pulling her head forward with a handful of hair. After a minute he withdrew, allowing her to gulp for air, saliva dripping from her chin. Mrs. Pierce looked up at the man dominating her.

"Happy Birthday, Paul."

Mrs. Pearson... Karen... turned and smiled at me. Behind her, on the screen, I was thrusting my cock vigorously in and out of Mrs. Pierce’s mouth.

"We have hours and hours of this, mostly boring, romantic love-making, but I love these scenes and the ones with the real hard fucking. I’ve been an admirer of yours for years, Paul."

For not the first time that day, my mouth dropped open. I looked blankly at Karen, then at the scene unfolding behind her. Karen’s hands reached up behind her head and I knew she was undoing the clasp at the back of her neck, that her hands, now lowering, were unzipping her funeral dress.

"Can you imagine what it would be like if every day was like that, Paul?"

I was still too stunned to react.

"Can you imagine dominating your woman like that, every day of the year?"

Karen reached down to grasp the sides of her long, black dress and pulled it up until the hem was by her knees. She turned and knelt on the overstuffed couch, then leaned forward until her head fell over its rounded top. Her hands, still grasping the sides of her dress, pulled it up to her hips, exposing a small triangular pair of panties covering a luscious ass, deliciously emphasized by the dark stockings that ended six inches below it.

"My husband is dead," she whispered. "I need a strong man to look after me, Paul."

She looked back at the screen where I was still pumping Mrs. Pierce’s face with full strokes of my very hard cock.

"Do you think you can be strong like that, Paul. Can you be a man, all the time?"

I started shredding my clothes. Not shedding... shredding. I was desperate to get them off, to throw away the years of restraint, the careful, controlled lovemaking that Mrs. Pierce had forced upon me, made me believe I wanted. I needed to get rid of her, in one wild, senseless, abandoned fuck. Mrs. Pearson... Karen, was laughing, goading me, begging me to split her with my pole.

I knelt behind her, my suit coat off, the shirt in shreds, my pants bunched on my knees, around my feet, one of which was still wearing its shoe. My hands found her panties and ripped them off to loud squeals of delight. I grasped her hair in my left hand and tugged her head up as I leaned over her back while my right hand guided my cock, nosing it through her cheeks in search of her slit.

"Shut up," I hissed.

"Make me," she husked.

I shoved into her, roughly, all the way, lifting her up on the back of the couch. Immediately, I started slamming into her, huffing loudly, grasping her shoulders and banging her soft cheeks as hard as I could. We didn’t speak any more, we were both fucking our hearts out, shedding the past and finding our future. She was so fucking sexy, so earthy and heathen. This was real love, no control and no hurt, just passion. I thrust harder, and harder, and harder.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah."

I pulled Karen’s hair up and grasped it in both hands. I loved the way she looked, eyes closed, mouth open, her whole body jolting with every thrust. I wanted this woman so much, I needed her to be mine.

Shit! I was coming already. It felt like molten lava shooting up my shaft, bursting from the head of my cock, filling her. I could feel it, several squirts later, squeezing through the tight grip her lips held around my post. I was kissing her, whispering inanely, "I love you, I love you," to this woman I’d only just met.

You might think we would have been embarrassed after that, a little sheepish, that we would both pull on our clothes without looking at each other again, but we didn’t. I flopped onto the couch and Karen got up, straightened her dress and calmly walked, the back of the dress still open, to the bathroom. She appeared a few moments later carrying a large comforter which she spread over me. She stooped to pick up her shredded panties and tossed them onto a chair, then casually slipped the dress off her shoulders and shimmied it down over her hips. She watched me watch her remove her lacy black bra which seemed far too sexy to be mated with the conservative dress now lying at her feet. Her breasts sprang free, bouncing with youthful enthusiasm despite her ten years or so on me and I wished I had thought to grab them. I remembered, strangely, how I had forgotten to sample Mrs. Pierce’s tits the first time I had fucked her too. Now nude except for the black stockings, Karen picked up the remote and slipped under the comforter.

She pointed the remote at the screen and said, "Let’s start at the beginning. We’ve got lots of discs to go through."

Before the first minute had passed, I had those gorgeous tits in my hands, both of them, with nipples poking through the circles formed by thumbs and forefingers leaving just a tiny bit to be licked and sucked.

"I bet you can’t make it fifteen minutes without fucking me again," she whispered.

She was right.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I didn’t even return to my apartment. Karen had some people bring my personal effects over and everything else was disposed of. Karen hired me as one of her staff but she explained it was only for pocket money and to legally establish that I would never have a claim on her estate since I was considered an employee and not living with her. It was an uncomfortable reminder of Mrs. Pierce ? I still don’t think of her as Carol ? but one that was easily erased by a very satisfying bout in bed.

Karen was everything sh

Black cock friday 2

Black cock friday 2
"Ungh!" she groaned. "So fucking good. Your cock is filling my pussy, Maliq. You’re all the way inside me. Isn’t it wonderful?"

Maliq groaned through the fabric stuffed in his mouth.

"Your cock is stretching my pussy walls. Can you feel it?"

Maliq did not respond. Instead, he rolled his hips slightly, causing is cock to rub against the inner surfaces of Shirley’s tender pussy.

"Mmmmm," Shirley moaned. "I feel you all the way in my belly."

Shirley placed her hands on Maliq’s outstretched thighs and braced herself. She used the leverage to slide her pussy up and down his shaft. She pumped her legs several times, raising and lowering her soft wide ass cheeks with every thrust. Shirley felt her pussy getting wetter with every downstroke.

After just a few minutes of riding Maliq’s shaft, Shirley felt an orgasm approaching. She increased her speed, bouncing up and down on the young man’s lap with greater urgency. The wet sound of Maliq’s cock sloshing inside her juicy hole, the smacking of soft skin against hard flesh, and Shirley’s grunts were the only noises in the room.

"Ungh! Yes! Right there!"

Shirley’s orgasm washed over her like the tide rolling over footprints in the sand. For a few brief seconds she was aware of nothing but the heat rising from her pussy and the searing electricity numbing her brain. The pleasure obliterated her consciousness, passed through her, and left her hungry for more.

"That was so good," she panted. "Did you cum?"

Shirley turned and looked back at Maliq.

"Just nod," she said.

Maliq shook his head from side to side.

"Good," Shirley said. "I want more."

Shirley leaned forward, shifting more of her weight from her feet to her hands, which were still pressed against Maliq’s thighs. She arched her back and looked up at the ceiling, causing her butt cheeks to shift upward, and thereby filling the lower half of Maliq’s field of vision with her soft white globes.

"Do you like my ass, Maliq?" Shirley asked. "I hear black men like big white booties. Is that true, Maliq?"

Maliq groaned through the panties filling his mouth.

Shirley rolled her hips and rubbed her soft white butt cheeks against Maliq’s hard stomach. She leaned forward, wrapped her arms around the young man’s knees, and lifted her hips. She rode up and down on his long black cock, reveling in the exquisite friction that position afforded.

