My masutrbation

My masutrbation
I was home alone and bored I had 1hour to my self so i decided to have a little self pleasure, I got up and set up my laptop on the bed and grabbed my hair brush, I got naked and lay my clothes next to me for easy access and then I turned some porn on on my laptop and lay there with my head propped up. I felt my self every where and teased my pussy it was soaking by this time and so i decided I was teasing myself for to long i spat on my hand and rubbed my brush and then i slid it along my body to my wet pussy then i slipped it inside of me letting out a long moan as i pushed it in and out slowly. I started to go faster and faster letting out very loud moans and I rubbed my swollen clit. I stopped with rubbing my clit and found my way up to my tits as i played with them as my pussy ached and my tits became hard, I kept Pushing the handle in out of me as i cummed up the handle, i watched the two girls on the porn movie as they licked each other. Then the door opened but i didnt hear it and my best friend walked in on my masturbate and just started at me, I was so embaressed and i through a blanket over me. She grabbed the blanket and flung it off me, she pushed my clothes of the bed and took hers off she spread my legs wide and started to kiss me, then she got down to my soaking pussy and she started to lick my swollen clit as i moaned. She then stopped and layed me against my wall and put my legs wide sideways and she did it to and we both stared moaning as we ground our wet pussies against each others we both watched the porn and kept grinding she then pulled away and lay me down and she got on top of me and i ate her sweet pussy while she ate mine. After a long fun 69 session she grabbed her strap on from her bag and put it on she got up and stood at the end of my bed with my legs spread so wide she then started to fuck me hard and i moaned hard.

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