"Ungh!" Shirley grunted. "I’m going to cum again. This is going to be a big one."

Shirley straightened her back and shifted her weight to the balls of her feet. She leaned back into Maliq’s chest and ground her ass into his groin, driving his cock deep into her belly.

"Mmmm! Yes! Almost...there."

The older woman bounced up and down on the younger man’s thighs. She dug her nails into his skin and alternately pushed and pulled, raising and then lowering her pussy on his shaft. The warmth in her pussy spread to her clit, and then continued racing through her nervous system until it reached her nipples. From there it seared a direct path to the back of her brain.

"Almost! Right...there. Ungh!"

Shirley slammed her butt into Maliq’s groin. She rose up and down, faster and faster, driving his shaft deeper and deeper into her pussy. Every downward stroke sent his long black cock deep into her womb. Her body was on fire. Electric current sizzled throughout her nervous system. It was getting harder for her to breathe.

"Ungh! Yes! That’s...ungh! I’m...cumming!"

An explosion in the back of her head sent Shirley over the edge. At the same time, she felt Maliq stiffen and his shaft swell up inside her. Shirley rode the rising wave of pleasure, digging her finger nails into Maliq’s thighs and pressing her ass into his groin. Every nerve in her body tingled. Her vision went black, and then she collapsed on Maliq’s chest.

"Wow. That Look at me, I’m shaking."

Shirley stood up on unsteady feet. She took a step, and then put her hand on Maliq’s shoulder for support. She reached for the panties and removed them from his mouth.

"I’m sorry, I forget that was there."

"You’re one crazy ass bitch, you know that?"

"Don’t be mad. Did you cum?"


"Good. Good for you. I did too. Twice, actually. You’ve got a helluva cock, Maliq. That was incredible."

"Can I go now?"

"Yes, you’re free to go. Let me get those restraints off you."

Shirley took out a pair of scissors and cut off the plastic zip ties. Maliq stood, pulled up his pants, and headed for the door.

"This isn’t over. You know that, don’t you bitch?"

"We’re through here, Maliq. I would love to fuck you again next year, perhaps. Black Cock Friday is my favorite day of the year."

"You’ll be hearing from me, I promise."

"Good bye, Maliq. Go out that door, turn right, and exit through the door at the end of the hallway. Enjoy the rest of your day shopping. And good luck with that Christmas list."

* * * *

The rest of the day was productive. Loss Prevention picked up one hundred forty suspects throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. Sixty-two were turned over to the police, while seventy-eight signed the stipulation and left the store forever. Shirley offered her special deal to three more, all of whom were young African American males.

At 10:45 p.m. Shirley was walking a circuit through the jewelry department when her cell phone rang. Looking down, she saw that it was Mr. Kellerman, the store manager.

"Shirley Johnson," she answered. "What can I do for you, Mr. Kellerman?"

"Shirley, I need to see you in my office."

"The store closes in fifteen minutes. I’ll be up as soon as the doors are all locked."

"Come up now, Shirley. This can’t wait."

"Yes, sir, I’ll be right there."

Shirley took the employee elevator to the third floor. She exited the car and headed for the administrative offices on the far side of the store. Haley?Mr. Kellerman’s executive assistant?clocked out hours ago, so no one greeted her when she entered the administrative suite. Instead, a voice called from Mr. Kellerman’s office at the end of the hallway.

"We’re back here, Shirley. Come on in."

Shirley stepped through the doorway and found Mr. Kellerman seated in a padded chair behind his heavy desk. An African American gentleman in a dark suit and tie sat in the chair opposite Mr. Kellerman. He appeared to be in his mid-forties, tall, well-groomed, and physically fit. His camel hair outer coat was folded in half on his lap, and a black leather brief case sat on the floor next to his chair.

Both men stood when Shirley entered the office.

"Mr. Patterson, this is my loss prevention supervisor, Ms. Shirley Johnson," Mr. Kellerman said. "Shirley, this is Mr. Fred Patterson."

"Pleased to meet you, Ms. Johnson." Mr. Patterson reached for Shirley’s hand.

"Thank you," Shirley responded as she offered her hand to Mr. Patterson. "And likewise."

"Have a seat, Shirley," Mr. Kellerman said. "Mr. Patterson is a prominent attorney. Have you heard of him before? Seen his name or face on television?"

"No, I’m sorry," Shirley looked from Mr. Kellerman to Mr. Patterson. "Should I have heard of you?"

"Ms. Johnson, I’m a civil rights attorney," Mr. Patterson said. "My practice is limited to representing persons harmed by violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and other similar statutes. In recent years I have made it my business to address unlawful racial profiling by law enforcement, government, and retail establishments."

"OK." Shirley fidgeted in her chair. "Why are you telling this to me?"

"Mr. Patterson had some concerns regarding the treatment of his nephew this morning." Mr. Kellerman took off his glasses and stared at Shirley. "I looked into the computer, but couldn’t

find his name anywhere in the security files."

"We apprehended and processed approximately one hundred forty people today," Shirley answered. "What is his name?"

"Maliq Carson," Mr. Patterson answered.

Shirley’s eyes bulged and the color drained from her face.

"I’m sorry, that name doesn’t ring a bell."

"Are you sure, Ms. Johnson?" Mr. Patterson asked. "He’s about six foot one, one hundred eighty pounds, dark complexion? He said he was in the store from about 9:00 a.m. until almost noon."

"No, I’m afraid I don’t recall seeing him."

"Perhaps if we looked over the footage from your security cameras?" Mr. Patterson asked.

"Possibly," Shirley answered. "I can review the footage in the morning and let you know what I find."

"Ms. Johnson, I took the time to drive over here this evening rather than return home frm my office. I would like to resolve this matter tonight."

"Mr. Patterson," Shirley said. "There are over fifty cameras in the store. We have hundreds of hours of surveillance video just from this morning. It’s going to take some time to go through all of it. I promise you that I will address this matter first thing tomorrow morning and respond to you before the end of the day."

"Will it help you if I narrow the times he was in the store and specify the departments where he shopped?"

"Shirley," Mr. Kellerman interrupted. "Please take Mr. Patterson over to the Nest and review the footage with him. Come and see me when you have this matter all sorted out."

"Mr. Kellerman, this could take hours. Why don’t you go home and I’ll bring you up to speed in the morning?"

"I’ll wait, Shirley. I’m not leaving until this matter is resolved. Even if it takes all night, I’ll be here."

Shirley gulped.

"Very well. Come with me, Mr. Patterson."

Shirley stood up and exited Mr. Kellerman’s office. Mr. Patterson followed her, walking a step behind the chunky blonde.

"How long have you been in loss prevention?" Mr. Patterson asked.

"Over twenty years. Why?"

Shirley walked across the floor at a brisk pace. By the time she reached the loss prevention offices, the rest of her team had already clocked out and gone home.

"Because I suspect you are going to be without a job when we leave here tonight, and it will be next to impossible for you to find a new position in a retail environment."

"I don’t respond to threats, Mr. Patterson."

"Please, Ms. Johnson, call me Fred. May I call you Shirley?"

"Ms. Johnson will do."

"As you wish. Now let’s take a look at those surveillance videos, Ms. Johnson."

"Right this way."

Shirley opened the door to her office and sat behind the desk. Her computer was still running, so she opened the file containing surveillance videos and pulled up the latest menu.

"There are fifty-seven cameras in the store, and the videos are broken down by hour. That’s nearly four hundred files to look through."

"Let me help you out, Ms. Johnson. Look for files in the jewelry department, between ten and eleven a.m."

Shirley pulled up three files. She opened the first and set it to run at three times normal speed.

"Tell me if you see him."

The camera was aimed at the sales register. It showed three different sales associates ringing up transactions for various customers. The camera angle remained fix.

"Does that one move?" Fred asked.

"No," Shirley answered.

"I’ve seen enough. Show me another."

Shirley closed the file and opened the next. That one was taken from a camera mounted over and behind the main display case. It panned over an area comprising the entire surface of the main case and three feet in front of the case. The file depicted a steady stream of customers walking in front of the display, stopping at the case, and handling items given to them by sales associates.

Shirley set the video to play back at two times normal speed. Fred watched from over Shirley’s shoulder as dozens of customers passed through the video. Fifteen minutes into the viewing, he pointed at the screen.

"There. That’s him. Pause it."

Shirley stopped the video.

"That’s him," Fred said. "That’s Maliq. He was definitely here. Now continue at normal speed."

Shirley resumed the playback. The camera captured Maliq walking back and forth in front of the cabinet, bending over to peer into the case, and then walking away. After ten minutes he walked out of the range of the camera.

"Pull up the next video."

Shirley’s hands shook as she opened the third file. This one was taken at a ninety degree angle from the second video, and mostly showed an area of the sales floor blocked from the previous camera by a pillar. Shirley set the video to play at twice normal speed.

Fred focused his full attention on the video. After thirty minutes the video ended with no depiction of Maliq.

"Is that the last file?" Fred asked.


"You’re lying. Those three videos only covered about seventy-five percent of the sales floor. There’s at least one more file for that department. Show it to me."

"Mr. Patterson? "

"Call me Fred."

"Mr. Patterson, with all due respect, I’m afraid that you’re mistaken. That’s all the video surveillance we have of that department. Perhaps you would like to view files from a different department?"

"No, Ms. Johnson. I don’t want to see any other files. Instead, let me give you this to look over."

Fred opened his briefcase and took out a thick stack of papers held together by a staple in the upper left hand corner. He handed the stack to Shirley.

"What’s this?" Shirley asked.

"Read it."

"Maliq Carson, plaintiff, versus Statewide Department Stores, Inc., and Shirley Johnson, defendants. Is this ... a lawsuit?"

"Exactly. Seventeen counts, including sexual assault, battery, unlawful detention, and various violations of federal civil rights statutes. Unless you give me your full cooperation, I will be filing that lawsuit at 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning. Am I clear enough for you?"

"You won’t win. It will be my word against his. You can’t prove anything."

"I don’t need to prove anything. Just filing the suit will produce the results I’m seeking."

"How so?"

"First of all, when the store’s attorneys see this suit, you will be called into a meeting where you will be forced to deny that you threatened, harassed, molested, and sexually assaulted my nephew on store property during normal business hours. The surveillance files you are refusing to show me will destroy you. They will know the location of every camera on the floor. You may as well resign before you leave tonight. You will be terminated immediately without any severance package whatsoever.

"Second, this lawsuit will be featured on page one of the local paper on Tuesday morning. I suspect that there are other victims of your depravity, many of whom will be eager to tell me their stories. I’ll probably end up with a class action lawsuit that will expose the store’s owners to a multi-million dollar judgment. They will be ready to settle with me by the end of the week.

"Third, you will be ruined. Your name is mentioned one hundred thirty-two times in the complaint. It will be all over the internet, along with your picture. You will never be able to find work again. It will be the first thing that pops up whenever anyone Googles your name.

"I’ll deny everything. It will my word against your nephew’s. Who are most people likely to believe?"

"Most reasonable people will believe Maliq. Especially when I produce the condom with his semen on the inside and your DNA on the outside."

Shirley’s jaw dropped.

"That’s right, he saved the condom. Do I have your attention now, Ms. Johnson?"

"What do you want from me, Fred?"

"It’s Mr. Patterson, Shirley."

"As you wish. What do you want, Mr. Patterson?"

"Show me the room where you assaulted Maliq."

"Follow me."

Shirley stood up and headed for the door. She shuffled out of her office with Mr. Patterson in tow. When she reached Holding Room D she opened the door and walked through.

"This is the room?" Fred asked.


Fred walked over toward the file cabinet furthest from the door.

"If that’s the case, then I should find some zip ties in this drawer, correct?"

Fred opened the top drawer of the cabinet and pulled out a handful of plastic zip ties.

"Very good. Another part of Maliq’s story checks out. Things aren’t looking very good for you, Shirley. Not good at all."

"I’ll ask you again. What do you want from me, Mr. Patterson?"

"I want compensation for my nephew. I want what you took from him. I want your innocence, Shirley. But since I’m sure it’s far too late for that, I’ll take what you can give me. I want your dignity."

Shirley’s eyes bulged and her mouth opened into an ’O’.

"Now get over here."

Fred lunged across the room in two quick steps. He grabbed a fistful of Shirley’s shoulder-length blonde hair and snapped her head backward.

"I will forget about the lawsuit if you do exactly as I tell you. Do you understand me, Shirley?"

"Y-y-yes," Shirley stammered.

"Good," Fred spat. "Take off your clothes."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me the first time, bitch. Don’t make me repeat myself."

Shirley pulled her sweater over her head. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of the angry black man in just a bra and her boots.

"No panties, I see. Another part of Maliq’s story confirmed."


"Take off the bra. You can leave the boots on."

Shirley unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. He large, saggy tits hung free for the first time all day.

Fred secured Shirley’s wrists behind her back using two of the zip ties.

"On your knees."

Shirley dropped to the floor.

"I understand that you have a thing for black dick?especially young black dick. Tonight you’re going to come face to face with a grown man’s dick. I promise you, it won’t be the same."

Fred removed his belt and set it on the table. He unfastened his pants, pulled down his underwear, and released his cock. It was long, thick, and fully erect.

"Time for you to find out how a grown man’s dick tastes."

Fred grabbed a handful of Shirley’s hair and pulled her face toward his cock. She opened her mouth just in time to swallow the head and several inches of the thick shaft.

"Swallow it, bitch. Swallow that black dick."

Fred forced two more inches into Shirley’s mouth. He stopped pushing when the head of his cock hit the back of Shirley’s throat.

"Suck it whore. Swallow that dick."

Fred grabbed two fistfuls of hair and rocked Shirley’s mouth back and forth on his cock. He pulled her hair until tears rolled down her cheeks. He stopped when Shirley coughed, followed a second later by a gush of saliva.

"You like the way that dick tastes? Do you, whore? Do you like that tasty dick?"

Fred slapped Shirley on the cheek and then pushed her face downward.

"Taste my balls."

Shirley extended her tongue and licked the black man’s balls. They were big and smooth, and already wet with her saliva. She licked and sucked the dark orbs, tasting his salt and sweat and her own saliva with every contact of her tongue on his skin.

"Hold on, bitch. You seem to be enjoying this a little too much."

Fred pulled his pants down to his knees and sat on the folding steel chair.

"Come here, slut."

Fred grabbed Shirley’s hair and pulled her down to his crotch. He leaned back on the chair, pulled his legs up in the air, and pushed Shirley’s face toward his butt

"Taste my black ass, whore."

"I don’t? " Shirley protested.

"Whatever it is that you think you will or won’t do is totally irrelevant, now. You are going to do whatever I say. If I tell you to swallow my foot, you’re going to tell me how it tastes. If I tell you to drink your own piss, you’re going to stand on your head until you figure out how to aim a stream into your mouth. Are you comprehending the gravity of your situation, Shirley?"

Before she could answer, Fred pushed Shirley’s face into the crack of his ass. Shirley tried to resist, but positioned on her knees with her hands bound behind her back, she was powerless against Fred’s strong arms. He rubbed her nose in his ass crack and then wrapped his legs around her head for emphasis.

"Taste my ass, bitch," Fred commanded. "I want to feel your tongue up in my asshole."

Shirley refused to comply. She clenched her jaw and fought against the pressure on the sides of her head and the back of her neck. Fred responded by squeezing his powerful thighs harder.

"Today is your day of reckoning. I am here to teach you that there are consequences for the way you treat people. Your days of objectifying and humiliating young black men are over."

Fred increased the pressure on Shirley’s skull. She felt lightheaded, and wondered how much longer she could hold out before she lost consciousness. Dark spots were appearing in front of her eyes. She only had seconds left before she would black out. Once unconscious, Fred or Mr. Kellerman would have unfettered access to the security files. A vital link in Maliq’s story would be confirmed, and her other conquests would be revealed. She had no choice but to cooperate with Fred, no matter how disgusting his demands.

Shirley cracked open her mouth and extended her tongue. She felt the short, wiry hairs lining the crack of Fred’s butt. Her tongue instinctively withdrew from the unpleasant sensation, but she willed herself to extend it once again and resume contact. Her nose was already filled with the aroma of male ass, but adding taste to the scent amplified the sensation almost beyond the limits of her tolerance. She felt as though she would vomit, but she forced the bile back down her throat. As she licked up and down the length of Fred’s ass crack, she felt the pressure on her neck and the sides of her head diminish.

"That’s better," Fred encouraged, "but you’re missing the hole."

Shirley sighed, took a deep breath, and pressed her tongue against Fred’s asshole. She swirled her tongue around the rim several times, and then withdrew.

"You’re not getting it, whore. Your tongue, in my ass, now. I’m not going to tell you again."

"I can’t do that."

"’I can’t’ is the mantra of losers. At this moment, you can’t afford to lose. Find the strength within yourself to do what you have to do. At this moment in history, failure is not an option for you."

Shirley closed her eyes and pressed her face against Fred’s butt crack. The smell of ass almost overwhelmed her. She extended her tongue and sought out the tight ring of his asshole. She swirled around the ridge, and then held her breath and pushed. She felt the ring part, and the tip of her tongue pushed through the opening. She stabbed it in and out three times, and then withdrew as the last of her breath burned in her lungs.

"OK," she panted. "I did it. Are you satisfied?"

"I knew you could do it. You just had to believe in yourself. Now tell me, how does my ass taste?"

"Like shit, asshole. What did you think it tastes like?"

"Shirley, this will be over much more quickly if you don’t antagonize me. But every time you piss me off, it makes me believe that you just don’t get what’s happening. I can’t leave until I’m convinced you’ve learned something."

"Fuck you, you pompous ass. You’re just another misogynist prick who gets off on humiliating helpless women."

"Don’t try to play the victim card, Shirley. We’re only here because of your immoral criminal conduct. Now stand up."

"How am I supposed to do that with my hands tied behind my back?"

"Let me help you."

Fred stood up and grabbed a fistful of blonde hair. He pulled Shirley to her feet, using her hair for leverage.

"Oww, mother fucker. That hurts, asshole."

"It’s supposed to. No lesson worth learning comes without pain."

"Do you believe the shit that comes out of your mouth, or do you just like to hear yourself talk?"

"Turn around. Face the table."

Shirley complied.


"Oww!" Shirley cried.

Fred’s hand left a bright red print on Shirley’s butt cheek.

"Spread your legs."

Shirley opened the space between her feet.


"Oww! What the fuck was that for?"

"Wider. I want your feet even with the edges of this table."

The table was twenty-four inches wide. Shirley lined her feet up with the table edges, resulting in her boots lining up with the table legs.

"That’s better. Now hold still."

Fred pulled a zip tie out of his pocket and secured Shirley’s left ankle to the table leg. He then moved over to the right leg and repeated the process.

"Now bend over."

Shirley bent her knees and lowered her face to the table. The cold steel pressing against her nipples caused a shiver to run up the length of her spine. With her hands still tied behind her back and her legs secured to the table, she was immobilized.

Fred stood behind Shirley and admired her soft white ass. The plump woman had wide hips, a big soft butt, and thick thighs. Her creamy white skin was marred only by the red hand prints he left on both cheeks.

"Are you just going to stare at my ass, or are you planning to fuck me?" Shirley asked. She wiggled her ass as additional motivation.

Fred removed his shoes, took off his pants, and dropped his underwear to the floor. Standing in just his shirt and tie, and with his black cock jutting out from his groin, Fred grabbed his shaft and stroked it.

"Bitch, it’s time to pay the piper."

Fred had to bend his knees to align his cock with Shirley’s pussy. He rubbed the purple head up and down her pink slit. When he was convinced that the head was sufficiently lubricated with her copious juices, Fred thrust forward.

"Ungh!" Shirley grunted.

Fred withdrew almost to the tip, and then thrust forward again.


"You like that bitch? You like that black dick?"

"Shut up and fuck me, asshole."

Fred pushed Shirley’s head into the table. He withdrew and then thrust into her again.

"You’re forgetting who’s in charge here, whore."

Fred withdrew from Shirley walked around the table. He picked up his belt and then returned to Shirley’s bent and spread form. He wrapped the belt around her neck, threaded the notched end through the buckle, and pulled it until it was taught. He coiled the loose end in his hand and pulled. Shirley coughed and sputtered.

"If you’re going to go around acting like a bitch in heat, then I’m going to treat you like one. If I hear any noise coming from your mouth that I’m not interested in hearing, I give this choke collar a tug. Do you hear what I’m saying, bitch?"

"Fuck off."

Fred pulled on his belt, cutting off Shirley’s air.

"Do you understand what I’m telling you, bitch?"

"Yes," Shirley whispered.

"Now let’s do this again."

With the belt firmly in his grasp, Fred thrust into Shirley over and over. He thrust his cock in and out of her cunt with anger and violence. Every thrust elicited a grunt from Shirley’s throat. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room, drowning out Shirley’s groans. Shirley started cumming with the first thrust, and continued reaching countless orgasms at regular intervals. She stopped caring about the circumstances as the number of climaxes soared.

"You like that black dick, don’t you?" Fred shouted in her ear as he thrust in and out of her.

"Yes. Ungh!"

"I can’t hear you."


"Yes what?"

"I like ... ungh! ... black cock."

"You what?"

"I like black cock."

"Black dick. You like black dick. Let me hear you say it."

"I like black ... ungh! ... dick."

"Don’t ever call a black man’s dick a ’cock.’ Do you hear me, bitch?’

"Yes. Black dick. Ungh! I hear you."

"The next time you’re in heat and need some black dick, get it from a grown man. Leave the young bucks alone. Do you hear me?"

"Yes. Ungh!"

"Yes what?"

"The next time I ...ungh! ... want some black dick, I’ll get it from a ...ungh! ... grown man."

"See? You’re learning something. This little session has been productive."

"Don’t stop. Bang my pussy some more."

"Oh, don’t worry. I’m not done with you yet. We’re finished with the issue of restitution, but there’s still the matter of my fee."

"What fee? What are you talking about?"

"Your cooperation is making the lawsuit unnecessary. However, I’m sacrificing a substantial fee by foregoing the suit. You’re going to have to make that up to me. If I don’t get paid, then this just isn’t worth my while."

Fred licked his finger and then placed it on Shirley’s asshole.

"No! I don’t do anal."

"And I told you already I don’t care what you think you do or don’t do."

Fred pulled on the belt with one hand and pushed his finger into Shirley’s ass with the other. Shirley coughed and groaned as the Fred’s long black finger slipped into her asshole.

"Ohh, no, please! Not there. I don’t do that."

Fred ignored Shirley and continued sliding his finger in and out of her virgin ass.

"Please don’t. Please. You don’t have to do that. Please. I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t do that."

Fred removed his finger and placed the fat head of his cock against Shirley’s tight asshole.

"As difficult as it may be, you’re going to have to relax," he cooed in her ear. "I’m going in, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. It will hurt a lot more if you don’t resist."

Shirley trembled in fear. She tried to will her sphincter to relax, but she had no idea how to make that happen. She felt the tip press against her asshole, and then she felt the pressure increasing.

"Owwwwww! Fuck! Fuck! That fucking hurts, dammit!"

"Just relax. It’ll go in easier if you just relax."

"No, it won’t. You’re too fucking big."

"Take it easy. Just take it easy. You can do it, Shirley. I know you can."

Shirley tried her best to relax. She felt her asshole stretching as the head of Fred’s big black cock pushed with unrelenting force. Pain seared through her backside as her tight sphincter gave way to the bruising invader.

"Stop! Please! I can’t!"

"Too late. You have."

Shirley felt a tiny bit of relief as the head popped through her sphincter. Fred paused for a second, then drew back and pushed forward with all his strength. Shirley felt as though she were being impaled on a flaming sword as the full length of Fred’s shaft pierced her rectum.

"Stop!" Shirley sobbed. "Please stop!"

Fred pulled on the belt, once again cutting off Shirley’s air. She coughed and sputtered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I think you enjoyed the first part of your punishment a little too much," Fred taunted. "There’s no chance that will happen during this phase."

Grasping the belt firmly in his left hand, Fred drew back until only the head remained inside Shirley’s asshole. He slapped her butt cheek with his free hand, then thrust forward until he was once again balls deep in her anus. Tears continued to stream down Shirley’s cheeks.

Fred smacked her ass again, and then commenced thrusting in and out of Shirley’s tightest sheath. Pain wracked her entire body. The burning that began in her asshole extended into her belly where it met with a growing feeling of nausea.

"Play with my clit." Shirley sobbed.


"Rub my clit. It might help."

Fred slipped his right hand between Shirley’s legs and rubbed her slit. He found her clit and flicked a finger back and forth across it.

"That’s ... a little better," she wept.

"Don’t ever say I’m not a reasonable man."

Fred continued thrusting in and out, but he knew he was nearing his climax. Shirley’s asshole was tight, and the lack of lubrication was causing him more agony than pleasure. He never intended to violate her asshole, but she seemed to enjoy the pounding in her pussy more than he expected. The only way to make her suffer was to take her anal virginity. Unfortunately, that was only slightly more pleasurable for him that it was for her.

"Do you like that black dick?"

Shirley continued sobbing.

"I said, do you like that black dick?"

"Yes," Shirley cried.

"Yes what?"

"Yes I like your black dick."

"Where’s my dick?’

"In my ass."

"I said, where’s my dick?"

"In my ass."

"In your fat white ass."

"In my fat white ass."

"What’s in your fat white ass?’

"Your dick."

"Where’s my dick?"

"Your dick is in my fat white ass."

"Do you like my dick?"


"Yes what?’

"I like your dick in my fat white ass."

"Are you ready for it?"


"Are you ready for me to cum?"


"Here it cums. Here cums the nut. Here it cums. Shit! God damn! Shit! Here ... it ... cums!

Fred thrust into Shirley’s ass, burying his entire length in her bowels. His cock throbbed as jet after jet of white hot semen erupted from the head. When he was done cumming he pulled out and collapsed on the chair.

Shirley remained bent over the table with her legs spread wide. A stream of semen ran out of her gaping asshole.

"Are we done?" Shirley whimpered.

"I think we have a settlement," Fred quipped. "What do you think?"

"I’m ready to go home."

"First, tell me what you learned."

"To leave young black men alone."

"What else?"

"When I need black dick, I should find a grown man."

"Anything else?"

"I don’t think so."

"I don’t either. Looks like we’re done."

"See you next year, Mr. Patterson."

"Excuse me?"

"Black Cock Friday. It’s a tradition."

Black cock friday 1

Black cock friday 1
On the day after Thanksgiving, Shirley Johnson reported for work four hours earlier than normal. Despite the frigid weather and fresh snow covering the parking lot, crowds of shoppers were already forming at all six store entrances. While most of the other employees were shuffling into the big box store at 5:30 a.m. with the energy levels of leftover turkey carcasses, there was an uncharacteristic bounce in Shirley’s step. She hurried to her third floor office where she hung her coat on the door, stashed her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk, locked it, and then headed back to the first floor.

The chubby blonde woman planted herself in front of the elevator and greeted each of her co-workers with a sunny smile that left them both bewildered and resentful. No one volunteered to work on Black Friday, and no one who drew the morning shift was happy about the assignment. No one, that is, except Shirley.

With all of her staff clocked in by 5:40 a.m., Shirley assembled her team in the break room on the top floor of the department store. Standing in front of the room in a knee-length blue skirt, off-white cashmere sweater, and black boots, Shirley sipped her coffee before clearing her throat and addressing the group.

"I know it’s early, and I want to thank all of you for arriving on time this morning," Shirley said to the thirty employees gathered before her. "I hope that all of you had a very nice holiday. I know that most of you would rather be sleeping in today or going out to do your own shopping. But as you know, today is the biggest shopping day of the entire year. It is also the biggest retail theft day of the year. Our job is to make sure that this store’s losses are held within acceptable limits. I can’t tell you what management considers ’acceptable limits,’ but I can tell you what I consider acceptable: Zero. I’m putting all of you on notice that our goal in loss prevention this year is zero. That’s why I’ve brought in extra people. Our monitoring equipment has been upgraded over last year. We have more cameras with higher resolution than ever before. Management has given us the tools to fight theft. I expect us to not only fight, but to win. Zero losses this year."

A hand in the back of the room shot up into the air.

"Mrs. Johnson?"

"It’s Ms. The divorce is final."

"I’m sorry.

"No problem, Kenny. How can I help you?"

"How frequently should we patrol the restrooms?"

"I’ll go over rotations in a moment."

"Ms. Johnson, over here."


"Do we have to wear coats? It gets too hot walking around for eight hours wearing a heavy coat. We’re going to sweat ourselves to death."

"It’s twenty-six degrees outside. There’s six inches of fresh snow on the ground. How do you explain not wearing a coat? You’ll stand out like a sore thumb. An experienced booster will spot you in a heartbeat. You in the corner?Alvin?"

"Thank you, Ms. Johnson. What do we do if the batteries on our earphones go out?"

"See Gretchen immediately. She’s responsible for keeping the equipment charged. All right, we’re running out of time, so let’s go over the rotations. Kenny and Robert, you two have shoes. Caroline, ladies wear. Rebecca, juniors. Maria, Franklin and Kim, jewelry. Francine and Stephanie, lingerie. Lindsey and Jennifer, cosmetics and fragrances.

"Second floor, Rachel and Julian, you two get bedding. Sam and Brad, menswear. Gabriela, childrens. Aaron, glassware. Kyle and Grace, electronics. Aisha and Miguel, housewares. The rest of you are on surveillance screens until further notice. Any questions?"

"What time do we switch?"

"Every two hours. I’ll make adjustments based upon traffic flow and shoplifting patterns. The store opens in five minutes. I want everyone in place thirty seconds before the stampede begins. Now get out there and nab some thieves."

Store security unlocked the doors at precisely 6:00 a.m. The fleetest shoppers sprinted for the advertised sales, the most appealing of which were located in the electronics, jewelry, and cosmetics departments. Shirley’s team of loss prevention specialists spread themselves throughout the building. Each of the agents was in place when the first Black Friday shoppers reached the mountains of carefully arranged merchandise.

Shirley stood in the observation room?referred to as the Hawk’s Nest by store employees?looking over the shoulders of her video surveillance team. Each of the video hawks was seated in front of a bank of ten monitors. The surveillance cameras pivoted left to right and up and down, and the hawks could zoom in close enough to read the display on a cell phone.

* * * *

At 7:44 a.m., Jennifer brought in the first pick up of the day. The suspect was a young girl, probably no more than fourteen or fifteen years of age.

"Caught this one boosting a twenty dollar bottle of perfume," Jennifer said. "When I went through her pockets, I found merchandise from two other stores. She’s been busy today."

"Take her back to Room A," Shirley said. "Try to get her processed and out of here in thirty minutes or less. I need you back on the floor ASAP."

"I’ll do my best." Jennifer dragged the girl down the hallway and around the corner. She opened the door to Holding Room A and disappeared with the suspected perpetrator.

Shirley strolled through the Hawk’s Nest, pausing at every station to survey the foot traffic in the store. Most of the activity was still on the lower levels. She was considering shifting more manpower from the sparse third floor to the more heavily trafficked first floor, when she stopped and pointed at one of the monitors in the jewelry department.

"There," she said to the operator seated in front of the monitor. "Zoom in."

Neil tapped a few buttons on his keyboard and then reached for the joystick on his desk. The camera zoomed in on a young black male with short jacket and saggy jeans that revealed six inches of his plaid boxer shorts. The young man was looking at lower-priced costume jewelry. He opened the door of a counter-top display case, took out a pair of earrings on a plastic card, turned the card over to read the price, and then returned the card to the case. He removed several pairs, and then moved to the next case.

"There." Shirley pointed at the monitor. "Right there. Did you see that?"

"Uh, no." Neil answered, shaking his head.

"I can’t believe you missed that. The kid boosted a pair of earrings right in front of your nose. Go clean your glasses while I take care of this."

"That kid didn’t take anything. How could he? He needs one hand just to hold up his pants."

"I know what I saw, Neil. If you want to continue working beyond this shift, you better start looking more closely."

Shirley left the nest and headed for the security elevator located in the back of the loss prevention suite. She rode the car to the first floor and exited in the lingerie department. She walked the thirty feet from lingerie to jewelry. She spotted her suspect standing by himself at the end of a long jewelry case. He was still looking at costume earrings when Shirley approached him from behind.

"Come with me please," she said as she grabbed the young man by the elbow.

"What? Who? What do you want? I didn’t do anything."

"Come with me quietly and we’ll discuss this upstairs." Shirley looked up at the taller man, seeking his dark eyes. She gave him a stern look. "You can’t escape. If you run or resist the armed security officers at any exit will grab you and hold you until the police arrive. Will you come with me quietly?"

The young man tensed and then shrugged.

"Alright. I’ll come. But you’re making a mistake, lady. I didn’t take anything. You’re going to regret this."

"We’ll talk it over when we get upstairs. I’ll give you a chance to tell your side of the story. Now let’s go."

Shirley took the young man by the arm and led him to the security elevator. When the door opened in the third floor security suite, she directed him to Holding Room D?the smallest of the four holding rooms. Shirley closed the door and locked it behind her.

"What’s your name?" she demanded.

"Maliq," he answered. "Maliq Carson. My uncle is Fred Patterson. Perhaps you’ve heard of him?"

"Can’t say that I have."

Shirley dismissed the suggestion. In twenty years of loss prevention, she had heard countless perps name drop some supposed relative who would "have her job." None of the threats had ever amounted to anything.

"Age?" she asked.



"Thirty-four nineteen West Seventy-second street."

"Do you have any ID?"

"In my wallet. Left rear pocket."

"Put your hands on the table," she ordered.

Maliq reached down and placed his palms on the table. Shirley pulled his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans. When she opened it a wrapped condom fell on the table. She fished around and found his driver’s license, which confirmed the accuracy of his previous answers.

"How did you get here? Bus?"

"What the hell difference does that make?"

"Just answer my question."

"I drove my car. The keys are in my coat pocket."

Maliq lifted his right hand and reached for his keys.

"Keep your hands on the table. I’ll get to the contents of your pockets in a second."

Shirley patted Maliq’s sleeves, squeezing his right forearm through the insulated fabric, moving to the upper arm, and then repeating the process on the other side. She reached into his coat pockets and removed a key ring and an iPhone from one side and a sheet of folded yellow paper from the other.

"Your Christmas list?" she asked.

"Yes." Maliq hissed.

"A shoplifting Christmas list. How original. Your mother will be proud."

"Fuck you, bitch. I didn’t steal anything."

"Fuck yourself, criminal. Spread your legs."

Shirley squatted on the floor and reached for Maliq’s ankles. She patted up the right leg, clutching and squeezing his calve muscles as she worked her way up to his knee. She moved past the knee, rubbing and kneading his firm, slim thighs through his saggy denim jeans. Shirley finished the right leg and then repeated the process with the left. She stood up when she reached his crotch.

"Before I search your pockets, is there anything you want to tell me?"

"Yeah, I’ve got something to tell you. You’re a fucking cunt. But you probably knew that already, didn’t you?"

"Keep talking asshole. You’re only making things worse for yourself."

Shirley reached into his back pockets and found nothing. Due to the sag of his pants, his belt line bisected his butt cheeks. She patted his cheeks through the boxers, and then reached around to the front. She pulled a roll of breath mints from the left pocket, and then slipped her fingers into the right pocket.

"What do we have here?" she asked with a note of triumph in her voice.

Shirley threw a plastic card with costume earrings on the table.

"That’s not mine!" Maliq shouted.

"Oh, I know it’s not yours. But you were attempting to steal it."

"Why would I steal that piece of junk?"

"Because you’re a criminal. That’s what you do."

"Fuck you. I didn’t steal it. You planted it on me."

"So, you’re going with that story? It was planted?"

"You know I didn’t take it. You put in my pocket. I know you did."

"That’s the best you can do? It was planted? I set you up?"

"Check it for prints. I never touched it."

"I don’t need to check it. I have surveillance video."

"You don’t have shit and you know it. You planted that crap on me."

"Maliq, we caught you. Since you’ve never been apprehended in this store before today, we have some leeway. According to store policy, I have two options for you. One is that you sign a confession and stipulate that you will never visit the premises again. Don’t make that face until you’ve heard what I have to say. I won’t call the police, you won’t be arrested, and your family doesn’t have to know that you got caught. But if you ever enter the property?and that includes the parking lot?we will call the police and you will be arrested for trespassing. Your confession and the stipulation will be admitted into evidence.

"The alternative is you continue professing your innocence and we call the police. You will be escorted out of here in handcuffs, taken to the police station, processed, and most likely you’ll spend at least one night in jail?maybe all weekend. Your parents will have to pick you up in the morning. In six months you’ll go to trial, and you will be convicted. This is an open and shut matter.

"The choice is up to you."

"I’m not signing anything. Give me my phone so I can make my phone call."

"I’m sorry, you seem to be under the impression that I have to follow police booking procedures. I’m not a cop. This isn’t a police station. I’m not bound by police regulations. I don’t have to give you Miranda rights, I don’t have to give you a phone call, I don’t have to provide you with counsel. You don’t get those rights until you’re in police custody. Is that what you want? Do you want me to call the police up here? They’re right outside the store. They can be here in five minutes. Shall I call them?"

"Hold on."

"Maliq, I want to help you."


"It’s true. Do you think I want to do all the paperwork that goes with an arrest? I have an entire store to protect, and I’m sure there are dozens more shoplifters on the floor right now."

"I’m not signing a confession."

"Work with me, Maliq."

"Fuck you and fuck this fucking shit hole of a store."

"Maliq, I have another option."

"You gonna call the FBI?"

"Hear me out. I think you’ll find this option works better for both of us."

"I doubt it."

"Just listen to me for a second."

Shirley stood behind Maliq and wrapped an arm around his slim waist. She pressed her soft body against his tight buttocks while reaching for the front of his jeans. She traced the outline of his bulge, and then slipped her hand downward toward his balls.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Maliq snarled.

"I’m helping you out of your predicament."

"Get your hands off my dick, bitch."

"Maliq, this is for your own good. When you walked through that door, there were two ways this could go, neither particularly good for you. I’m giving you another alternative. You would be smart to take advantage of the opportunity. I won’t offer it again."

Maliq remained silent. His head was swimming

Shirley interpreted his silence as assent. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. The boxers made a similar descent a second later. Shirley gasped.

"Oh my," she whispered.

Maliq’s semi-erect cock hung halfway to his knees. Shirley wrapped her soft white hand around the thick black shaft and felt it stiffen and swell.

"Maliq, I’m very confident that we can work out a solution to your situation that doesn’t involve the police or the legal system."

"You’re one fucked up whack job ho if you think I would ever fuck your fat ass white cunt."

"Shut up and sit your gang banger ass down." Shirley kicked a steel folding chair away from the table and placed it behind Maliq. "Sit down. Now. Or I call the police and we add attempted rape to your list of charges."

Maliq sat on the chair. The shock of the cold steel on his naked ass sent a shiver up his spine.

"Very good," Shirley said. "Now just give me a second."

Shirley opened a file cabinet drawer and removed a handful of plastic zip ties. She grabbed Maliq’s wrists and pulled them behind the chair. She snapped two ties around his wrists, securing his hands and arms behind his back. She then used two more to bind his ankles to the chair legs. When she was done, she stood and admired her work.

"Oh, no," Shirley said while reaching for his flagging cock. "We don’t want this to go soft."

"You’re going to regret messing with me," Maliq warned. "I promise, this will be your last day working here."

"Please don’t threaten me. Do you have any idea how many young men and women have threatened to have my job if I didn’t let them go? Do you know how many times I’ve heard ’I’m related to so and so.’ ’So and so is my dad.’ ’I know the company president.’ I’ve heard them all. Not one person who threatened me has ever been heard from again. Not one. When I’m done with you, you’ll leave with a smile on your face and then you’ll disappear like all the rest."

Shirley opened another file cabinet drawer and removed a pillow. She placed it on the floor in front of Maliq and knelt on it.

"You have a beautiful cock." Shirley wrapped both hands around the shaft and stroked it back to a fully erect state. "So long and thick, and so hard. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Go ahead, you can admit how much you’re enjoying my touch."

"Fuck you. You’re a fucked up psycho bitch."

"Please refrain from calling me names, Maliq. If you show me proper respect, I’ll show the same to you. Deal?"

"Fuck off, you crazy fat ass whore."

Shirley placed a hand under Maliq’s crotch and closed her fist, squeezing his balls between her fingers.

"Owwwwww! God damn you, bitch!" Maliq screamed.

"Are you ready to show some respect, or do you need another gentle reminder?"

"You know what you can do? You can fucking go to hell."

"My patience is wearing thin, Maliq. Perhaps this will shut you up."

Shirley stood up, pulled her skirt up to her waist, and hooked her fingers under the elastic waistband of her panties. She pulled the underwear to the floor, revealing her smooth pussy and naked ass to Maliq. She let go of the skirt, picked up the panties, and stuffed them in Maliq’s mouth.

Shirley resumed her position on the floor. She lowered her face to Maliq’s crotch and circled her hands around the base of his manhood. The solid black shaft throbbed between her fingers.

"You have a beautiful cock, you know that, Maliq?" she asked. "Silly me?I know you can’t answer me, so just nod your head if you agree."

Maliq’s eyes narrowed. He stared with contempt at the older, chubby white woman kneeling on the floor between his legs. The disconnect between his mind and his body was distressing. His face revealed anger and hatred, but this erection revealed something else.

"It’s so big and hard, and so full of energy. It feels?powerful?that’s the word I’m looking for. Powerful. How long has it been since you’ve come, Maliq?"

Maliq closed his eyes. He couldn’t stop what was happening to his body, and he couldn’t stop his body’s reactions. But he was not going to give Shirley the satisfaction of making him enjoy it.

"Don’t answer me. That’s OK. Your body is telling me all I want to know, no matter how hard you try to mislead me.

"Do you mind if I taste your cock?"

Maliq’s eyes opened wide. His entire body tensed as he struggled against the zip ties holding his arms and legs in place.

Shirley licked the tip of his cock, and then traced her tongue around the edge of his purple helmet. Maliq’s shaft throbbed and his body shook as he fought to maintain his composure. A tear rolled down his cheek.

Shirley opened her mouth wide and swallowed as much of his cock she could take into her mouth. She felt the head pressing against the back of her throat and realized that more than half of the shaft still remained. She bobbed her head up and down several times while trying to take more cock into her mouth, but there was nowhere for it to go. She lifted her mouth as streams of saliva ran down Maliq’s cock and balls. His body twitched and his cock throbbed in the air.

"I think you’re ready for me, Maliq." Shirley stood and turned her back to him. "Do you like white pussy? Have you ever fucked a white woman before?"

The chubby blonde woman picked the condom off the table and opened the wrapper. She unrolled the latex sheath down the length of Maliq’s shaft. She then pulled her skirt up in the back, reached between her legs, and grabbed the base of Maliq’s cock. She bent at the knees, lowering her torso onto his crotch. She stopped when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her slick pussy lips. She rubbed the head back and forth across her slit several times, and then dropped her full weight onto the young black man’s crotch.

The fat king - crossdresser

The fat king - crossdresser
I always wanted to be owned. I wanted a big man to have me, keep me, use me for his pleasure. I don’t think it’s anything to do with power, I think I just like pleasing people, but with men I just love going that extra further and showing him how much I want him to be happy. So I surrender myself. He can do whatever he wants, when he wants, my body is a toy for him to use no matter how tired or disinterested or horny or angry he is. Luckily I’m dirty enough to cover whatever he needs. And last night I surrendered to my new owner.

I had been chatting with him online for a long time, almost a year. He lived in the town nearby. I wanted to come see him but something always came up and travel was hard. But then he made the offer,

"I can pick you up right now. I’ll drive to your place, you can hop in and stay over at my place tonight."

As I waited on the street corner it dawned on me how much this was like prostitution, which made me smile an odd smile. I think I knew that this wasn’t for money but for passion (but it maintained the sluttiness level that really got me going). As I struggled to keep my butterflies, and my erection, down a second realisation came; Oh god I don’t know what he looks like!

He pulled up, I climbed in, and as I turned to meet his eyes I grinned so hard I probably looked a little nuts! He was a big man. Not muscular, but a big, rotund, fat man. JUST MY TYPE! I know it might sound weird to most but for some girls we just love a big, chubby daddy!

We drove to his place, pleasantries and reminiscing along the way, when as we neared he dropped some more information that made me super happy and mega horny,

"So my ex-girlfriend didn’t take all of her clothes, and I don’t know why I kept them but, well, you have a box of treasures now I guess. Enjoy!"

So cut to me, fully dressed in my new Daddy’s bathroom, checking myself out in the mirror. Plaid miniskirt, crop top hoodie, tall converse trainers, all the make-up I need and a cute black wig that brings my hair down to my shoulders. (He must have a type, because his ex and I have the same taste).

I entered his bedroom like a foal entering a German nightclub. But there he was, fully naked on his bed, lying back like a king. His cock twitched as he clocked me, and that, I think, was what freed me up. I gave him a little semi-confident twirl, and approached the foot of the bed clutching my skirt hem.

God his body made me horny. I scanned him up and down (I think he was doing the same to me!), and knew only that I wanted to worship him all over. All hail the king!

I crawled onto the bed and lost myself for a while. I kissed him all over, rubbing and kissing, breathing him in, as he lay there. I kissed his belly and his sides, his armpits and his chest. I kissed his thighs towards his cock (which, surprisingly for a man his size, was intimidatingly thick and a confident 6" long). Before I knew it I was smelling his musk deeply, my clitty leaking like a faucet. I kissed and sucked his cock for what must’ve been 20 minutes. I feverishly worshipped his rod ’til it was covered in me. I pushed down, taking the tip further into my mouth before loosening up and pushing further, deepthroating him like a fleshlight. As I reached the hilt, my face pushed into his fat, my head disappearing below his belly. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time. My nose pressed into his flab as my face was engulfed by him, his cock fully secured in my mouth and throat...

I rode him, he fucked me doggy, it went on for hours as we became sweaty heaving messes. The room was full of a dank fuck-smell that only drove me more insane with lust.

As he fucked me as I lay prone, face down, he grabbed my hips purposefully and lifted me up into the sissy stance: Face Down Ass Up. He pressed his cock against my ass, lifted his belly upwards, reinserted himself and let go. I felt the weight of his stomach land on my butt. I was about to ask if he was comfortable, when I was interrupted by his answer; he fucked me so much harder and faster I started cumming almost instantly! I shot my load all over the sheets below as he obliterated my asshole. He owned me, he owned my boi pussy, he was the fucking king. "Fuck me Daddy!" I screamed, "make me pregnant!" Now that line surprised me as much as it did him, I assume, because as if by command he shot his load so fucking hard I felt it in my tummy. He bred me like a mare, and I loved every second of it...

He’s at work now, working up a sweat to provide for this roof. And here I am, lying in his bed, writing into my blog; fully dressed up and with a butt plug in to keep myself ready for whatever he wants when he returns. My King. xxx

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